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  • Google Pixel 7 Pro is Google’s best-of-everything phone; powered by Google Tensor G2, it’s faster, more efficient, and more secure, with the best photo and video quality yet on Pixel[1]
  • Unlocked Android 5G phone gives you the flexibility to change carriers and choose your own data plan[2]; works with Google Fi, Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, and other major carriers
  • Pixel’s Adaptive Battery can last over 24 hours; when Extreme Battery Saver is turned on, it can last up to 72 hours[3]
  • The Google Pixel 7 Pro 6.7-inch Smooth Display makes everything stunning and immersive[4]; it intelligently adjusts up to 120Hz for smoother, more responsive performance[4]
  • Google Pixel 7 Pro has a 5x telephoto lens with 30x Super Res Zoom[5]; the upgraded ultrawide lens powers Macro Focus to capture the smallest details
  • With Google Tensor G2 and the Titan M2 security chip, your Pixel is built with multiple layers of security to help keep your personal info safe
  • VPN by Google One (coming soon) is built into Pixel 7 Pro to help protect your online activity, no matter what app or web browser you use[6]
  • Get hands-free help with Google Assistant, pair devices easily, and use Find My Device to locate your Pixel phone, Google Pixel Watch, or Pixel Buds[7]
  • With its durable design and IP68 protection, your phone can handle water and dust[8]; it’s also scratch-resistant, with Corning[R] Gorilla[R] Glass Victus[TM]
  • Please refer to the product description section below for all applicable legal disclaimers denoted by the bracketed numbers in the preceding bullet points (e.g., [1], [2], etc.)
Product Dimensions

6.42 x 3.02 x 0.34 inches

Item Weight

7.4 ounces

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1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

October 6, 2022



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8 reviews for Google Pixel 7 Pro – 5G Android Phone – Unlocked Smartphone with Telephoto , Wide Angle Lens, and 24-Hour Battery – 256GB – Hazel

  1. Sukhdev S.

    Battery backup is not good at all, i think i got the defective piece

  2. Amazon Customer

    I usually never spend extra on phones. However I am a graphic designer and an artist, and decided to splurge for the better camera (I have been using the LGK92 which has a great camera, but there is a lot of limits and you NEED good lighting).

    So at first I was enjoying the Pixel 7 Pro, but realized that there is no headphone port. I didn’t even think to check, b/c I thought after everyone criticized apple for doing that, no one else would make that mistake. But whatever right? Just get an adapter.

    Well I was testing the camera, and got a couple clean shots of my pets. But anything else I tried taking pictures of, the camera would over process and increase the sharpness and black levels. I had watched professional photographers review this phone and everyone criticized the iphone 14 for over processing photos, but the pixel 7pro does it as well! I just wanted clean, well detailed photos with colors that are true to real life. But this makes them unusable to me.

    I am returning the phone and going back to my LG for now. Hopefully google will update this to allow users to turn off the over processing.

    All other features are great tho! I love the translation features the most. Fingerprint reader was cool (worked just as well and any other tbh) and face recognition I didn’t have problems with. So I guess if you don’t care about not having a headphone port and can live with the over processed photos, you’d probable like this phone.

  3. Javier Vallejo

    Una fluidez maravillosa, la experiencia de uso es top, el smartphone es precioso.
    La cámara, uuff.. una verdadera locura. Se siente todo tan bien, la batería me dura todo el día con uso intensivo, el desbloqueo facial funciona muy bien en condiciones de buena luz, la huella dactilar sin inconvenientes.
    Todo funciona como debe ser y mucho más!!

  4. Sergey

    This is my first Pixel. Before that I had few Samsungs from different price categories, and I don’t regret an inch for switching

  5. Le Family

    I’m upgrading from a Samsung Note20. Camera quality is important to me since I want to capture every moment with my 2 year old, and this is way better than my previous Samsung. The pictures are steady, crisp, and vibrant. I’m loving all the editing tools that comes with it.

    The only downside is that the phone did not come with a charger, only came with the USBC cable. I’ll need to buy a new charger. The old ones don’t support rapid charging.

  6. Sohail Khan

    I recently purchased the Google Pixel 7 Pro and have been really impressed with its camera, connectivity, and battery life. The telephoto and wide angle lenses are a great addition and the 24-hour battery is definitely a plus. The only downside for me was the size and the curved display, which I personally didn’t care for. Overall, a solid smartphone and I would definitely consider purchasing again.

  7. Jon Snow

    I’m coming over from a 4 year old Galaxy Note 9 (the last true great Android phone) and I honestly gotta say that the Pixel 7 pro is a disappointment. My review is based off things I look for in a smartphone which are camera quality, display, battery life, software experience, and general usability.

    Straight away I realized the display on the Pixel is noticeably duller and even loses details on some bright areas. The higher refresh rate is nice but I can only imagine how much better the S22 ultra screen is than the Pixel (This holiday season they’re about the same price anyways) .

    Battery life is also very disappointing. My 4 year old Note 9 has had pretty bad battery life recently, which is why I wanted to upgrade. But to my disappointment the Pixel is BARELY better, which is absolutely absurd. Honestly this is a real deal breaker and everyone who wants to get this phone should know this.

    Software experience is also weirdly buggy, but not in an infuriating way. It’s smooth and fast but options for various things will fail to load or occasionally crash. Reloading the app will fix the issue but I would’ve expected a software company like Google to be on top of this. People have have been having these issues since the first Pixel.

    Camera is really good, best on any current phone for sure. Can’t complain about that.

    The device itself seems like a quality product. It’s nice to hold in the hand and looks very attractive,. The camera bar does not look out of place and adds a nice contrast to the back design, but it does make the phone feel top heavy.

    Modem is decent, not noticeably better than my Samsung but not worse either.

    Speakers are not better than the Note 9, nor does it have an SD card slot or headphone jack. But I guess no one does that anyways besides Sony, which also has their fair share of issues.

    All in all, it’s not a bad phone but it is disappointing. At this point I’d love to give a better recommendation but unfortunately there is no great Android phone on sale right now. So, if you’re in the market for an android phone my advice is to wait for next year.

  8. Jay

    Fingerprint is reliable but not as fast as other phones in the flagship level. Battery life is just average (not exceptional). I love the design of this device, hazel colorway looks really good. Of course, Pixel has the best computational photography but needs an improvement in the video category.

    Definitely an improvent from the Pixel 6 series. Overall, I am happy with my Pixel 7 Pro. Good phone for its price tag! 👌😁

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