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Design for Excellence in Electronics Manufacturing (Quality and Reliability Engineering Series)


An authoritative guide to optimizing design for manufacturability and reliability from a team of experts

Design for Excellence in Electronics Manufacturing is a comprehensive, state-of-the-art book that covers design and reliability of electronics. The authors―noted experts on the topic―explain how using the DfX concepts of design for reliability, design for manufacturability, design for environment, design for testability, and more, reduce research and development costs and decrease time to market and allow companies to confidently issue warranty coverage.

By employing the concepts outlined in Design for Excellence in Electronics Manufacturing, engineers and managers can increase customer satisfaction, market share, and long-term profits. In addition, the authors describe the best practices regarding product design and show how the practices can be adapted for different manufacturing processes, suppliers, use environments, and reliability expectations. This important book:

  • Contains a comprehensive review of the design and reliability of electronics
  • Covers a range of topics: establishing a reliability program, design for the use environment, design for manufacturability, and more
  • Includes technical information on electronic packaging, discrete components, and assembly processes
  • Shows how aspects of electronics can fail under different environmental stresses

Written for reliability engineers, electronics engineers, design engineers, component engineers, and others, Design for Excellence in Electronics Manufacturing is a comprehensive book that reveals how to get product design right the first time.

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