BENGOO KM-2 Wireless Gaming Mouse, Computer Mouse USB Wireless Mouse with 7 Programmed Buttons 3 Adjustable DPI RGB Backlits Rapid Fire Button,…

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  • 2.4G Wireless Technology – While connencting the USB receiver with the USB port, you could use the KM-2 wireless gaming mouse at anytime and anywhere, the updated 2.4GHz wireless technology offers more stable connection and precise back, no dalays and interference. Please note that 2.4G connection distance cannot be over 10 meters.
  • 3 Adjustable DPI Levels and Chroma RGB Backlits – Adjustable DPI speed switch: 800-1600-3200, easily and casually control the speed. Plugging the USB receiver into the USB interface directly without any other drivers or software, the RGB backlits would be on automatically, while changing the DPI levels, the light effects would also be turned into blue/red/green of each DPI, which would provide you more fun and better highlight your gaming atmosphere.
  • 7 Flexible Buttons – Equipped with seven buttons: Left button, Right button, Forward, Back, DPI button, Scroll wheel and rapid fire button; the rapid fire button provides gamers continous times click duration instead of double clicks, which makes the gamers’ operation more conveniently and smoothly, owning better gaming experience.
  • Soft Touch and Durable Material – Taking developed and durable material, the KM-2 wireless gaming mouse passes throught the 5 million times keystroke test, strong durability assures your long-time using of the mouse, never worried that your mouse button would be broken easily. With soft touch of the buttons, users could enjoy better operation on your work or games.
  • Wide Comaptibility – Compatible with 98/2000/ME/NT/XP/VISTA/7/8/10/11/MAC OS. Adaptable for Notebook, PC, laptop, Computer, Macbook and so on. Please feel free to contact us if you have any problems.
Package Dimensions

5.67 x 4.06 x 2.05 inches

Item Weight

5 ounces

Date First Available

July 8, 2022



13 reviews for BENGOO KM-2 Wireless Gaming Mouse, Computer Mouse USB Wireless Mouse with 7 Programmed Buttons 3 Adjustable DPI RGB Backlits Rapid Fire Button,…

  1. Christopher

    Good for a lower cost RGB mouse, the feel in the hand is good for me (I have small hands for a Bloke). Good grip on the sides and buttons aren’t too loud or mushy. DPI button is good and works well. Lights are bright in daylight. Manual could be better at explaining how to set DPI settings. On the whole, a good value device:-)

  2. Amazon Customer

    Good quality for what you pay

  3. Jennifer

    I’ll be honest that this mouse is a bit too big for my hand. But, I loved the speed with which I could click it. It’s a great value for the money, if you’re a gamer.

  4. Customer

    The mouse, at first, worked great. Loved the colours and worked well. After about 15 minutes of using it, the lights turned off and my Windows laptop no longer recognised the device. Hoped it was just a one-off so I unplugged it and tried a few more times, but it still didn’t work. Tried it on my Chromebook and it didn’t work on that either. I’m getting a refund and I’m gonna buy a second one in hopes it’s just a bad one. Will update!

  5. Xelsae Calmese

    It works, It’s pretty, Cord is long enough to use easily. There isn’t much else to say.

  6. Andre

    I’ve been giving my computer equipment and atmosphere, a complete overhaul. I was using an extremely boring 15 year old mouse that, even though was still adequately getting the job done, was old and not really all that much fun to use. This new mouse, from Bengoo, not only functions like a brand new sports car, it’s pretty to look at as well. It may sound odd but this mouse, along with the other RGB equipment I’ve bought, has really given my gaming and everyday computing, an infusion of fun. The atmosphere that this mouse helps generate, brings me simple joy. I also grabbed the last one available so apparently, I’m not alone in my appreciation for this particular mouse.

  7. Dexter

    The media could not be loaded.

     I’ll be comparing this to the KM-1 version I have (shown in images, sorry its a bit dusty). The KM-2 is lighter, almost too light. It feels like its made of a cheap plastic but not too cheap that it will break easily. It isn’t made with any grip and along with its shape its hard to pick up. Its smaller and doesn’t sit comfortably in my hand. The KM-1 doesnt have grips either but it has a texture that serves the same purpose, its also heavier, feels more durable, and is slightly larger. The KM-2 advertised above says it has a fire button that is equivelant to 3 regular clicks. It is not, it only serves as a double click. The fire button is placed further back and on the edge of MB1, it isnt at all convieniant or easy to press in fast paced FPS gaming that its advertised for. I have to shift my whole hand to be able to press the fire button. Its charging port is USB-C which is different from KM-1 which has a Micro USB-B port. Its default speed settings are a lot faster than KM-1 and I had to half my mouse sensitivity settings. I also noticed that the reviews under the KM-2 mouse are for a variety of different products including 2 different mice and someone even posted a picture of their headphones? Very misleading, though that is my own fault for not checking before I spent the money. I was under the impression that BENGOO was a reliable coumpany just by the first product I purchased which was their KM-1 gaming mouse which I highly reccomend. Saddly KM-1 does not have a fire button but overall I think it is a better design. The only other downside I see to the KM-1 is the texture/design where it has holes in the shell for asthetics which might lead to dust or crumb buildup depending on how messy you get around it. Though it does mean that my hand is never sweaty. The storage port for the USB is very awkward and I feel like it would fall out or get lost very easily unlike the KM-1 which has a dedicated secure storage slot. The KM-2 does light up RGB but it only has one setting, the KM-1 has 4 different light pattern settings along with an off mode even when set to the RGB function. For overall better quality buy the KM-1 it has such a more thoughtful and unique design. I plan to return the KM-2 and continue using my KM-1. You’d think the seccond version of a product would be an upgrade… Definately not in this case.

  8. Jamal

    It is good

  9. craig

    A good product looks great feels nice with a rubberised texture also you can custermise the weight of it. The only down side is the side buttons could be improved but for the price its a great purchase. Dont worry this isnt a fake review, i always wonder who rights these.

  10. Alex B

    Well, let’s start with you get what you pay for. I received the mouse and the first thing was, wow, it doesn’t have much weight. Now I have used wireless a lot and I am used with heavy stuff and this one even with the weights is not with what I am used to but I am blaming myself. I needed a good, functional, fast, colorful mouse and yes so far this is it. Lots of DPI, more than you’ll need, the wheel is a bit stiff, very stiff and not pleasant to scroll with, the clicks are loud, don’t play any LoL or Dota with it otherwise, it will drive anyone in the room mad. But for £10 it is worth it, just don’t plan on using it for more than a few months 🙂
    I am giving it 4/5 just cause obviously it is not perfect but it is enough for 10 quid

  11. I am John Doe

    Looks very cool with its toy-like glow.

    Performance: Smooth at all resolutions. (see specs for rez)

    Reliability: I have dropped it from 2 ft onto my loft’s concrete floor too many times to count…the mouse remains undamaged.

    and it’s cheap.

  12. Sledge

    For price point comparison there is no equal. Quality mouse for good price. I own 3 of these, one for over 2 years. Still working well.

  13. Josh

    Fine for general usage. But in gaming, if you move the mouse too fast or even just fast at all it’s like it was too much for the sensor and the mouse cursor/crosshair would stop moving. So no good for gaming and switched after the 4th round to my old mouse which has its own issues when holding buttons down.

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