HP Wireless Mouse Z3700 (26V63AA#ABL, Black)

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  • Designed with flair: The sleek design complements your favorite HP devices, and fits comfortably anywhere
  • Wireless convenience: The 2.4 GHz wireless connection reliably keeps you hooked up
  • Battery life that lasts: With up to 16 months of life on a single AA battery, this mouse was designed to push the limits
  • Ready for anything: Blue LED technology lets your mouse function on a wide range of surfaces, so you can work from almost anywhere
  • Highly accurate: 1200 DPI optical sensor gives you exceptional accuracy and incredible speed
Average Battery Life in hours

‎16 months





Item model number


Hardware Platform

‎Laptop, PC

Operating System

‎Windows 8, Chrome OS, Windows 7, Mac OS X 10.3 Panther, Windows 10

Item Weight

‎1.76 ounces

Product Dimensions

‎3.98 x 2.37 x 1 inches

Item Dimensions LxWxH

‎3.98 x 2.37 x 1 inches



Power Source

‎Battery Powered


‎1 AA batteries required. (included)


‎Hewlett Packard

Country of Origin


Date First Available

‎January 4, 2021

13 reviews for HP Wireless Mouse Z3700 (26V63AA#ABL, Black)

  1. Sophia

    Disappointed the HP logo wasn’t on the mouse. I just purchased a new laptop and I thought this mouse would match nicely. Looks a little plain without the logo. Other than that works well. Good for small hands.

  2. Cesar

    I like the feel to the mouse’s flatness. Not a fan of the wheel; the way it clicks into place is too clunky. Doesn’t really scroll through websites or through a game’s inventory smoothly. More like back and forth, back and forth…I hate it lol

  3. Mike P

    Great purchased. looks and works great

  4. Amazon Customer

    I bought a HP notebook for my embroidery business. The track pad does not work well in some software programs, this mouse is great. One AA battery, switch it off anytime u r not using it and I just love it. I also usE a Mac and it will work on that but I use a track pad for my Mac mini.

  5. Tropi

    Gold version matches my gold HP 2 in 1 and it looks expensively classy.
    Everything works effectively.
    Unfortunately, the usability/comfort is the worst I have ever experienced.
    The buttons are fine.
    The scroll wheel is smaller diameter than most. It’s outer circumference is completely smooth, where most are knurled. Its is completely flat when most are bevelled. This makes the smooth surface at least twice as wide as any other mouse I have used. Its detents are positive, perhaps a little too positive, and easily twice as coarse as any other mouse I have used. It works, but is NOT a nice wheel.
    By far the worst factor is its significant discomfort in the hand due to its idiotic shape.
    The Microsofts and Logitechs of this world did not arrive at their always similar shapes by accident, but by massive experience and careful, progressive refinement of shapes that comfortably fit most human hands.
    HP has ignored this intelligent approach to USER COMFORT and has based everything on “looking good”. In this, they have certainly succeeded. But they have also succeeded in producing the most uncomfortable mouse in my entire, long experience.
    In plan view, it is round-cornered rectangular in strictly parallel straight lines. Zero consideration has been given to the natural, human hand, whose comfort requires rounded tapers and or indents for the fingers and curved tapers at the rear to ensure the corners do not dig into the rear palm. It is horrible and, in constant office use would undoubtedly lead to serious complaints from the victims forced to use it.
    In addition, there is a total lack of ‘doming’ of the upper back body behind the buttons. This results in ZERO support for the fingers and most of the palm, which is always the primary aim of superior manufacturers. The user must cope with hard, straight, NARROW edges for fingers and thumb and two slightly rounded corners at the back digging into the palm. It is both uncomfortable and provides a very insecure grip. The only way to improve this ridiculous, horrible grip is to completely flatten your hand down so that the fingers lie along the body top instead of the normal, semi-curved finger grip that is naturally comfortable to human beings. This alien change of grip helps, but it is definitely unnatural and therefore still uncomfortable- just in a different way!
    I can’t possibly imagine what lunacy overcame HP’s designer to arrive at this ridiculous, highly uncomfortable shape. They and whoever approved it for production should be summarily fired – possibly in a kiln.
    It is only the fact that I limit this laptop to intermittent light work that dissuades me from returning this mouse.
    It is entirely unsuitable for concentrated productivity.
    Seriously, only buy this if you value superficial good looks (who the heck is ever going to see it, clutched in your hairy mitt?) as significantly more important than your long term personal comfort .

  6. Old Gregg

    Great mouse. Small form factor (not excessively though) which is great for me. Great to slip into the travel case. It’s little fast but I went into control panel and slowed it down a bit. As always, turn it off when you aren’t using it. Common sense really. It’s a mouse, it delivers what it says it does. Don’t over think it. No reason not to like it. Just my opinion though.

  7. Moved to Rochester NY

    The mouse works well, however, a couple of caveats to consider:

    On the bottom of the mouse is an On/Off switch.
    Turn it off when walking away from your laptop, or the mouse will drain the battery.
    But if leaving for hours: Unplug the mouse’s USB receiver, or else the laptop battery will drain.
    Or, you could shut down your laptop.
    But turning off the button or unplugging the USB seems like the best option in terms of wear and tear on systems and components, as well as being easiest.

    The USB receiver that comes with the mouse must be plugged into your laptop.
    This means that if you need to plug in another USB device, and if you only have one USB port, you will need to use your laptop’s touchpad rather than the mouse.
    This has not been a problem for me, but it is something to consider.
    If this gets to be a problem, I will get a bluetooth mouse.

  8. Timyesim

    Is it only me getting all the rubbish products on Amazon? Only a few items that I am happy among dozens items I’ve ordered on Amazon. Amazon should take in step to stop this rubbish items to be sold and this item is one of them.
    No matter what I’ve done I couldn’t get this good looking mouse to work.
    My laptop installes driver succesfully with the dongle came with the mouse but thats all. In my 2 hours attempt and troubleshooting the mouse connected only twice for 2 seconds each. Mouse basically doesn’t communicate with the driver obviously. Also it left an unknown PCI driver in my laptop.

    If it was possible I would give this 0 star. I am returning and expecting my refund.

  9. Diane

    Absolutely fantastic product. It arrived promptly, just on time for me to use with my brand new birthday laptop. I was a little confused as to where the battery fitted into but soon had it in after a quick glance at the simple instructions. For someone with limited knowledge of technology, I am rather impressed that all it took was plugging it in and away I went. It really is that simple.

    I was a little worried, while waiting for the product to arrive, that the reviews regarding the flat appearance of the mouse would somehow hinder the performance, but I need not have worried. I tried the mouse on a chair surface, table, sofa and my lap and got the same quick and easy response.

    I am absolutely delighted with both performance and appearance. The gold is the perfect match to my new hp gold laptop. I am so pleased in fact with the delivery, product appearance and performance, that it had prompted me to leave this feedback, and I have to admit that I am a rather fussy and hard to please person. So thank you. Diane

  10. sulkhan nogaideli

    a little low

  11. Theo.C

    I just want to start off by saying that this mouse is SMALL, I thought it was bigger before I got it and thought the design looked nice. I’m 6’5ft so I guess my hands are bigger then usual but if you think your hands are big then DON’T GET THIS MOUSE.

    Besides from the size the tracking is good, I haven’t had any issues regarding it.

    The mouse runs on batteries that sit inside the mouse, by lifting of the magnetic cover you can insert them. The back cover fits nicely and won’t come off while using.

    The scroll wheel is also quite nice and is pretty standard but most companies use cheap tacky ones so i’m glad they didn’t.

    Overall, I think this is a nice mouse, maybe not worth the price so i’d wait for a discount personally, (OWNING 2 😀 ik ik).
    I’ts also definitely a little too small for my liking so BEWARE.

  12. Waleed Alwan

    Scroll bottom doesn’t work accurately with Mac iOS. Other than that it’s fine, light and slim.

  13. Taormina

    This is a great mouse, fast and very responsive. I would have preferred something larger and deeper because I have large hands. However, I knew the dimensions when I brought it so can’t complain. It really is as simple to use as stated – just plug and play, with no installation necessary. I really love this mouse and have only marked down the value for money review because I paid 20% more for mine than it is currently being offered at. I can’t comment on the battery life yet as only a recent purchase. It only needs one battery (supplied) so that will save some expense as time goes on. Would happily recommend.

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