Bluetooth Mouse Wireless Bluetooth Mouse for iPad pro iPad Air Mac MacBook Pro MacBook Air Laptop Chromebook Windows HP DELL (White)

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  • ✅💻📱 Works on all laptops and iOS13/iOS14 ipad/ pro/air / Phone / Mac/ MacBook / pro /Air Windows /Chromebook/HP/ Dell/ Laptop/PC(Not for desktop computers)
  • 🔋➡️[Rechargeable Wireless Mouse] Built-in durable 450mAh lithium rechargeable battery can last up to 500 hours after fully charged, and standby time is super long with auto sleep and wake mode. Easily recharged through the included USB cable, no need to change the battery
  • ➡️Skin-Friendly for Comfort & Mute Click】Silent click Mouse with classic design with anti-fingerprint finish offers your hand maximum support and comfort. The sturdy anti-slip rubber scroll wheel ensures that your hand will not slip when scrolling.Quiet click sound when pressing buttons, which let you not worry about the mouse sound can disturbing others, especially at home or office, when other members having rest, you can focused on your work without worry.
  • ✅ Use the DPI mouse button on the screen: you are free to adjust the mouse sensitivity to match your activity. Provide 3 DPI levels (800-1200-1600). The higher the DPI, the faster the cursor moves on the screen
  • 💤 With power saving mode: when the mouse is not in use, you can fall asleep after 10 minutes, no operation, power saving, long-term use. You can wake it up by clicking any button.
Product Dimensions

4.65 x 2.28 x 0.91 inches

Item Weight

3 ounces

Item model number



1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

December 8, 2019



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13 reviews for Bluetooth Mouse Wireless Bluetooth Mouse for iPad pro iPad Air Mac MacBook Pro MacBook Air Laptop Chromebook Windows HP DELL (White)

  1. Gisela

    Es muy ligero y agradable al tacto, lo que me sorprendio es que no tiene esos momentos clic. Lo compre para mí Chromebook y funciona exelente. Fácil de vincular.

  2. pedro a rodriguez d

    El mousse no funcionó nunca y el proveedor no respondió mis mensajes… tampoco lo pude devolver porque es importado y nunca me enviaron la factura.

  3. qpt

    I purchased this mouse to replace a dying Apple Magic Mouse. I was not expecting much given the price point. I have been pleasantly surprised. I use the mouse with an older 21.5 inch iMac. Beyond internet/email, my primary use I s photo processing. The Mouse wakes up and connects with one click every time and has never lost connection during use. Using a scroll wheel takes a bit of getting used to, but has not been a big problem. The charging port being accessible while operating the mouse is a very welcome change. As far as battery life, I have never dipped below 75% charge in the mont or so I have been using it. I cannot recommend it high enough.

  4. carebear

    This mouse is so much more comfortable than the Apple mouse. I like the click is softer.

  5. Halil Sari

    Smooth, soft and very quiet. I like it +++++

  6. Thomas Schultheiss

    It took some time and quite a number of attempts in order to connect the mouse via Bluetooth to my MacBook. It finally worked, but a bit troublesome…

  7. Keisha Williams

    I really like the design n features perfect for the iPad

  8. Jennifer H.

    I am just starting to use this mouse so can’t speak to anything long term but first impressions are good. Functionality is very good, buttons are solid with a good feel, scroll is smooth with good response, curser accuracy is very good with no jumpiness, BT connection is very solid.
    I bought this mouse because it had a receiver with plug and play option … not. Both the listing and the box said it had a USB receiver which I needed for a new computer but no receiver could be found so I had to find a mouse with a receiver to set up the new computer’s BT to recognize this mouse. Very annoying.

  9. Janice E

    Very sad it was defective, mouse seemed great. but great customer service!! I needed mouse quickly and had to get another one.

  10. Jerrica Reed

    If this style mouse is something you like then its great. But I have a Mac Pro and the scroll is in reverse and the middle button doesn’t work. Trying to highlight a few lines is not alway accurate. It does seem to work better with my Lenovo. I have one computer for work and the other for personal. So now I need to find another bluetooth mouse. Bummer.

  11. Oribelly001

    The mouse is quiet, smooth and looks nice. So much better than the previous one I had.

  12. Jonathan

    I’ve been using this for 5 months now. Switched from the (original) Apple Magic Mouse so I wouldn’t have to keep replacing the batteries (recycled from my iMac to my MacBook to my Lenovo). But I also switched because scrolling wasn’t as easy while remoting to an old Windows 7 computer via a laggy server for work using the smooth Magic Mouse working on downloaded drivers, so it was a good time for change (Thanks, Coronavirus).

    This mouse connects quick and easy. I wanted a Bluetooth mouse because my laptop only has one USB-A port, but it’s nice having both options. I actually used the USB receiver when I went back to work for a time and was training somebody on my computer, so I used this mouse to take control when necessary. Connection was still fine via USB receiver. There’s a blue light under the DPI button that will turn on and blink when searching for a connection, and when the mouse recognizes connection to your device, too, I believe (apologies, I don’t feel like checking to confirm now haha).

    The mouse does go to sleep when inactive for “8 minutes,” but it wakes up in a second if not instantly, and clicking to wake up the mouse hasn’t actively clicked something on the screen that I can recall, so no need to worry about misclicking on wake-up.

    Battery has been fine—I don’t think it’s died on me yet, and I’ll use it for a couple weeks at a time before I think to charge it; the battery’s supposed to last three weeks if I recall correctly. You can’t use it while it’s charging though, unfortunately. The blue light goes on while charging, and turns off when it’s done. I only had one hiccup where I thought the battery died on me, mouse wasn’t connecting to my laptop, so I let it charge (takes 3 hours, kinda long imo but I don’t know the average for rechargeable mice as this is my first one) and then tried to re-connect, still no luck. I tried once more when I finished with work, and turns out something was up with my Bluetooth connection, haha. The light for the mouse kept blinking when I tried to connect before and after charging, so I knew it wasn’t dead, and I didn’t know how it could have died since I haven’t used it to death anyway. I’m sure the Bluetooth mis-connection was my laptop’s fault, not the mouse. Unfortunately (imo), you can’t change the mouse’s Bluetooth name from “BT.51 mouse.”

    Now the physical stuff. It was an adjustment to get used to this mouse from the Magic Mouse. It’s taller, for one. It’s also much more lightweight—idk what feather-mouse exists out there for someone to call this “heavy”—I had to get used to navigating with a lighter mouse, especially when the DPI is set to the highest speed (of 3) from the box, but turns out it’s much easier to move than the heavy Magic Mouse. I think I’m using the lowest DPI, and a cursor speed of 9 on my laptop to simulate the speed I used on my MacBook. There’s no indication of which DPI speed you’re on except for seeing how quickly your cursor moves. I haven’t had any issues with mis-clicking the DPI button. And speaking of clicking, the mouse clicks are very quiet. Not silent, but quiet. Recently, though, I have noticed a slight squeak from the wheel from a lot of scrolling. Not really an issue for me, though.

    As for the build, maybe it’s cheap plastic, especially compared with the sleek and metallic Magic Mouse, but it’s smooth plastic on top, soft touch to the scroll wheel. If you can look closely at the front view of the mouse, there is some deformation on the gray molding, but nothing that affects performance, only aesthetics you’ll rarely look at. Of course if you’ve seen pictures from other reviews, the blue color is nothing like the advertised picture, but it’s not bad in and of itself. I’d say the gray accents on the trim and DPI button are the worst part, haha. On the bottom, the double-on-off switch is convenient, easy to move; the USB receiver is exposed but fits snugly into its pocket, so no worries about it slipping out. I haven’t used this on many different surfaces, so I can’t speak to how well it does there.

    Overall I’m satisfied with this mouse.

  13. CR

    Good product for its price and functionality. Better quality than one that almost look the same that I bought before.

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