Bluetooth Wireless Mouse, TECKNET Computer Mouse with 6 Buttons, 5 Adjustable DPI Levels, 24 Month Battery Life, Ergonomic Cordless Mouse for…

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  • 5 Adjustable DPI and Tru-Wave Technology: TECKNET bluetooth mouse supports 5 adjustable DPI: 2600/2000/1600/1200/800. Tru-Wave technology can offers precise and smooth cursor control on many surface types.
  • Easy to use: No USB receiver, you can connect via bluetooth V3.0. This computer mouse supports 26 feets of wireless connection. No lost receiver, no power cord. You can use this mouse anywhere, anytime.
  • Ergonomic Design: The ergonomic design with its smooth surface, hand naturally, reduces wrist fatigue cause by long working hours, while its size and weight make it easy to carry.
  • Intelligent Power Saving (IPS): TECKNET wireless mouse has a 24 month battery life (not operated for 10 seconds, it will automatically drop to IPS). Withstands a test of almost 8 million clicks, making it ideal for long working hours.(Batteries not included)
  • Wide Compatibility:Well compatible with Windows XP, VISTA, 7, 8,10 or higher etc. Fits for desktop, laptop, PC, MacBook, Chromebook and other devices(Side Buttons Unavailable for Mac OS)
  • 36 MONTHS SUPPORT: If you encounter any problems in using the product, please feel free to contact our professional customer service team, enjoying TECKNET 36 Months Warranty (Registered Only)
Product Dimensions

2.68 x 1.52 x 4.21 inches

Item Weight

3 ounces

Item model number



2 AAA batteries required.

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

August 18, 2015



9 reviews for Bluetooth Wireless Mouse, TECKNET Computer Mouse with 6 Buttons, 5 Adjustable DPI Levels, 24 Month Battery Life, Ergonomic Cordless Mouse for…

  1. Éric B-C

    Le pointeur disparait et il faut appuyer sur un bouton pour le réactiver et tout dépendant où il se trouve on peut avoir des problèmes. Mauvais achat, argent perdu parce qu’elle n’existe plus.

  2. Gates

    The mouse looks good, and the ergonomics also good. I love the fact that the battery can supposedly work for so long (although I have not tested it for that long yet as I have been using it for a little less than two months), but the fact that the mouse falls asleep to have a good battery management is a pain. I have read that it wakes up simply touching it but I do not have this kind of behavior. It often falls asleep while I am using it! Then I have to lift it, repeatedly click and shake it for it to wake up again. When it does look like its working properly and falls asleep when not being used, I need 4 or 5 clicks and a few move for it to wake up. Very annoying and I’ll be looking to get a different mouse.

  3. Amazon Customer

    I really like it but for the price is quiet expensive.

  4. me

    Man… with a coupon applied I got this for 9 something. Best mouse ever! I’ve had mostly logitech mice and I was using a microsoft sculpt comfort mouse with my Samsung galaxy tab S6 Lite so I wanted something better with bluetooth. Best Buy had a 15 dollar bluetooth mouse that looked really nice but no matter what I did the cursor was really jumpy. It was absolutely horrible. It was their own house brand BB Essentials or something. So I returned it.

    This mouse here looks and feels great. But most importantly it’s smooth. Better than the microsoft one I was using. The side button sits right on my thumb. I can reach the further side button easily. The battery and bluetooth light is up on the very front left corner which is really cool because you can see it right in your face while you’re using it. It’s positioned right in the only spot that shows when your hand is on it. The 5 DPI levels work really good. I think you need at least 5 to make it easy to find what you like.

    Another big plus is how fast it connects. I’ve tried a few bluetooth mice in the past and I’ve never seen one connect like this. it’s literally instantaneous. I don’t remember seeing anyone else say this in the reveiws but it is. As soon as I click the on switch the cursor appears and is functional. If I turn the screen and mouse off and leave and come back, I just turn the mouse on and the screen comes on. Actually I’ve never had any bluetooth device connect like this. Earbuds, keyboard, speakers, nothing. It has 3 levels of smart sleep modes, 3 seconds, 10 seconds and 8 minutes. It’s not clear anywhere exactly what that means but I can’t notice any kind of differnece so far. If I wait 8 minutes it still connects like it was already connected. It makes using it so much nicer. Now all I have to wait for is my keyboard, which is logitech and still connects quickly and reliably.

    Real batteries mean insane battery life. I know that from past expserinence and I don’t doubt this mouse.

    It glides better than my old one. It’s super light. When I lift it up I can feel the batteries ilke little weights in there. It makes the back end want to fall down out of my hand. But I can’t feel the weight when I’m using it.

    All the buttons are great. The side buttons are not mushy at all, they have a very crisp click just like the front buttons except slightly easier to click. No side to side buttons on the scroll wheel but I actually never use those. So yeah the battery cover is tight, If I paid 30 or 40 bucks for it I wouldn’t question it at all. It’s so much better than the microsoft mouse in every way. Feels so much smoother.

    Definitely recommended for android. My personal tablet has a setting to assign functions to all 4 corners of the screen which makes it a lot easier to use. Not sure if all Android 12 tablets have that. But for Samsung tablets I’d say this would be a smart purchase.

  5. AMG

    I have bought 4 of these mice. They work well and are inexpensive. The only drawback I can think of is that sometimes the device goes to sleep and it takes a few short movements to wake it up.

  6. A Guy

    I’ve had mine for a couple months now and it continues to be reliable. It pairs immediately, is responsive, hasn’t missed a beat, and I haven’t had to replace the battery yet.

    At first I thought it was a little bit undersized for my large hands, but I adjusted pretty quickly and now find it quite comfortable (I’d still be thrilled if it were about 10-20% larger, but it’s probably perfectly sized for most people). It almost reminds me of a smaller, cheap version of my preferred Microsoft Surface Precision Ergonomic mouse, which is extremely high praise. And the DPI button was an unexpected bonus!

    My only significant criticism is that the on/off switch on the bottom is hard to use. You pretty much have to use your fingernail to get it to budge, and it’s extremely hard to find in the dark. This could be designed much better.

    But ultimately, if you’re looking for an affordable bluetooth mouse, I can attest that this is an excellent option.
    [note: I’ve only used this with a Windows laptop–I can’t vouch for functionality with other operating systems, or even multi-device switching]

  7. Amazon Customer

    Comfortable to use and it responds to movements on smooth surfaces so I don’t need to find a mouse pad or equivalent.

  8. angelles speedy

    I got this mouse 5 years ago, and its a fairly good mouse.
    I mainly used the mouse for playing games on my laptop so i never delt with it going inti sleep mode because i was frequently using it. There wasn’t major click lag that i noticed,But nothing is reaction time intensive so i really dont pay much attention to it.

    I also used this mouse for the last two years in college. I have done 100% online classes, hybrid, and fully in person classes. If you’re actively using the mouse it doesn’t have an issue with going into sleepmode. Of course if you stop to type a few paragraphs it’ll fall asleep, but other then that i dont really recall haveing a problems with it going into sleepmode and being unresponsive.

    Theres a button on the top of the mouse right behind the wheel that changes the sensitivity of the mouse, something i didn’t realize for months when i first bought the mouse. I wanted to point that out because if the sensitivity is very low you’re gonna have to move the mouse across your desk to move an inch on screen. I used one of the middle settings and had no issues.

    Now this is somewhat of a complaint, it feels like you change the batteries frequently. But i also never had anything i used pretty much daily and never once turned off be only powered my batteries. Every other mouse I’ve used has been the standard wired one so i also never delt with a mouse that had any battery life.

    Because it was cheap i wasn’t at all gentle with this thing, threw it in a carry on bag before multiple long plane trips, tossed it in airport security bins, floated at the bottom of my school bag, dropped it on every type of flooring. last week i took it out of my school bag and saw the plastic cracked, i carry two laptops,hard cover books, hardcover notebook, and also just throw my bag around and drop it a lot. So the fact it cracked wasn’t surprising and it still worked fine and wasn’t an issue. And again after 5 years i can’t be mad.

    Just 3 days ago i forgot this mouse at the public library,so its long gone. I was having issues connecting it to my laptop that day and had figured it was probably on its last legs so i was going to buy a second one, had i not lost it i would have tried to keep using it.

    Overall a great mouse i never had a problem with it. Other reviews about people who work desk jobs give it lower stars, and i really dont get why? Like most cite it falling asleep as a problem… but i mean i dont see how its a issue, if its not in use then it falls asleep, use it and it doesn’t fall asleep.

    But a desk job is the one environment i haven’t used it in, but i am a history major so i feel like usesge would be similar.

  9. Manuel Reynold

    muy buena calidad de acabados y material, ideal para el diseño arquitectónico, excelente ahorro de energía y muy cómodo al trabajar con el

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