ANYLUV Blue Light Blocking Glasses Men Computer Gaming Glasses Lightweight Al-Mg Metal Anti Eyestrain UV400 Clear Lens Eye Protection

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  • ☀ Overal Blue Block Rate: 45% – ANYLUV blue light glasses protects your eyes by filtering out most of harmful high energy blue light rays while letting through the less harmful portion of the blue light spectrum.
  • ☀ Low Color Distortion Lens- Unlike other bluelight glasses mens on the market with heavily tinted lens. ANYLUV’s low color distortion lens is optimised to provides the perfect balance between eye protection and viewing quality.
  • ☀ Improved Performance and Productivity- Extended exposure to blue light rays may cause fatigue and stress. Filtering out the high energy blue light allows you to focus on your game or task at hand.
  • ☀Protect Your Eyes- High energy blue Light emitted by electronic devices (such as computers, TV, smartphones) have shown to increase the risk of sight conditions from sore dry eyes to macular degeneration. This computer glasses maintain healthy eyes by reducing exposure to high energy blue light.
  • ☀ Brand Customer Service & Gift Package – This type of blue ray glasses come with an exquisite triangular folding box, which will be a great gift for your family and friends! ANYLUV attaches great importance to product quality and customer satisfaction.Each ANYLUV customer can enjoy after-sale brand service for our blue screen glasses.
Package Dimensions

7.01 x 2.95 x 2.13 inches

Item Weight

6.4 ounces

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Date First Available

May 5, 2019



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10 reviews for ANYLUV Blue Light Blocking Glasses Men Computer Gaming Glasses Lightweight Al-Mg Metal Anti Eyestrain UV400 Clear Lens Eye Protection

  1. Zachary Grayson

    I honestly feel like all glasses should be designed the way these are… Hyper extending arms, nicely places nose-brace, good materials that feel durable. I got both the 99% blue light filtering glasses and the 45% ones, and they both are comfortable, light, and effective. Im writing a second review for the 99% ones though, because one lense filters blue light differently than the other, which is a small issue, but still reflects on consistency

  2. Double-D

    I purchased these glasses because of the great reviews I read, so I had to continue the trend.

    I didn’t know anything about blue light glasses and got them because my eyes would be blood shot by the end of the work day (staring at a computer for > 8 hrs). Not only can I now finish a day without my eyes stinging, but I found myself wearing them to watch TV. They are so comfortable that most times I forget that I’m even wearing them.

    I have a bigger than normal head and was pleasantly surprised that they actually look good or were not tight. They feel pretty sturdy and seem to be very well made. I’ve also hit them a couple of times and so far don’t see a scratch.

    I liked them so much that I purchased another pair that I can leave at the office.

  3. Maxime

    the lenses is not of good quality. The view is distort. It will do more damage then good

  4. JD

    I am fairly new to the world of computer work and decided to get these glasses. I have 20/14 vision which is better than 20/20 and I would like to preserve that for as long as possible. I really like these glasses because they have a very sturdy build but are still light weight. I have been wearing them all day at work for a little while now and have noticed less eye strain and better sleep. There is not much actual research that indicated blue light glasses are the way to go but I believe in them and for this price, it is really tough to beat. I will probably be purchasing a few more colors as the time goes on. Great product.

  5. Zach

    I’ve been using ANYLUV Blue Light Blocking Glasses for over two years now, and they have become an essential part of my daily routine. As someone who spends countless hours in front of screens, these glasses have been a game-changer in terms of alleviating eye strain and preventing headaches.

    The most notable benefit of these glasses is their ability to effectively block blue light. Since incorporating them into my daily wear, I’ve noticed a significant reduction in eye fatigue and discomfort, particularly after long hours of screen time. I can confidently say that wearing these glasses has made a noticeable difference in my overall comfort and productivity.

    Comfort is another key feature of these glasses. They fit comfortably on my face without feeling too tight or restrictive, allowing me to wear them for extended periods without any discomfort. Additionally, their lightweight design makes them easy to wear throughout the day without causing any strain on my nose or ears.

    Furthermore, I appreciate the stylish and modern design of these glasses. They complement my everyday look seamlessly and add a touch of sophistication to my attire. Whether I’m working from home or heading out for errands, these glasses always receive compliments for their sleek appearance.

    However, one minor drawback is that the lenses tend to scratch more easily than expected. While this hasn’t affected their overall performance, it’s worth noting for those who prioritize durability in their eyewear.

    In conclusion, ANYLUV Blue Light Blocking Glasses have been a lifesaver for me in combating eye strain and headaches caused by prolonged screen exposure. Their comfortable fit, stylish design, and effective blue light blocking technology make them a worthwhile investment for anyone looking to prioritize eye health in today’s digital age. Despite the minor issue with lens scratching, I highly recommend these glasses to anyone seeking relief from the strains of modern-day screen usage.

  6. Cathy Y

    Prevents me from having blurry vision after being on the computer for long periods of time.

  7. Patricia Beers

    I get migraines a lot and have to stare at a PC all day at work and then I am also a gamer and love to read on my Kindle. As you can see a lot of screen time and not so good for the eyes. I would get a lot of eye fatigue by the end of the day and cause some pain but the migraines seemed to be often and worse than normal. Started using these at just work and it has made a huge difference! And that is just 8 hours. Definitely plan to get a second pair for my gaming area. Mainly cause I do not want to not have them at work and I tend to leave things at home. 🙃 They fit well and have a little give which is great for my big head. Also the case it comes with it great and looks nice on my desk as well which is kind of weird to say. Lol.

  8. Victor H.

    Exelente producto precio calidad

  9. pierre-luc d.

    I had a pair from another company previously and they were slightly pricier and less confortable.
    Those one are really well made even if it is plastic it feels strong and durable. They look cool and they are very cheap in price. I know some oftalmologist say that bleue light damage to the eyes is an urban legand and they dont think its causing more harns than any other light source, but i really sleep way way better when i wear those a few hours before sleep when im in front on my computer.

  10. gummybear26

    I bought this for my son for school since remote learning was causing headaches from long hours in front of a computer for work. They were perfect.
    Looks- These look like the Edith glasses from iron man. This makes my son wear them all the time and it does help with his headaches. You can see a blue tint when he moves his head around in the light but they look clear when you look through them.
    *Comfort- Very comfortable and the nose pieces are easy to adjust so it will confirm to a your face better. The legs will bend as well. I adjusted them to fit my son’s head better (he really loves the way they look). Before adjusting, I had tried them on and they fit me without any adjustments. They look nice but I feel they have more of a masculine look to them so I am glad I choose these for my son and not myself.
    Lasting- These things are great! It came with a really nice case that you can fold up when not in use, but my son doesn’t use it. He always leaves them around the house and they fall on the ground everywhere and in-between couch cushions,etc. and they still look great with no scratches so I would say they hold up very well he has had them for a few months now.
    None so far and since he has had them for a while I doubt I will have to adjust my review since these still feel new after being dropped, left all over, sat on, etc. So I love the love these and I am glad I paid a little more for quality glasses versus cheaper kids glasses.
    I recommend these since they lasted so long, look clear, have a good price tag, stopped his headaches, and they look really nice. It held my to daily wear for a few months now and they still feel very sturdy and look great.

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