Logitech G733 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Headset with Suspension Headband, Lightsync RGB, Blue VO!CE mic technology and PRO-G audio drivers – Black

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  • Total freedom with up to 20 meter wireless range and Lightspeed wireless audio transmission. Keep playing for up to 29 hours of battery life. Play in stereo on PlayStation(R) 4..Note : If the size of the earbud tips does not match the size of your ear canals or the headset is not worn properly in your ears, you may not obtain the correct sound qualities or call performance. Change the earbud tips to ones that fit more snugly in your ear
  • Personalize your headset lighting across the full spectrum, 16.8 M colors. Play in colors with front-facing, dual-zone Lightsync RGB lighting and choose from preset animations or create your own with G HUB software.
  • Colorful, reversible suspension headbands are designed for comfort during long play sessions.
  • Advanced mic filters that make your voice sound richer, cleaner, and more professional. Customize with G HUB and find your sound.
  • Hear every audio cue with breathtaking clarity and get immerse in your game. PRO-G drivers are designed to significantly reduce distortion and reproduce precise, consistent, rich sound quality.
  • Soft dual-layer memory foam that conforms to your head and reduces stress points for long-lasting comfort.
  • G733 weighs only 278 gram for long-lasting comfort.
  • Console compatible: PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch in Dock. (Stereo sound only via USB wireless dongle)
Product Dimensions

5.43 x 3.7 x 7.68 inches

Item Weight

9.8 ounces

Item model number



1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

August 25, 2020


Logitech G

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11 reviews for Logitech G733 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Headset with Suspension Headband, Lightsync RGB, Blue VO!CE mic technology and PRO-G audio drivers – Black

  1. Avatar of Lannah Phanhsavang

    Lannah Phanhsavang

    It takes a little getting used to for the sound and adjustments but otherwise it’s pretty use and easy to fix in their settings but the one thing I have a problem is the mic. Whatever preset I use for the attached mic I end up sounding like a fishbowl. No easy way to say it. I’ve watched YouTube videos on how to use the presets but nothing really pops up so I’m the end I’ve tried adjusting/editing the presets to my liking even making a new one for myself but it just doesn’t work for me. My friends have said that they can understand me but I sound like I’m in a microwave, fishbowl, muffled, etc. it wouldn’t bother me that much if I wasn’t that concerned if I was clipping my games and wanting to hear my audio quality. Other than that I think this is pretty good headset to use but I would suggest getting a separarte Mic to use for your gaming/streaming set up in my opinion. I did use a Corsair headset before this and the two were head to head for me; hard to pick which one was better but ultimately it came down to the mic quality. So I would most likely go back to my Corsair… if I didn’t get the wires all messed up. (Hence why I bought this headset to try out) overall easy to use. Yada yada, don’t let the mic hold you back from copping this headset

  2. Avatar of Helena Farías

    Helena Farías

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     Ademas de bonitos, se escucha muy bien al jugar videojuegos, y el microfono también es muy bueno! Lo recomiendo mucho!

  3. Avatar of Richard G.

    Richard G.

    Long time Logitech user and avid gamer. I bought these to replace my old model Logitech wireless headphones. These are literally HALF the weight, and all of the performance. They fit on my head very comfortably, and don’t pinch. The don’t have the retractable mic boom like my old headset does, but It is at least removable (in case you want to use an exterior mic). I have found that mic booms that flip up, or retract in some way tend to break faster, than rigid ones. The sound is awesome, and the logitech software suite leads to some awesome customization options. The onboard LED lights are not intrusive, and are also customizable. 10/10 logitech for life!

  4. Avatar of Advirc


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     Tenia unos Logitech G933, bonitos y funcionales, pero ya habian empezado a fallar del microfono plegable, asi que me decidi a cambiarlos por los G733 por tres cosas: El microfono, el peso (que ya me estaban quebrando el cuello xD) y ver el rgb cuando los tuviera puestos

    -Duracion de bateria
    -RGB discreto y bonito
    -Sonido fenomenal
    -Microfono con tecnologia Blue Vo!ce
    -MUY ligeros, ni se siente que los traigas puestos
    -Personalizables con los cubre microfono y bandas intercambiables

    -El rgb solo son dos areas (No es ARGB), arriba de ambos lados, abajo de ambos lados

  5. Avatar of Roger Reese

    Roger Reese

    Soft adjustable band is awesome. No ear contact (average sized ears), can be worn for hours without ear sweating or discomfort. The microphone is quickly attachable/detachable. Can be charged while using headphones via USB-C. Nice snappy buttons with a perfectly sized volume scroll wheel. Windows sees it and configures quickly and easily

  6. Avatar of CamiTech


    I bought these because I previously had a version of these headphones. I have issues with my ears to where they hurt after long use of headphones. These headphones are PERFECT for those with sensitive ears like I have. I didn’t realize that they had memory foam at first when I purchased them. When I got them it was -5 degrees outside and the foam was hard af. Once they thawed I was able to use them and holy hell they were amazing! I love these headphones I don’t think I’ll ever buy another brand.

  7. Avatar of Alejandra Adrian

    Alejandra Adrian

    Si quieres aprovechar todo el potencial de los audifonos instala el software G hub, no dejen opiniones negativas sin probarlo primero, no sean zzz, para lo que es, esta bien, no esperen que suene como un micrófono dedicado, es una diadema, con que activen el efecto blue y el de sonido envolvente suenan excelentes, si les gusta KDA adelante. Ademas quiero recalcar y felicitar a todas las personas que esperaron que resurtieran y no compraron mediante revendedores, quienes si queremos el producto estamos agradecidos con ello ya que los revendedores se acabaron todo y terminaron con un monton de audifonos sin vender. jajaja.
    Los revendedores son muy ZZZ y comprar en tiedas como Amazon es de Basados.

  8. Avatar of B


    Headphones sound wonderful, only a little bit of tweaking on the Logitech app’s EQ and I had it to my liking. Only downside to the headset is the TERRIBLE noise isolation. for an over-ear, closed-back headset, the thin plastic makes it a terrible candidate for noisier environments. If you want a better noise isolating headset, go with the g933, best sounding headset and noise isolation from Logitech. all they need is a thicker plastic/foam on the inside of the cups and they will be GOLDEN.

  9. Avatar of Fillipi Truppel

    Fillipi Truppel

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     O fone é excelente, confortável e o áudio é excelente, o software ghub é um pouco ruim

    Mas minha nota baixa e porque depois de uns 5-6 meses de uso ele simplesmente nao funciona

    Ele nao conecta com o conector e é impossível desligar o fone pra tentar reinciar ele, nao ta funcionando nem com o cabo que vem nele

  10. Avatar of Diana


    It’s honestly unbelievable to me that I’m having such a hard time finding a headset with sound as good as my cheap 6-year-old $15 Sades headset that recently needed replacing, let alone better. It was uncomfortable, so I wouldn’t buy another from that brand, but the sound was, I am realizing in retrospect as I try out more expensive headsets, unexpectedly great.

    Anyway, let’s talk about this headset. I kind of love it. I wish I loved it more. It’s good; it’s just not perfect.

    COMFORT: I’m a woman with a fairly average-sized head (hat size 7 1/8), and it’s hard to find headsets that weren’t only designed with large men’s heads in mind. The elastic strap across the top of these makes the headset lighter and more comfortable to wear, and I really like it. The strap has two notches on each side, so you can adjust a bit for the size of your head. The strap being separate from the solid headband also helps you remove, adjust, or hang up the headset without directly touching your head or the strap, which is nice. The earcups are plush and cloth-covered, which is comfortable and doesn’t get as hot as pleather cups normally do, and doesn’t squeeze your head as much as those do while wearing glasses.

    However, the headset is still somewhat bulky, especially the large earcups, and while these are quite comfortable overall, it would have been even better for me if they were a little smaller and lighter. If you have a larger head, this will likely not be an issue for you.

    LOOKS/BUILD: These look nice (I got the white version), less boring and bulky than most gaming headsets on the market. The design is sleek and stylish, and the headset seems sturdy and well-made.

    HEADPHONE SOUND: It’s ok. It’s nothing amazing, and I would want to use something better for listening to music for fun, but it’s not bad. The directional audio works ok for games.

    SOFTWARE: The Logitech G software is pretty good. It shows the battery percentage of the headset and allows you to adjust the lighting and various sound settings. But more on that when I get to the mic.

    LIGHTS: The RGB strips are a nice feature and they look good, but it seemed like I was hearing a slight buzz in the right ear when the lights were on, so I keep them turned off. Interestingly, if you go out of wireless range, the lights will go back on, so it works as an indicator for me.

    WIRELESS: The quality of the wireless is the biggest reason I love this headset. It works well and has a large, reliable range: I can walk most of the way across my apartment before it cuts out, which is important because I often have to chase after a naughty cat while in the middle of something, and I can keep up a conversation while I do.

    “DISCORD INTEGRATION”: I still don’t know what this is supposed to mean, but Discord does recognize the headset well, and I’ve never had it randomly disconnect inputs or have any other problems like I’ve had with other headsets. This headset has been very solid for me in that sense: you plug in the dongle and it just works.

    BATTERY LIFE: The battery life is very good. You can also still use the headset while it’s charging, and it charges fast. The cable is just a normal USB-C to USB-A cable, so you can plug it in anywhere convenient. I’m regularly in calls all day without needing to charge the headset, so I normally plug it in overnight every day or two.

    MIC: Here’s the problem, and the reason I’m rating this four stars. The mic isn’t good. It’s just not. It’s functional, and if you’re using this is in some way in which you’ll never have to hear your own voice– gaming, video calls– it’s good enough. But it’s not good enough for streaming or recording. The Logitech software allows you to adjust all sorts of settings and even download settings other people put together, and it helps, but it doesn’t make the mic good. I was hoping this could be all I’d need for now as my current setup is too noisy for a standalone mic, but I might have to look into getting a ModMic to stream with this. The mic itself doesn’t flip up, but it’s bendable and detachable, so you can remove it if you want to use a different mic.

    OVERALL: I wish the mic were better, and it would be great if the headphone sound were a bit more impressive too, but for the price, it’s a very good headset overall for general use. If you need more professional sound, this is not that. There are no serious problems that I’ve encountered with the headset, though– it’s solid and reliable; it’s just that the worst aspects of it are only ok and not great.

  11. Avatar of Brandon Suarez

    Brandon Suarez

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     Me gusto mucho el diseño, el RGB y la comodidad de los audifonos, tienen buen audio, nada fuera de lo normal, tengo unos Astro A50 pero quería otro headset para usarlo en el Playstation. Bueno mi sorpresa es que se me ocurrió conectarlos con un adaptador OTG USB al celular y funciono correctamente y de la misma manera lo conecte a un switch y vaya sorpresa tambien funciono!

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