GoPro MAX Replacement Protective Lenses – Official GoPro Accessory

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  • 4 replacement protective lenses for max
  • Protect the built-in lenses of your max while capturing extreme activities
  • Keep dirt, water and dust off of your built-in lenses
  • Max focal length: 0.0
Product Dimensions

0.71 x 1.42 x 1.42 inches

Item Weight

1.12 ounces

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Date First Available

October 1, 2019



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13 reviews for GoPro MAX Replacement Protective Lenses – Official GoPro Accessory

  1. Gteez

    Great protection for gopro

  2. Chrisi

    Hallo, die Schutzobjektive werden in einer einfachen Papier Verpackung geliefert. Die Qualität ist genau so gut wie die originalen die
    bei der Kamera dabei waren. Kleines Manko empfinde ich den Preis der mit knapp 20 € doch etwas hoch angesetzt ist, aber immer noch besser als wäre eine Linse zerkratzt.

  3. Jordan D

    Cheap plastic. I use my GoPro on my mountain bikes. These scratch with anything. Too bad no one makes a good alternative.

  4. teto88

    ne risente la qualità video, nel contro luce si vede molto, fastidioso l effetto anello, senza parlare di micro graffi che si fanno anche solo alloggiandolo nella sua sacca, o della polvere attirata dalla plastica che diventa elettrostatica, ci sarà sempre quel pelucchetto che rovina l esperienza… capisco però lo voler stare tranquilli…. io lo applico solo quando non stò tranquillo ma se lo uso per passeggiate etc le rimuovo subito. preferirei una soluzione leggermente piu costosa ma di qualità piu elevata nel futuro della go pro.

  5. LaceHeart

    Not all packs are created equal, some cause ghosting to occur. We now know what to look for when a pack arrives to prevent any downgrade in image quality. We look like tools standing about looking through them like a monocle in public, but it’s worth it. Combined with an aluminum cage, my Max is near indestructible. Except in extreme temperatures and direct sunlight, not even my mini umbrellas can prevent it from metaphorically melting like ice cream in hades moments before my daughter’s best catch ever.

  6. AJ

    Had these less than a day and i scratched the surface – camera was in my pocket, dont know where i bumped if caught it to scratch the lens, but would expecta protective cover to be a little more robust – disapointed

  7. John

    So I love the added protection since I put this on the front of my motorcycle. YES, THEY DO CREATE GLARE, but my biggest issue with these is that I swear to god you could breathe on these and they would scratch simply from the dust moving through your breathe. I put my GPMax in a CLEAN, soft, sunglasses pouch inside my bag, you know, the ones that have microfiber all over the inside, and they STILL scratch like, IMMEDIATELY. You MIGHT get one use out of them before they scratch, MAYBE. Really disappointed that you’ll need to buy so many of these things to avoid scratches ruining your shots, however, the peace of mind for a $500 camera is somewhat worth it. I say somewhat because with the frequency that you’ll need to replace these, they should be a fraction of what they cost. This was a fail by GoPro in my opinion, either a failure, or a blatant money-grab to increase repeat accessory purchases. I’d happily pay $50 for a set of these made out of gorilla glass or similar glass. These things must be made of butter.

  8. Uman

    – Le truc à immédiatement mettre sur votre Gopro Max
    – Facile à installer
    – Ne gène pas le stitching (car il est assez mauvais de base…)
    – prix raisonnable

    Les objectifs de la gopro Max ne sont pas interchangeable, une rayure , un pet et c’est fini…
    Ces protections sont indispensables, elles ont déjà sauvé ma Gopro Max une fois d’un mort certaine.

    Mais oui ces protections ont plein de défauts, la qualité vidéo est (quasi) similaire SAUF que les lentilles ont tendances à se salir facilement, que le soleil peut facilement donner des lensflares importants (plus que sans), et qu’elles ne sont pas moins sensibles aux pètes/rayures que la lentille d’origine (mais elles se changent), et la camera est nettement moins pratique à ranger (rajoute 5cm d’épaisseur à la gopro Max).

    Un accessoire indispensable et fixé en permanence à ma Gopro Max.

    Je le conseille vivement, en général (c’est tellement facile de rayer un objectif) et en particulier pour filmer de l’action !

    Anecdote : j’ai fait une chute en gyroroue (monoroue éclectique) à une vingtaine de km/h avec la Gopro Max, la protection c’est complément explosée, la lentille est restée intacte en dessous, ça a sauvé ma Gopro Max qui n’avait que quelques semaines…

    Si ce commentaire vous a aidé, n’oubliez pas de cliquer sur “utile”, merci.

  9. Amazon Customer

    These lens protectors are exactly the same as the ones in the original box, GoPro quality! I scratched one of my lens protectors somehow and thank goodness i always leave it on there, because if I hadn’t who knows how much it would have cost to replace the actual lens. These protectors don’t interfere with the video quality and i would say they are a must have for anyone with the GoPro max

  10. Suroy Thamotharam

    Idk what GoPro is making these lenses out of but they are not scratch resistant at all. I bough 4 of these for my 1 week trip, on top of the 2 that came with the GoPro Max, and by the end of the trip all 6 were scratched. The tiniest drops or pebbles hitting the lens leads to a scratch and make it unusable to record with moving forward. I would hope there’s a 3rd party out there making better ones, with gorilla glass. Totally unimpressed to be honest and I would look for a highly rated 3rd party imho.

  11. MonkeyButtRides

    These covers look and fit perfect. Pay attention to the details, there are 4 in one box. I didn’t realize that and I ordered multiple boxes when I only needed two! Well now I have a bunch that will last a long time. Very happy with the product.

  12. Dave

    They distort the picture some because the plastic is not perfectly formed. They do stay on really well and have saved my lens from being destroyed. That said, they mess up the picture enough I no longer use them unless I’m doing something super dangerous.

  13. E. Escobar

    It’s oem, it’s good, a bit pricey, but comes with 4 covers.

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