iClever GK08 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse – Rechargeable Keyboard Ergonomic Quiet Full Size Design with Number Pad, 2.4G Stable Connection Slim…

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  • FULL SIZE WIRELESS COMBO: Full size keyboard, engineering-level ABS construction with a 10°tilt, and a quite low-profile mouse. All cluster-free operation makes it an ideal choice for office use.
  • PLUG&PLAY & Win&Mac: Easy to set up and use right away. Both the keyboard and the mouse are used with one receiver (stored at the bottom of the mouse). Windows and Mac layouts are available.
  • RECHARGEABLE & INTELLIGENT: For environmental sustainability advocates, we made the battery rechargeable. It delivers up to 45 days of use. Featured power-saving takes the combo to sleep after 10 minutes of inactivity.
  • RESPONSIVE & LOW-PROFILE: The scissor key mechanism enhances feedback and stability. The optimized key-travel and anti-slip tapes make typing more comfortable, quiet, and precise.
  • USB-C RECHARGEABLE MOUSE: Symmetrical low-profile design. Silent buttons, up to 3 million clicks. Adjustable DPI (800-1200-1600).
  • 1 YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY. Attached silicone cover for key protection.
Product Dimensions

17.83 x 5.67 x 1.61 inches

Item Weight

1.52 pounds

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Date First Available

September 19, 2019



13 reviews for iClever GK08 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse – Rechargeable Keyboard Ergonomic Quiet Full Size Design with Number Pad, 2.4G Stable Connection Slim…

  1. Harris

    I’ve bought about 5 keyboards since the pandemic and working from home full-time. It’s something we use all day, almost every day. This keyboard is a very similar to the Apple keyboard in look and feel. I can take notes while on calls without it sounding like someone’s “clacking away” into the microphone. I also like that the keyboard is wireless but rechargeable via USB. It’s been a few days and I haven’t had to recharge yet. Wouldn’t be a big deal to charge overnight and use for the week. The mouse is a little too low profile for me but I’m getting used to it. Mouse is smooth and responsive. My GF used it and liked it, so we got her one too. And she never likes anything I buy. All in all, good product for a good price.

  2. Just Another Jennifer

    The header description does not indicate the mouse is not rechargeable. I bought this set to replace a battery powered combo. I may return it if I can find a set that both keyboard AND mouse are rechargeable.

  3. Amazon Customer

    This is actually my second review of this product (literally less than an hour later). Upon first connection, I immediately had issues with the keyboard. It would randomly stop typing and would type keys and open things that I didn’t press, and so I left a pretty frustrating review. HOWEVER, I found the problem.
    Initially, I plugged the USB dongle thingy into my docking station that I use to connect multiple monitors to my laptop. THIS was the cause of all of my issues. Once I switched the USB dongle over to the USB port that was on my actual laptop and not the docking station extension, everything worked great. So, here is my list of pro’s and con’s for this keyboard/mouse combo:
    – ergonomically satisfying
    – sensitivity buttons on the mouse
    – right-click shortcut key on the keyboard
    – mechanical ‘clicking’ noises of the keyboard are extremely satisfying
    – battery life and stability
    – USB charger for the keyboard
    – responsiveness of the iClever team
    – price
    – sketchy instruction manual (incorrect grammar all over the place)
    – poor review history
    – mouse requires AAA batteries (come on, its 2022 – put a charging port on the mouse)

    – If you are having connection issues like I was, put the USB dongle into a USB port that is directly on your laptop/computer. If it still doesn’t work, ask for a refund or a new one! The iClever company seems to be pretty good about that stuff and realizes that not every product that is sent out is perfect.

  4. Justin

    I’ve put this review off for far too long. Not only is this the best keyboard you could possibly get for the price but customer service is EXCEPTIONAL! I’ll tell you why at the end but let me tell you why I love this keyboard and mouse.
    1. Extra long battery life, I use daily and more than the average user and can go weeks without a charge I sometimes forget it even needs it.
    2. Super smooth keys and not clunky with a premium feel.
    3. The mouse use two AA batteries versus an integrated battery, the advantage here is the life of the mouse will go on forever, and if you’ve had the rechargeable mouse before then you know how quickly those run out out charge.
    4. Stays connected to the PC with no noticeable lag, with great precision.
    5. The mouse is low profile and so much more comfortable for your wrist especially during extended use.
    6. I’m messy so I love the keyboard protector that is included.
    7. Best for last is customer service!!
    I bought this keyboard a year ago and it has worked non stop flawlessly up until last week something went wrong and it started acting possessed. Inputting keys on its own etc.
    Normally I would have just bought another replacement but I reached out to customer service to see if it could be repaired since I have enjoyed it so much. They responded quickly with the initla email containing tips to troubleshoot and if unsuccessful reply back. Well I couldn’t fix the glitch and emailed them back. Lydia quickly responded with no hesitation asked for my address and a new one showed up on Saturday. Not only that she emailed again tonight just to follow up and make sure I was taken care of!!!

    It’s truly hard to find a company these days that actually wants to fix the problem and make their customers happy.

    So my advice is to get this keyboard set because you have absolutely nothing to lose and it’s worth every penny and more. This is my opinion and I was not paid or requested to write this review. I just think they deserve it. 🙂 God bless

  5. MSD

    Folks, I would strongly advise this one for everyone working from home. For years, I have been wasting money buying keyboards under 1500 Rs and this time thought to try a bit expensive option, and I now regret wasting all that money on cheaper alternatives. Both the keyboard and mouse are fantastic, and it is a pleasure to type on the keyboard with the silica cover that comes with it. I would strongly advise you to go for it.

  6. Dukaan Online

    The product is worth it – I actually needed it for a MacBook (the M1 version), and this combo was perfect.

    This review is largely about their product support – I got professional responses with a genuine approach to help. My issue was resolved well and timely. Not often I see companies even responding to issues, forget resolving them with care.


  7. PowerTorrent

    A very good keyboard, I tested it for windows and ChromeOS and works well, the keys are really superb soft and the silicon cover accessory is good to protect the same from dust. The mouse is good too. Please note that the keyboard is chargeable and the mouse requires batteries. The only thing I am a bit low about is the charging port is very hard and is the typical USB A, a USB C port could have been better. Overall the best keyboard I used till date and will definitely recommended it for the price of around ₹2600. Thank You.

  8. Sarah P.

    I love this keyboard! I like how the buttons are fairly quiet and I don’t have to worry about it bothering my apartment neighbors with my late night studying. Very easy to set up and the battery lasts a while!

  9. Michelle S

    Works great. The left click on the mouse sometimes takes a couple times to click but otherwise it’s great.

  10. Raj

    Felt very fine as a product, the finish, the feel and the touch are really good. Quite portable and decently well ergonomics. While I was trying to get a handle of what screen pop’s up for setup after I plug in the tiny receiver, and was trying to see how to setup the whole thing. But was pleasantly surprised everything worked like a charm without me having to do anything. The keyboard is quite soft touch. Plugs very well with my Smart TV and gives a seamless feel. The distance also is quite comfortable to work without hiccups. Overall a very sturdy and excellent product. I am quite a critique but I should say I have never been so impressed with any product lately like I do with this one. AWESOME!

  11. Nancy W

    I like it. Sometimes you have to press hard on a key but not too bad. Control paste never works. That’s okay, I use my mouse. Good for the price. Using with MacBook Pro.

  12. Laura T

    I wanted to have portable work station at my dining room table so I can easily pack it up at the end of the day, so I bought this rechargeable keyboard with battery-powered mouse, along with a portable monitor, and stands for my monitor and laptop – all from Amazon.

    I don’t consider myself tech savvy, and I got it all out of the boxes and set up with my HP Elitebook in about 10-15 minutes. So easy.

    The keyboard and mouse resemble Apple products and work smoothly. The protective rubber mat for the keyboard has a nice feel and doesn’t impact function. The cords are short so I needed an extension for the power cord. The keyboard is thin and light so it will be easy to carry in my backpack.

    I set these up a few hours ago so I can’t speak to battery life or long-term use. Happy with my purchase.

  13. Thomas CJ

    The keyboard feels very solid and premium the free rubberized cover is a nice inclusion to have. When the keyboard works of the wireless received I notices a few missed keys when typing fast. This issue is not present when the keyboard is plugged in. So a small issue but nothing much.

    The Mouse looks nice but feels cheap. Functionality-wise is excellent light and smooth good click from the buttons and the DPI button works wth my MacBook.

    For the price a def good option.

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