Logitech M185 Wireless Mouse, 2.4GHz with USB Mini Receiver, 12-Month Battery Life, 1000 DPI Optical Tracking, Ambidextrous PC/Mac/Laptop – Swift Gray

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  • Compact Mouse: With a comfortable and contoured shape, this Logitech ambidextrous wireless mouse feels great in either right or left hand and is far superior to a touchpad
  • Durable and Reliable: This USB wireless mouse features a line-by-line scroll wheel; up to 1 year of battery life (2) thanks to a smart sleep mode function, and comes with the included AA battery
  • Universal Compatibility: Your Logitech mouse works with your Windows PC, Mac, or laptop, so no matter what type of computer you own today or buy tomorrow your mouse will be compatible
  • Plug and Play Simplicity: Just plug in the tiny nano USB receiver and start working in seconds with a strong, reliable connection to your wireless computer mouse up to 33 feet / 10 m (5)
  • Better than touchpad: Get more done by adding M185 to your laptop; according to a recent study, laptop users who chose this mouse over a touchpad were 50% more productive (3) and worked 30% faster (4)
Wireless Type


Number of USB 2.0 Ports


Number of USB 3.0 Ports


Average Battery Life in hours

‎12 months





Item model number


Hardware Platform

‎PC, Mac

Operating System

‎mac os x

Item Weight

‎2.65 ounces

Product Dimensions

‎1.54 x 3.89 x 2.36 inches

Item Dimensions LxWxH

‎1.54 x 3.89 x 2.36 inches


‎Swift Gray

Number of Processors


Computer Memory Type


Power Source

‎Battery Powered


‎2 A batteries required. (included)





Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

‎August 3, 2017

13 reviews for Logitech M185 Wireless Mouse, 2.4GHz with USB Mini Receiver, 12-Month Battery Life, 1000 DPI Optical Tracking, Ambidextrous PC/Mac/Laptop – Swift Gray

  1. Vinita

    Great little mouse. Easy to use and very efficient

  2. R. Howell

    I ordered this mouse (in blue) to replace the recently deceased exact same model that I’ve used for the past 2 or 3 years. I like the simplicity of the M185 mouse and mostly the best bang for your buck! I caught this one on sale for less than a ten-spot, so I thought, “why not.”

    I’m hoping that this one will last a bit longer than my two previous M185 models, that averaged about 3 years each. This model seems plagued by a short life span and is predisposed to mysteriously and suddenly dying, without any obvious symptoms or warning of any kind – – you’re working and clicking along, going about your day, when suddenly the cursor on the computer screen freezes and that’s it. Nothing, zero, nada. Funny thing, I’m very careful not to abuse or drop the mouse, and keep a fresh battery installed and watch for leakage and all that stuff – – they just stop working, and I assume it is caused by some sort of inherent electronic fault in the circuitry of the previous M185’s. Due to my loyalty to the brand and model (and since it was on sale) I decided to give it one more shot. They say that “third time’s a charm”.

    I like the fact that the M185 is simple and uncluttered with extra buttons that I would never use for my purpose, which is simple web-browsing and the occasional text document production. The feel is solid, not heavy, but not cheap feeling, either. I’m used to the shape of this mouse, which to me is quite comfortable for long sessions, another reason why I kind of wanted to stay with this model. The buttons have an audible “click”, which doesn’t bother me at all, and the wheel moves smoothly and also has a clicking operation (which I rarely ever use). The overall surface of the mouse has a matte finish, but like my previous models I’m sure it will eventually wear shiny spots where my fingers reside and will attain a more “well-used” look in time. Connecting it was a breeze, too. I just plugged the dongle into a spare rear usb port of my desktop, and the mouse connected instantly, no problem. The dongle can be stored safely inside the battery compartment, so you can take the whole thing out of the house if needed for use elsewhere. The speed of 1000 dpi seems just right for my purposes. The one I ordered even came with its own AA Duracell battery, which I wasn’t really expecting. This mouse also enters “sleep mode” when you don’t use it for a while, and I can’t say how many times I’ve got up and left it on all night. And that’s not hard to do, as I’ll explain next.

    The only real negative to this mouse is the absence of any easily visible status indicator of it’s on / off switch. The rear housing of this mouse is matte black, including the tiny switch where you turn it on and off with your fingernail, with only a very faint “on” lettering (also black), and very hard to see with my aging eyes. The laser is not lighted or visible when on, also adding to the confusion, especially in a darkened room. So, as a workaround, I took a tiny drop of green paint and placed it down inside the switch slider to visibly help indicate the “on” position, and likewise a dot of bright orange for the “off” position. Many of Logitech’s more expensive models (and a few other manufacturers) include this color-coded switch indication. I guess for the $$, they had to cut corners somewhere – – a minor complaint.

    In summary, this is a good basic mouse that works – – let’s hope that this one will last longer than its two predecessors.

  3. TheErgoProxy

    The Logitech M185 Wireless Mouse is a testament to Logitech’s commitment to delivering quality peripherals that enhance the computing experience. As someone who relies heavily on a mouse for daily tasks, I can confidently say that the M185 has exceeded my expectations in terms of performance, reliability, and convenience.

    The first thing that stands out about the M185 is its compact and ergonomic design. It fits comfortably in the palm of my hand, allowing for extended use without causing any discomfort or strain. The contoured shape provides a natural grip, ensuring precise control and smooth navigation across the screen.

    Setting up the M185 is a breeze thanks to its plug-and-play functionality. The included USB mini receiver plugs into any available USB port on my computer, instantly establishing a reliable 2.4GHz wireless connection. There’s no need for complicated software installation or pairing processes – simply plug in the receiver, and the mouse is ready to use.

    One of the standout features of the M185 is its impressive battery life. With up to 12 months of battery life on a single AA battery, I can enjoy uninterrupted usage without constantly worrying about replacing or recharging the battery. This long battery life is particularly convenient for users who are always on the go or who prefer a wireless setup without the hassle of frequent battery changes.

    Despite its compact size, the M185 doesn’t compromise on performance. The 1000 DPI optical sensor delivers smooth and precise tracking on various surfaces, ensuring accurate cursor movement and responsiveness. Whether I’m navigating spreadsheets, editing documents, or browsing the web, the M185 keeps up with my every move with ease.

    Durability is another strong point of the M185. The mouse feels solidly constructed, capable of withstanding the rigors of daily use without any signs of wear or deterioration. Its reliable performance and robust build quality give me confidence that it will continue to serve me well for years to come.

    In summary, the Logitech M185 Wireless Mouse is a fantastic choice for anyone in need of a reliable and hassle-free pointing device. Its compact and ergonomic design, plug-and-play functionality, long battery life, precise tracking, and durability make it the perfect companion for both work and leisure. Whether you’re a student, professional, or casual user, the M185 is sure to enhance your computing experience with its smooth and reliable performance.

  4. Ángel Gordillo

    Lo compré para llevarlo a todos lados y usarlo con mi laptop, y como es pequeño, cumple a la perfección para eso. En cuestión de ruido al hacer clics, pues es lo normal. El transmisor que se conecta a la computadora es súper pequeño y cómodo, y se enlazó prácticamente desde que lo conecté. Algo que me preocupó fue no ver el típico láser rojo que la mayoría de los mouses tiene, pero estuve investigando y completamente normal en este, porque maneja lo que es el láser invisible.

  5. Kim W.

    Despite its compact size, this mouse fits perfectly inside my laptop sleeve, making it incredibly convenient for on-the-go use. What’s even better is that its ergonomic design ensures comfort during extended periods of use, a feature I truly appreciate as someone who spends a lot of time on my laptop. The bright red color not only adds a fun pop of personality but also serves a practical purpose – it makes the mouse incredibly easy to find, so I never accidentally leave it behind.

  6. Liliana f.

    Es muy bonito, ha gustado mucho en mi oficina. Elegí el color blanco y la verdad se ve muy elegante.
    Efectivamente no hace ruido lo cual me gusta, no es ni muy grande ni muy pequeño y se conecta fácilmente al BT. Ya incluye la pila así que pude usarlo de inmediato.

  7. E

    Literally zero complaints. It’s a good mouse. Probably not ideal for low-latency gaming, but this mouse works great for all your wireless needs. It’s very responsive and I like the clicky noises. I’m having more fun than ever proofreading endless Word documents. (Have I also been using it to watch videos on my computer from across the room in bed? Yes. Yes, I have.)

  8. Giovane

    Mouse excelente, daria mais estrelas se tivesse, ótimo custo benefício. Extremamente silencioso e preciso, o bluetooth se conecta na velocidade da luz, muito bom mesmo. E essa cor é bem diferente, chama a atenção no início, mas logo acostuma e fica bem discreto e elegante. Conseguiram unir PREÇO E QUALIDADE nesse mouse. TOP!!!!

  9. Bob Butella

    Bought this mouse to replace a wired mouse that required strong fingers to click and get results. This mouse is extremely lightweight and only requires a delicate touch to get results. The clicks are silent and so light that its made using the computer fun again. I recommend this one as an A1 product. Well designed and Well made.

  10. Saulus Barros

    Já tive esse mouse no passado, gostei muito e durou bastante tempo. É o famoso bom, bonito e barato.

  11. R. Thelen

    Excellent mouse – light weight, works perfectly, small, comes with a battery installed (only needs one), and the manufacturer indicates a year of usage on one battery. For $13, this was a great purchase. Highly recommended.

  12. Jeffrey D. Williams-Winchester

    I recently needed to replace my wireless mouse, so first I purchased one at our local hardware store (small-town shopping), it made loud clicking noises when used, would disconnect its signal to my laptop, and just felt cheap. A few days later I looked on Amazon and found this little beauty. Comfortable feel, silent, in control, and at a great price.

  13. Steve O

    Honestly, I have to admit I had some issues with this mouse at first when got it.
    I purchased this to use with my M1 MacBook which only has 2 USB C ports (thanks Apple), so I didn’t want to waste one with a receiver or to have to always use a dongle. This mouse seemed like the perfect fit. On the first weeks, however, I had a lot of issues with it stuttering and it was not a great experience. I found out that that was more of an Apple issue than a Logitech issue, and that it even happened with Apple’s Magic Mouse on some laptops. I tried everything to fix it, but it just didn’t budge. A few weeks later, my laptop received an update that seems to have fixed it. It still stutters sometimes, but way less than before, and not enough to be bothersome of even noticeable.
    Then, there is the case of the scroll wheel and the software. Apparently, Logitech hadn’t updated their software to work with the M1 macs yet, so it just didn’t work at all for a few weeks. I had to adapt to the mouse as it was, without being able to configure it to my liking (which was one of the main things I wanted). The scroll wheel has some impressive technology, but it was a bit too soft for my liking, and it would not scroll smoothly on the Mac OS. Today, I finally got the app to work and it, after messing around with it, I’ve got this mouse to be just as I wanted. Really, it is perfect.
    You can disable the thing where it transitions from ratched mode to smooth mode automatically, you can adjust the firmness of the scroll, and you can configure every one of its 5 buttons to do pretty much whatever you want. The technology on the scroll wheel is truly impressive, and the battery life is flawless (I use it every day, all day, and I still haven’t had to charge it, not even once – and it shows a full battery on the Logi Options app).
    The clicks are indeed loud, but not enough to be bothersome in my opinion. It is an expensive mouse, but one that seems very well built and, knowing Logitech, one that will last for years to come. I fully expect to have to upgrade my laptop before having to buy another mouse.

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