Lian Li Strimer Plus V2 Triple 8 PIN GPU RTX 30 Series Extension RGB 300mm Cable

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  • Weight: 1 lbs
  • Excellent Quality.
  • Great Gift Idea.
  • Satisfaction Ensured.
  • Produced with the highest grade materials
Package Dimensions

14.41 x 3.46 x 1.34 inches

Item Weight

9.9 ounces



Item model number


Date First Available

May 19, 2022

7 reviews for Lian Li Strimer Plus V2 Triple 8 PIN GPU RTX 30 Series Extension RGB 300mm Cable

  1. Miguel

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     I have it powering my RTX 3070 and it looks really good and it was extremely easy to use and set up. It immediately synced with aura and it gives the pc a really cool look when people come to see it! Definitely would recommend!

  2. Amazon Customer

    the app itself doesnt have a lot of setting to use and hard to import other settings available online. if you case lack of stype buy a stripe, but if u really want those power to board light affect then this one is the one to go. once it uses separate power to power the led.

  3. MiRi

    rgb works nice.

  4. Tyron

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     So I purchased this cable for my GPU and now I have a serious problem! Instead of using my PC, I just sit and stare at the lights all day and night now. It’s so friging cool, I can’t stop looking at it!! I want to play games or even get work done. I don’t eat and I don’t sleep. My kids haven’t seen me in a few days. Hopefully this affect wears off and I can get back to my life.

    One note to keep in mind. The one that is listed by PhantomPC was cheap, almost half the price of other sellers. I figured I would give it a try. The one I received didn’t come with the RGB controller module. It’s fine for me as I wasn’t planning on using. It does come with a 3pin 5v ARGB header adaptor that you can use to plug it into an existing controller or motherboard. Not sure if the other sellers with higher prices are selling it with a controller or not. The listing here doesn’t have much detail one way or the other.

  5. David Wolf

    The controller that you need to operate these cables is extremely cheap. I’ve had 2 and they both broke from the USB port when I barely pushed them in. I contacted Lian li and they told me it’s because I’m pushing it too hard. No it’s because it’s a garbage overpriced product. Don’t even waste your time. I legit babied the second one so it wouldn’t brake and it still broke in the same exact way.

  6. Greatone718

    So I ordered this expecting it to be a plug and play item. Wishful thinking, after looking at the reviews and responses from the vendor. I should’ve purchased this somewhere else. Why are you answering questions stating that the appropriate connectors are included, when they’re NOT. I had the item replaced and still the same thing. Need to make sure that when listing items, state that a connector is required to make the LED strip work as intended. BIG DISAPPOINTMENT!!

  7. Rey M

    Very flexible and easy to switch RGB placement. Download the program and get access to a ton of lighting modes. Its been 2 months and still no issues

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