Bluetooth Trackball Mouse Wireless, Ergonomic Track Ball Mouse Supports 3 Device Connection (2.4G + Bluetooth), Easy Thumb Control, Precision and…

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  • 【Ergo Trackball mouse】 7-button buttons design to meet daily use, 15-degree ergonomic inclination design, no need to move your arm, use the thumb to control the cursor, always keep the wrist in the most comfortable state, which can effectively relieve wrist fatigue.
  • 【2.4G and Bluetooth 3 Mode Design】 ECHTpower track ball mouse has atriple connection mode. You can control three devices at the same time, easily switch between them with just one button to improve working efficiency, compatible with Windows, Android, Mac, etc.Plug and play.
  • 【Mute Button Design】 left and right buttons are mute buttons with up to 5 million times button life, to ensure the sensitivity and quality of the wireless silent mouse is stable, mute button design to provide you with a quiet working environment, enables you to focus more on your work.
  • 【Precise Tracking with Adjustable DPI】 ECHTPower Trackball mouse wireless provides precise cursor tracking,the sensitivity of the cursor can be adjusted to suit your needs,just move your thumb to scroll the rollerball to move the cursor, you can use the trackball mouse on almost any surface, in any workplace, even on small desktops, sofas, beds, chairs etc.
  • 【Stable Connection and Long Working Time】 2022 latest vertical mouse provides the most stable connection, allowing you to work at ease without being disturbed by dropped calls and lag up to a 33 ft (10m) range, low power consumption design, a AA battery of 1550mAh can be used for more than one month.
Product Dimensions

5.2 x 3.9 x 1.77 inches

Item Weight

5.6 ounces

Item model number

ergonomic mouse TE04

Date First Available

September 14, 2022



8 reviews for Bluetooth Trackball Mouse Wireless, Ergonomic Track Ball Mouse Supports 3 Device Connection (2.4G + Bluetooth), Easy Thumb Control, Precision and…

  1. Tecs7

    We have used these for years, and have never been disappointed.

  2. Nashua

    The roller is super smooth and the buttons are silent, that was a great surprise. Very comfortable shape.

  3. Jorge R.

    Like Everything Dislike Nothing Just Seconds To Set up and Use Love It

  4. Mathias

    I would give this a 5 star if the DPI had 3 settings, i would like it to be a little faster. Otherwise, this is great for work, probably not for gaming

  5. LARRY h.

    I have always used a trackball. This one is not precise on delivery. I have to click sometimes 3 or 4 time to get this thing to work. Think next time I will order Longitech because its precise and accurate. This mouse doesn’t work well at all.

  6. Matt B

    Silent Wireless Trackball Mouse, Ergonomic Mouse with Track Ball Supports 3 Device Connection (2.4G + Bluetooth), Easy Thumb Control, Precision, and Smooth Tracking, Compatible for PC, iPad, Mac, Windows

    The trackball mouse comes very simply packaged in a cardboard box with line drawings on the outside and the manufacturer’s information printed. Inside the box, is the mouse itself in a bubble wrap bag and a fold-out instruction booklet. Looking at the mouse, you’ll find that it needs a single AA battery ( that you’ll have to provide for yourself, I recommend alkaline). Also, inside the battery bay, there is a storage place for the RFID dongle if you need to connect in that manner. I like that this mouse is set up to use the dongle or up to two different Bluetooth devices just by setting up a preset on Bluetooth one or Bluetooth two via the button on the bottom. The main body of the mouse is curved well to fit the palm. There is a squirrel wheel that is also a press button switch. Also on top, you’ll have a page up page down button and a selector button in between the two finger switches as well. [I’m sure you can map them in your Windows setting to other functions if you wish] According to the instruction booklet, that is a DPI button to change how the cursor will react to the mouse. There is also an on-off button on the bottom, so you can turn it off when you don’t need it. According to the instructions, it will consume more power while in Bluetooth mode, but it does have a standby current that is much less.
    Pairing the mouse with my tablet, it shows up on the list of available Bluetooth devices. As”BT5.0 Mouse “. It paired easily and the operation went without any ill effect. I found that the trackball moves very smoothly right out of the box. I’ve had a lot of similar trackballs to this, as trackballs are my preferred type of mouse, and many of them are stiff and require a break-in period. Not so this one. It was smooth and accurate right away. The left and right click buttons were sure and had a tactile click feel to them but it was very quiet. Scrolling went free and easy and had a slight detent that seemed to be about three lines per detent.
    The ball itself does jiggle a little bit as you move the mouse physically but pops out easily with a pinky finger through a round hole in the bottom for cleaning. If necessary. Necessary. I find that you have to clean a trackball every so often because it picks up skin oils and dirt from everyday use.
    The bottom line on this mouse? Depending on the price point, it could be a good deal or a great deal. Physically, it’s almost indistinguishable outside when compared to an earlier model made by a certain tech company. Inside the mouse with the multiple channels of mode, radio frequency via the dongle, and two different Bluetooth channels, it seems very up-to-date.

  7. Doug Fleschute

    I was excited to see this model. A less expensive version of the Logitech model I’ve been using for years. The comfort and feel is very good. But the performance was quickly effected by a small amount of dust. Yes, I know, these units require occasional cleaning by removing the ball. By the very nature of its design, it’s going to get dirty in the trackball area. But it shouldn’t be often. This had to be cleaned twice on the first day. I’ll keep it around as an emergency spare, but it won’t be my every day choice.

  8. K L

    You get what you pay for…

    Here are my issues:
    -The biggest one: I can’t seem to figure how to scroll *SIDEWAYS*. Up and down, no problem, but left to right doesn’t seem to be happening yet. Which is VERY frustrating. This is an essential mouse function for me. (think about using excel, other programs like OneNote, and just browsing web pages which might have LR scrolling based on screen size)
    -The “forward” and “back” buttons don’t work. When watching a video, they do seem to pause it, but they don’t do anything else.
    -The ball doesn’t glide very smoothly. There are definite notchy points. I might pop it out and see if there is a raised edge from the molding process that I can smooth out.

    -For the money, seems okay if you have low needs from a mouse.
    -It has a very good feel to it- seems solidly made, the buttons click *really* nice and smoothly
    -Connection was very easy.

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