Apple iPhone 12 Mini, 64GB, Blue – Unlocked (Renewed)

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What’s in the box:

iPhone12 Mini does not include a power adapter or EarPods. Included in the box is a USB‑C to Lightning cable that supports fast charging and is compatible with USB‑C power adapters and computer ports.
If you want to get a charger with the phone, pls choose the bundle–64GB/128GB/256GB with Charger.

64GB with charger means you will get iphone 12 mini 64GB standard package with a charger(EU/US/UK/AU plugs);

128GB with charger means you will get iphone 12mini 128GB standard package with a charger(EU/US/UK/AU plugs);

256GB with charger means you will get iphone 12mini 256GB standard package with a charger(EU/US/UK/AU plugs).

Production Description

Original Unlocked Apple iPhone12 mini RAM 4GB ROM 64GB/128GB/256GB Mobile Phone LTE 5.4″ Hexa Core IOS Face ID NFC 5G Smartphone

Versions: A2399 (International); A2176 (USA); A2398 (Canada, Japan); A2400 (China)

Product Dimensions

2.53 x 0.29 x 5.18 inches

Item Weight

10.2 ounces

Item model number



IOS 14



Wireless communication technologies

Cellular, Wi-Fi

Connectivity technologies


Display technology


Other display features


Form Factor




Included Components

Adapter, USB Cable


Apple Computer

Date First Available

December 3, 2020

13 reviews for Apple iPhone 12 Mini, 64GB, Blue – Unlocked (Renewed)

  1. Stephanie

    Will definitely update once we active my daughters phone this week. But so far the product was unlocked, true and had very minimal cosmetic damage! ALMOST perfect. Only scuff was around the charging port. Would definitely recommend!

  2. Amaresh

    Be careful when you purchase. This is pre-owned and not factory refurbished. Bad customer service. You will need to pay for return.

  3. Kristie K

    Whoever had it before must have traded it in after a couple weeks or had it in a phone case. I could not find any defects. NIce to have the confidence to buy with Amazon Renewed. Sustainable and less electronic waste!

  4. Liu YN

    After reading some reviews, I was prepared to receive a phone that is potentially not very clean or poorly packaged. But the product I received was so good that I didn’t even need to wipe it over the phone. There was only a tiny scratch on the side that was almost undetectable. Battery health is up to 85%. I am very happy to get such a good phone at such a great discount!

  5. Brian

    Definitely a handy phone. The only downside is how small it is. Its smaller than the iphone 7 so make sure you have a case. Other than that this refurbished phone came as if It was new 99% battery capacity.

  6. Anthony

    This is my 2nd Amazon renewed purchase and the first was an I watch se first gen. I gotta say I’m impressed. This 12 mini is amazing. The price was fair what made the price even better was that I traded in 2 older iPhones ( xs max and an iPhone 8 credit total of $268 ) for some Amazon trade in monies. There was a two week of “using old junk phone, a 7 that has been put through the ringer but still works. This 12 mini has no scratches, touch screen is the best I’ve ever had. The one feature I missed the most. True Tone. It’s back and I’m never changing another battery again. Apple does it for &
    $69 the only down fall, if you want to call it one is the battery life is at %84 I’m more than happy to hand over $69 plus tax to apple for a new battery. It also came with a new cord and charging block. I also like to see mi-fi sticker on both. Gave me peace of mind at see those tags. I will always look to Amazon renewed apple products in the future. Here’s one random piece of advise. If you leave your phone at home on accident. Don’t panic. It will be there when you get home. ☮️

  7. Jalisa Peters

    The phone works well and came with a screen protector pre-installed, but it was delivered with a few dings on it. The battery, touch screen, etc. works well so far. The transaction and the delivery was good too.

  8. Fay Lock

    Advertised as “Fully Unlocked” but it is NOT. I am not able to use the phone properly and I cannot find a contact seller option. Took phone to Telus retail store and paid $$ to see if they could fix the problem but they were not able to either.

  9. T L

    Ok. So I had my doubts buying a used iPhone 12 Mini (Renewed). But the result was definitely not what I had expected. The unit I ended up receiving was in basically new condition. Did some hardware tests to check everything out and all was good. Battery capacity basically unused at 100%. Overall? Pretty satisfied with this purchase! Great experience! (Although your mileage may vary) Thank you.

  10. Coffee guy

    Never bought a renewed phone before and was apprehensive about doing that. This transaction was a pleasant surprise, the iPhone 12 mini I bought was in great condition, 84% battery life, unlocked and no problems replacing a phone I had been using with Consumer Cellular with this new one, very satisfied with this deal.

  11. Jessica Pierce

    My daughter wanted a new iPhone and I thought I would get an upgraded iPhone from her current one. I thought she had a mini….I ordered an “acceptable” condition device. The phone was in actually really nice condition even for acceptable. I few little scratches on the corners that would be covered up with a case anyway. Very pleased with the phone. Turned it on, got it setup. And when I went to get some info from my daughter’s original iPhone I realized she does NOT have a mini and apparently getting a smaller iPhone was not what she was hoping for.

    Sooo….I had to return the phone. This seller refunded my account as soon as it was returned to their warehouse. I was very pleased with the product being above and beyond what I expected and the return/refund process was exceptional!

  12. KM

    This is a great iphone. Face ID is very good and works perfectly. The only problem with this iphone is that it does have a few small scratches on the screen as it is refurbished. Therefor a 4 star review. Battery life on this phone is pretty good too. The phone last for a long time and has no battery life problem. Touchscreen is very sharp and always works. I would recommend this phone because it has many new features and works pretty good. It is priced reasonably and is a great phone.

  13. Rafael

    El iPhone llegó con caja genérica y accesorios genéricos (lo cual descrito en la publicación).
    Una batería con vida de 81% (como lo descrito en la publicación, pero la batería si se siente vieja)
    Detalles de uso en los laterales, es iPhone está desgastado y hasta despintado en algunas zonas en especial de los botones por uso; no esperaba un diseño impecable pero en el lente de la cámara se aprecia como si se hubiera caído y la parte de la pintura ya está maltratada y con rebana del golpe (en el borde del lente).
    Lo peor: Al colocar mi SIM no agarró la red ni de AT&T ni de Telcel , siempre se quedaba en “red no disponible” por esta razón fue por la que opté devolverlo.
    Además al momento de insertar mi SIM en la sección de detalles, no se mostraba mi número telefónico sino otro completamente diferente, lo cual me hizo pensar que el anterior dueño o usó un SIM digital (eSIM) o sigue anclado a ese número, este fue otro red flag para devolverlo.
    En la caja viene una nota de los pasos para regresarlo, borrar configuraciones y tu cuenta lo cual me hizo pensar que este proveedor tiene muchas devoluciones de producto.

    La pantalla está perfecta, mínimos detalles case imperceptibles.
    El teléfono en si es muy bueno, es rápido (para el año en que estamos 2022) y bonito, pero si se siente algo frágil sobre todo en la parte trasera que es de cristal necesitaría cuidarlo con exceso para conservarlo en buena condición.

    En resumen es un volado comprar reinfurbished te puede tocar uno excelente con 90% o más de batería o como en mi caso uno con 81% ya dando las últimas, con detalles que si le añaden peros

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