Military Smart Watch, 1.52-Inch Touch Screen Tactical Smartwatch with Text and Call, Heart Rate, Blood Oxygen, and Activity Trackers – Compatible with iPhone and Android, for…

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  • The Military Smart Watch is specifically designed for professional outdoor sports enthusiasts. It is waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof, making it suitable for any rugged environment.
  • Stay Connected Anywhere: With the ability to make and answer phone calls, as well as receive messages from your phone, you can stay connected even when you’re on the go. Never miss an important call or message again.
  • Comprehensive Fitness Tracker: This smart watch records your steps, calories burned, and distance traveled, helping you stay on top of your fitness goals. It also supports multiple sports modes, including outdoor walking, running, rock climbing, basketball, and swimming.
  • Advanced Health Monitoring: Monitor your sleep patterns, heart rate, and blood oxygen levels with ease. Stay informed about your health and make better decisions for your well-being.
  • Built-in Functions for Convenience: The Military Smart Watch comes equipped with a range of built-in functions, including weather forecasts, music control, camera control, calendar, calculator, alarm clock, and phone search. Enjoy the convenience of having all these features on your wrist.
Product Dimensions

10 x 1 x 1 inches

Item Weight

3.84 ounces

Date First Available

November 7, 2023



Standing screen display size

1.52 Inches

7 reviews for Military Smart Watch, 1.52-Inch Touch Screen Tactical Smartwatch with Text and Call, Heart Rate, Blood Oxygen, and Activity Trackers – Compatible with iPhone and Android, for…

  1. Avatar of Michel Vivas

    Michel Vivas

    it is a very good looking watch with all the functionalities and a very good sound.

  2. Avatar of Andre Jackson

    Andre Jackson

    I absolutely loved this fitness watch. It’s got so many cool features such as step counting, blood pressure, heartbeat, and reminders for when you spend too much time in a sedentary state or when you have not drunk sufficient water. The screen is absolutely beautiful with a very cool and modern interactive watch faces. The notifications for text messages, emails, and calls is just what I needed especially at work when I can’t be on my cell phone. Definitely the best fitness watch I could have asked for. I know this is another watch that I will be purchasing in the future as a gift to my family members and also once this brand new watch I just received, no longer works eventually. Please don’t discontinue selling this product. It’s definitely a top notch, top quality watch.

  3. Avatar of Michael Walz

    Michael Walz

    Tl;dr: Really good looking watch with lots of helpful features and great supportive service, would recommend.

    I was really excited to get this watch and was not disappointed when it came. I enjoyed messing around with all the things it can do, and the battery life is certainly impressive! I’ve worn it for a day or two while almost constantly messing with things and the life is still at about half capacity.
    Setup was pretty quick once I downloaded the app. It has tons of useful features on the watch alone that I wouldn’t expect for a watch this price like calling from a contacts list, a remote camera shutter, music controller (plus a tiny speaker and microphone), voice assistant, weather, automatic water draining (didn’t even know that was a thing XD ), a flashlight setting, a calendar and even a simple calculator function! It also has general things like alarms, timer, stopwatch, steps/miles, calories burned, various sport modes, breathing exercises, stuff like heart rate, blood oxygen, and stress, and also display messages. The message view gave a lot more content preview than other watches I’ve used, which was nice for longer texts or even emails.
    The watch fits snug and looks like I’m in a spy movie, plus the watch faces can literally be changed to something different with a twist of the dial.
    The only difference that can be noticed from the more expensive smart watches is that the response time for scrolling through the apps or contacts is a little less smooth, but you get used to the slight delay after a while.
    I also contacted support with a technical question and they responded within an hour or two and were very helpful and easy to understand.
    All in all, very good watch in terms of looks, durability, and features, especially for the price. I will definitely be recommending this one to my friends.

  4. Avatar of Michel Vivas

    Michel Vivas

    Update: Ok what great customer service and fast. I was advised what to do and what I was told worked. I happy again.

    Update: So sadly my watch has stopped working. It was not getting notification so i wanted to power cycle it. Which I have done that before and it worked. Now my watch won’t even turn back on. Very disappointing as I was really liking this watch. If I cant get help on this one or get exchanged I will just return this.

    The want for a round face watch along with the look, and reviews is what got me to buy this watch. I am very glad I did. I’m really impressed with this watch. The weight of the watch is perfect. The feel of it is good. The response time is better than I thought it would be the functionality it has and the options is great. Very glad I purchased this watch highly recommend it.

  5. Avatar of Michael Jeremy Doughty

    Michael Jeremy Doughty

    Too long, didn’t read version – I did a round up of military style smart watches under 100 dollars with at least a 4 plus star rating, and this one is the winner. Not only is it the cheapest, it has the best feature set (details below), and is the most comfortable, by a lot. Save some time and some cash, just get this one.

    The band is comfortable and well designed, with notches designed to hold the little loops that hold the excess watch band in place. Works well, and requires less fidgeting. The waffle shape on the back seems to allow more airflow, because the band doesn’t make me sweaty like many rubber style bands do.

    The menu is pretty intuitive for a budget smart watch, though it has a small learning curve. The watch more than makes up for it with one of my favorite features – if you have any questions you can go into part of the app, ask your questions, and get answers. I think it’s from an AI, but the videos are helpful, and it startles me that bigger companies like Samsung don’t have something like this. Want to get a smart watch for someone new to the space? This app has your back.

    The alarm goes off for a decently long time, and unlike other budget smart watches, you can actually adjust alarm times in the watch, rather than needing to go through the app. I usually need to set a couple because it turns off sooner than I’d like, but I can say that about every smart watch I’ve tried, except an early Samsung model that died some time in 2020.

    The notifications for apps is good, though I wish that there were more options than just “other” for some things. Mostly because I don’t need Google maps notifications. That said, it works with my med alarm app, and reliably lets me know about text messages and Facebook messenger messages, which is all more than I can say about my Samsung Galaxy watch 3, and other budget watches I’ve tried.

    The screen is large, and can be quite bright. There’s a good selection of dials, and it’s one of the few budget smart watch options that will give me weather, a large print digital clock, the battery life, the day of the week, and the date all on the same face.

    Many other budget smart watches don’t allow:
    – changing the temperature from Celsius to Fahrenheit
    – changing from 24 hour time to 12 hour time

    I’m not a fitness guy, so I can’t comment on those features, with the exception of. The watch will count my steps, but it will not nag me about them. It will not encourage me to set my goal of steps higher, it will not tell me how I’m doing at meeting my fitness goals. And that’s exactly how I want it to be. It’s not intrusive, and if I want to forget about the fitness modes, I can.

    Oh, and the cherry on top – mine came with two screen protectors, one pre applied. When you do the watch face peel, be gentle, and you’ll keep it on. The screen protectors are not fancy, but like. It’s a 25 dollar watch, the very idea that it comes with anything like that blows my mind.

  6. Avatar of Michael Walz

    Michael Walz

    Watch is so easy to setup and it doesn’t feel cheap even though it’s so lite. 5 ⭐ and great price

  7. Avatar of dave


    I just received this watch and so far it was easy to set up and appears to be of good quality.
    Looking forward to using it to help me with my fitness goals and it is also very fashionable.
    I would by this product again.

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