COOLERPLUS FC112 USB Optical Wired Computer Mouse with Easy Click for Office and Home, 1000DPI, Premium and Portable,Compatible with Windows PC,…

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  • Best USB wired mouse designed for your daily work and quick for e-learning, The responsive 3-button and High-definition (1000 DPI) simple corded mouse design perfectly meet the needs of your daily work, the rubber scroll wheel is easy to roll up and down. make you more focused and efficient during using internet,word,excel, design or other program. Our focus on quality is 2nd to none.
  • Plug and Play USB Mouse with rainbow light, Precise tacking and easy selction, No need to install any other drivers or software. The high-quality USB plug make the mouse easy to use and stable. Coolerplus mouse with flash rainbow light.
  • Slim and Protable, Coolerplus mouse as a best size (4.4×2.48×1.58 in) 1.6 meter USB power cord long enough that you have flexibility where to put your PC.
  • Superior Comfort and Sturdier, keep the best using experience after long time use. 3 millions keystroke tests ensure longer life span, click whatever you want at anytime.
  • Full Size Mouse, Designed for Laptops and Computer, No Drivers or Software Required
Product Dimensions

4.4 x 2.48 x 1.58 inches

Item Weight

3.84 ounces

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Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

April 24, 2019


Coolerplus Direct

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13 reviews for COOLERPLUS FC112 USB Optical Wired Computer Mouse with Easy Click for Office and Home, 1000DPI, Premium and Portable,Compatible with Windows PC,…

  1. DMmacPC

    My order was super fast. Love it!!! Ya’ll the mouse, it is <> and it is soooooooo pretty. The illuminating strip is around the midsection of the mouse. I also have illuminated colors on top around the track wheel. The mouse is not a flimsy light weight plasticy feel. It actually has a little weight to it (or it’s me, so use to the original MS mouse, yeah I bought several because they fit so ergonomically in my hand leaving no cramping. This mouse has the same feel. Man-O-Man I thought I’d never find another mouse like the MS mice).

    This is a USB mouse. I love’ya wireless mouse but I hate the frequent battery replacements especially when I forget to turn the mouse off at night ( did ya’ll know ya’ll can do that? Well slow me, I was doing something and flipped it over and said, WUTTTT!!! clicked that little switch off. But like I said and totally digressed I have to remember to do it so, I’m sticking with wired).

    Oh and off subject…what is up with that freeze…you move your wireless mouse and it don’t move who in the world came up with that. You have to click it and then it comes back to life on the page. I don’t like that because I know I always leave the arrow on something I don’t want to click just to wake it up. So, yeah I am loving my wired illuminated mouse that do not freeze it always in ready mode and moves freely.

    It has 3 dark or vibrant colors (red, green blue) and by mysteries unknown … magic…..set in side it fades out the color to more of a pastel 4 color then it goes back to the darker colors. I said to myself, oooooh now that’s niccccceeeeeeee! Yeah, got so caught up with it (I was in a few seconds daze watch all the colors cycle through ha ha ha ha) it is soooo cute. Welp, that’s all I got for you here. Hope it was helpful to you.

  2. Star

    I am not a gamer but I do spend a significant portion of my free time on the computer. As such, I wanted a basic, full-size USB scrolling mouse in the 1000-1200 dpi range. This mouse is exactly that; USB, 1000dpi, two regular buttons, and a scroll wheel which is also a button. The scroll wheel has horizontal ribs along the circumference which provide a nice tactile feel when scrolling. Much better scroll control than a smooth wheel. What likely grabs people’s attention is the look of the mouse. It is basic black with a transparent ribbon that runs around it and houses colored LEDs. The colors are not customizable but they do pulse and alternate at a steady intervals. Finally, one thing that some may find annoying is the visibility of the black molded parts behind the transparent ribbon. It gives the appearance of debris behind the plastic when you first look at it, but I don’t even notice it now.

  3. Javious

    I have been daily driving this mouse for over a year and it is still working perfectly. The buttons click smooth, the scroll wheel scrolls, the movement tracks accurately and the RGB still works. Things that I haven’t done is play first person shooters or esports titles and I haven’t tried to control the RGB. The size and curve of the mouse fits my hand well and causes no discomfort over long use sessions. I can’t recall a negative thought about this mouse, it’s there, it works and I never think about it.

  4. Amazon Customer

    Great mouse. Works as needed (I was stuck with a broken old wireless mouse unable to use my PC) however, there are a few things;
    1. The description suggests the lights around the edge of the blue model mouse are constantly blue – they’re not – They flicker different flourescent colours which are very VERY bright. You can stop this so that just one colour appears as per the instructions – by clicking the buttons on the mouse simultaneously (which i do every time i use it as the flickering is just too bright for me. I’d advise to be aware of this if you have eyesight or epileptic issues too).
    The static colour in this setting however, isn’t blue, which is what I wanted and hoped for and is what you’d expect right? Instead, it’s a dark red. Each time you move the mouse, it’s a red light that comes on to indicate touch.
    2. I bought the blue mouse to match a teal blue printer i already have, but because of the red surround colour, it doesn’t really match now.
    3. I wouldn’t go back to a wireless mouse again, but I do wish the static surround colour was blue (as I thought, and as you’d expect) and not red. Perhaps I misunderstood or mis-read but I still can’t find anything on the description of the blue model to say that the static colour is red, it just says that the lights flick from one colour to another and the mouse shell is blue.
    4. That being said, it’s a mouse, and does the job it’s designed for perfectly well, although if you don’t intend on having a disco themed mouse party, and buy in haste (which is what I did) it is pretty expensive for what it is.
    5. If the surround static colour was blue, I would have undoubtedly given 5 stars.

    Apart from that – it’s a perfectly fine mousie mouse 🙂

  5. PS

    With such a basic device there should be very little wrong with it. Things they could improve:
    The LEDs are too bright, but mainly they should definitely be off when the computer is in a suspend state. Would be nice if they turned off or went low when after a period of non movement.
    The cable is rather stiff, a softer cable would be nicer. The slider portions on the base are just the plastic it is made of, better ones have hard nylonish inserts that move much smoother.

  6. Rhonda M

    Plug in, change mouse settings to my comfort level and left click usage, and I was ready to go! Perfect mouse

  7. Amazon Customer

    The mouse does the job. It’s comfortable to hold, even when working for long periods of time. I’ve had it for some time now and the light color pattern is still going strong. Really nice in low light settings. Worth the price.

  8. Yousef Alhajj

    I wouldn’t say its for gaming but it would do the job.

  9. jaspan1

    I must confess i have not bought a wired mouse in years but getting tired of changing batteries in the wireless mice. great packaging and attractive mouse with nifty led inside that lights the perimeter of the mouse up when pc turned on. Re-assuring clicks with no need to click again. Nice weight. Nice feel. Very happy.

  10. linph

    I love this mouse! It seems ridiculous, such a little thing, but this mouse makes me happy to use it. It has a very satisfying weight in the hand; it’s not lightweight and cheap-feeling even though it’s inexpensive. The pointer is responsive and smooth, and the lights are pretty. I wish I’d bought it sooner!

  11. JN

    Last mouse died, I had this on reserve, too bulky

  12. Ms. C. M. Porter

    Fits comfortably into my hand, worked as soon as I plugged it in, changing rainbow coloured lights emitting from side of mouse (quite pretty). Only minor gripe is that when I click the mouse I’d like the button to press down a bit more.

  13. Amy

    It’s a USB mouse. It has not overly bright, gently rotating colour pattern LEDs, that can easily be toggled off/on by holding down both mouse buttons and scroll wheel for two seconds. Nice in the hand, on desk pad laser tracks perfectly. *CAD = computer aided design (Unity and Blender mainly)

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