Nekteck Mac Book Pro Charger [GaN Tech], Foldable 100W USB C Charger, Fast Charging Compatible with MacBook Pro & MacBook Air, iPad Air/Pro and All USB C Device, 6.6 ft USB C to…

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  • UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY: It is compatible with most USB-C devices such as MacBook Pro 16″, Samsung, HP Spectre and others that support USB Power Delivery. Fast charging is available for iPhone 15 series
  • POWERFUL & FAST CHARGER: Obtain the excellent charging performance with GaN (gallium nitride) Technology, it increases the charging efficiency up to 90%. With maximum of 100w power output, the MacBook Pro 16” can be fully charged in just 1.9 hours. Power Delivery 3.0 enables compatible devices to be charged faster than industry standard.
  • ULTRA COMPACT SIZE: It is 40% smaller than the MacBook Pro 16” charger after the plug is folded back into the charging brick. The compact size is convenient for storage and carrying, especially when traveling.
  • SAFE AND RELIABLE: This charger is USB-IF ( TID: 4170 ), FCC Certified and UL Listed, designed with over-charging, over-voltage, over-current, and over-heating protection to guarantee that you can use it to charge your devices without any safety worries.
  • WHAT WE OFFER: 1 x Nekteck 100W GaN USB C wall charger and 1 x 2M USB-C to C cable. Nekteck supports a 12-month worry-free warranty and friendly customer service.
Product Dimensions

2.64 x 2.64 x 1.18 inches

Item Weight

14.1 ounces

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Date First Available

November 22, 2021



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6 reviews for Nekteck Mac Book Pro Charger [GaN Tech], Foldable 100W USB C Charger, Fast Charging Compatible with MacBook Pro & MacBook Air, iPad Air/Pro and All USB C Device, 6.6 ft USB C to…

  1. Nick E

    100W USB C Charger: $39.99 at the time of review

    I was recently tasked with setting up a home office for a family friend. They had a laptop that they like to carry around the house, but they usually wanted to sit at their desk in the office with a bigger monitor. So I went in search of a dock and found one that I liked. But when it arrived I realized that it didn’t come with a power source. So I turned to Amazon for a nice GaN 100w charger.

    *TL;DR Review Haiku™*

    Nice total package
    Puts out all 100 watts
    Comes with a cable

    *What I liked*:

    The overall package here is nice. The box is easy open, the contents are tightly packed, and it comes with everything you need to get started (the charger, and a 100 W USB-C cable).

    The charger itself looks nice. It’s small, sleek, black, and has a blue light to indicated power is being delivered.

    It works! This, of course, is the most important feature. It delivered a full 100w (we tested it on their MacBook Pro).

    The last thing I’ll mention here is the price. At just $40 bucks, this really is a good deal for a 100w charger.

    *What I didn’t like*:

    Nothing to complain about.

    *The Bottom Line:*

    This was exactly what we were looking for. It’s going to be a dedicated power break that is always plugged into their dock. Provide enough power for the dock and to charge the laptop even when it’s under heavy load. This was a win for us. Five stars out of five from me for sure. I’d totally order this over again.

  2. R. Garcia

    Nekteck Seems to build these guys to last. Really good and the smaller version is cool also.
    Now about that name…

  3. Kurt Ellzey

    I had to plug in my phone last night and decided to try this out first thing. Not only did it activate the ‘Turbo’ top speed charging that my phone was capable of, but it felt like it wasn’t even breaking a sweat. Literally, sometimes when you’re using a charger you can feel that heat coming off of the charger or the power brick, but this one it just kept right on going.

    The one downside with this charger is that it is only a single port. Now don’t get me wrong, it may not be that big a deal when you’re getting it to power a single large device such as a laptop for example. However If you are looking for a multiport charger for several smaller devices, you may want to look at other variants of this charger, as they may serve you better.

  4. Alejandro Martin

    Works perfect , it charges my Samsung S23 very quickly , small , lightweight

  5. ABR

    Versatile, valuable and perfect for powering my docking station or using it seperately to charge my laptop or any other usb c device.

  6. Carm H

    My husband bought this and his review is here:

    I have a Dell Precision mobile workstation I travel with and have to lug around a 120W AC USB-C charger brick (over 2lbs with thick 3 prong power cable), and what’s more inconvenient, it’s a 3-prong which is difficult to convert in many countries.
    I looked at many USB-C laptop chargers and came across this one, with the advantage of it being two prong.

    Worked like a charm, and is a bit lighter / not as bulky as my prior setup. Have not yet travelled outside the US with it, but it is easier than the older 3-prong setup.
    NOTE! Most laptops require a minimum power wattage charger. This one is 100W, or less than the Dell standard. As a result, my Dell DOES RECOGNIZE it BUT as a non-standard Dell charger and therefore, the charging is slower (likely at the 65W rate). It still charges though. That is the only drawback and because my laptop is not active every second (medium-duty office work, email, powerpoint, occasional browsing), it’s fine with me (I don’t mind it taking a couple of hours to charge overnight or during lunch).
    HOWEVER, if you are actively streaming video and running applications that consume battery faster than the charge rate AND your laptop does not recognize it, then you may get much different charging results.

    That’s the reason I wanted to leave this review, as I did not see many reviews confirming that it would still charge my Dell, but not nearly as fast.
    Lastly, like all main power chargers, it does get VERY warm. But once I see the laptop is charged, I take it off the socket instead of running the risk of wearing down the battery. It is only a 1-port USB-c, which is fine but it was meant for a laptop. And if i get a Macbook, my wife and I could potentially travel with a single USB-C charger. This is rated for 100-240v, 50-60Hz, so should work fine with just a plug changer in any country.

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