Auto Tracking Tripod with Remote, TELESIN Smart Selfie Stick 360 Rotation Fast Face & Object Tracking Cameraman Robot Mount Holder for GoPro Phone…

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  • 【REMOTE OPERATION】 This face tracking tripod holder comes with a remote which allows you to control the tracking works. Note: the latest version since November 2022 has no Time Lapse function any more, the tracking speed improved within 3 meters. Note2: the tripod and phone clip is NOT supplied in the package!
  • 【FAST SPEED】 Different from other auto tracking device, this face tracking camera mount is high speed 360 rotating in 3 meters, it can recognize user’s face quickly.
  • 【USB RECHARGEABLE】 The smart shooting phone holder has built-in rechargeable battery, charge it by Power bank/Computer/laptop/wall charger with USB, and it provides more than 5 hours per single charge. Enjoy your recording trip all day.
  • 【NO NEED APP AUTO TRACKING】App always hard to get used to it and upgrade often. This Tracking Tripod no need any APP, it has built-in camera and sensor to automatic tracking. You can use your own favorite APP to take photos and video recording, Super easy and simple to use.
  • 【ALL IN ONE SOLUTION】 Auto tracking + Remote = Your Personal Robot Cameraman; It has a universal 1/4 threaded hole at top and bottom which compatible with most of the camera and phone tripods; Perfect for daily recording//meeting/facetime/travelling, Facebook YouTube Tik Tok Live Streaming, portable equipment for vloggers YouTubers, photography, ect…
  • 【90 DAYS FREE RETURN AND REPLACEMENT】Should you have any problem with tracking speed/distance/remote problem/missing parts, please feel free to contact with GAOPOLO customer service for help! We will do everything possible to solve the problem for you.
Package Dimensions

5.2 x 3.7 x 3.58 inches

Item Weight

10.6 ounces


1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

December 3, 2020



Country of Origin


12 reviews for Auto Tracking Tripod with Remote, TELESIN Smart Selfie Stick 360 Rotation Fast Face & Object Tracking Cameraman Robot Mount Holder for GoPro Phone…

  1. Evilrick

    It works, but probably not what you expect. The remote works, sometimes. The follow works, as long as your close and the only one around. The 360 rotation works, moves way to fast to use for time-lapse filming, and no speed control. When it does move, (in rotation mode) it doesn’t move smoothly, it moves a few degrees then stops, then moves a few degrees, then stops. If you only want it to follow you around in a small area and you are by yourself, this may work for you. If you want something to use for slow rotation time-lapse video, get something else. There is no adjustment for tilt up or down, so you will need a separate tripod head mounted on top of it if you need to tilt it, and it wont carry much of a load. Not worth the time and trouble to return it.
    UPDATE. The manufacturer of these contacted me after I made this review. They said they would refund the price of this if I changed my review. So here is the update. I will not change my original review BECAUSE I feel that anyone interested in this should know it’s abilities and limits. It works, but has very limited uses. It isn’t useful for time-lapse video, unless you just want it to sit in one place and hold a camera or phone. If you want or need any up or down angle, you’ll have to mount a tripod head on top of it because it doesn’t tilt, and if you mount it to tripod and tilt the tripod head, this will not have the power to rotate anything heavier than maybe a Gopro. It’s not powerful enough to use with larger cameras such as DSLR’s or the larger video cameras. If you just want/need a way to get a small camera to follow you around a small area, say a kitchen or shop, this may work for you. Most of the photos and video I shoot are outdoors, and this has little use for that type of photography.
    So, will they refund the price? I doubt it. Especially since I don’t have it to send back to them. After trying to work with it for a few days and gaining an understanding of what it can, and can’t do, I decided it wasn’t worth the time or trouble to try sending it back. I would have to go through the return process, get a return authorization, then take it to a UPS store, closest one to me is about 30 miles,which would cost me almost as much money in gas as half what I paid for it. Considering the time, aggravation and cost of returning it, I just threw it in the trash.

  2. Amazon Customer

    Plus If you like to blog or do short video presentations this is the most effective and affordable way to do it. The best part is that you don’t need an app to get the unit to follow you, It work best with a Gopro but you can get pretty good results with a good Cell Phone,
    Minus Don’t recommend it for timelapse Photography is just too fast. I could use a firmware update if there is way to do it in order to control speed.
    Overall is a well built and it does what is suppose to do, I got one in my cam bag as part of gear.

  3. herman

    Nice device i’ve been charging it for two days and the lights still blanking blue I tried every USB charger I got and it never stopped I sent it back for another one it still didn’t work

  4. Koman

    I tested two other budget camera holders (under $50) and this one is the best yet. You can tell it’s a newer model because it charges using USB C cable port. I like the smoothness of the tracker as opposed to the jarring sudden moves in the inferior models. There is a slight vibration that affects the clarity of the video but acceptable. I am MOST impressed by the tracking feature. It follows you and when it loses you, it stays in that spot as opposed to going into a spinning frenzy as a model I’ve tested before.

    One downside is that the threading of the mount is weird and I can’t line it up with a tight fit to align the camera holder to the tracking lens. No biggie.

    Another feature that I absolutely love is the remote control. You can engage and disengage the auto tracking feature remotely! You can ALWAYS manually turn the turret. The remote feature allows us to use it in Sunday worship at church to track only when the preacher is moving.

    I highly recommend. I was able to purchase with a coupon discount so I received it for $36 out-the-door. I recommend for those looking for a budget model.

  5. Salla’

    This is perfect! You TikTok’s will never be the same.😂 at a certain distance it won’t catch you and dimly lit rooms it has a hard time. Put outside in nicely lit rooms it’s great. I’d recommend it!

  6. Del Thompson

    Despite charging the unit for over 10 hours it would not switch on. The (so called) instruction leaflet was useless : print colour and print size made it almost unreadable but after examining it with a magnifying glass the content was no help.

  7. Janos deutsch

    After the first 2 mins the camera automatically turn on the edge of the room I tried to put in all corners I did put my in my pocket the remote I did try without the remote it does the same thing… what could be the problem plz help me

  8. Marcos

    Works well I like using it I just wish it extended like a tripod because when I use it I gotta find somewhere high to place it , so the video isn’t from below waist level

  9. Amazon Customer

    The remote stops working despite new battery installed!

  10. Stephen Y

    Using an app to control a product like this guarantees planned obselence, which is why this tracker with it’s built-in functionality is great! Apps have to be maintained by the vendor, and in too many cases, the vendor won’t keep updating the app to make sure it works on future OS revisions.

    Also, not requiring an app means this works for action cameras, small camcorders, small point and shoots as well as non-camera things within the device’s weight limits.

    For example. you could better illuminate your subject with a tracking light in addition to or instead of the light on your camera.

    Please note when this item initially was released, there was a time lapse mode, but the current one, at least as of December 2022, no longer supports it. Instead, the motor has be upgraded to be faster so that it can better keep the subject in view. The loss of this feature is the only reason I’m not giving this 5 stars.

  11. Chocolate Bunny

    All tracking devices will lose the subject if someone walks by. This one is fast, doesn’t need an app which makes it very flexible on different platforms. The best part is that it has a remote fob that will let you control the panning. This is important because using the fob, you can disable the auto tracking and actually have it pan with more than one person on the camera. After trying a few, this is by far the best. I gifted it to my brother for his cooking videos and also got one for myself.

  12. George Binns

    Great value for money when compared to similar devices.

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