NPET K10 Gaming Keyboard USB Wired Floating Keyboard, Quiet Ergonomic Water-Resistant Mechanical Feeling Keyboard, Ultra-Slim Rainbow LED Backlit…

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  • IP32 Spill Resistance: With durable construction that repels liquids and dirt for easy cleanup. Capable of withstanding accidental spills. Adjustable feet let you set your keyboard to the ideal position, so it’s comfortable to use even during the longest gaming sessions.
  • Durable Full-Sized Gaming Keyboard: Made with highly-resistant ABS plastic and metal base for longevity, and durability. With a mechanical brown switch gaming feeling that delivers precise tactile feedback and responsiveness.
  • RGB Backlighting: 5 Zone RGB Lighting and 5 pre-set lighting effects customizable. Gorgeous color schemes and reactive effects. This helps make the illumination of each key more brilliant, making it easier to find your keys in the dark.
  • Dedicated Media Control & Anti Ghosting: It has 26 conflict-free that keep you in control when you press multiple gaming keys simultaneously. 13 dedicated media keys can control your background track without switching out of your game.
  • Wear Resistant Doubleshot ABS Keycaps: The keycaps feature a special coating to protect the keyboard for many years. The ergonomic stair-up keycap design brings maximum comfort keeping your hand in a natural state to minimize hand fatigue.
Product Dimensions

17.32 x 5.51 x 0.98 inches

Item Weight

1.32 pounds





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Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

January 14, 2016

9 reviews for NPET K10 Gaming Keyboard USB Wired Floating Keyboard, Quiet Ergonomic Water-Resistant Mechanical Feeling Keyboard, Ultra-Slim Rainbow LED Backlit…

  1. Justin

    Would be a little better with shorter key strokes, but overall great.

  2. Mel

    it sounds so nice, straight outve those asmr keyboard videos. Great price when on sale, even full price still worth it. Would recommend. only issue was the box was beaten up, keyboard was safe inside because it was nicely secured

  3. August Wolbaum

    I’m not a gamer I just wanted a keyboard with backlit buttons to see my keys more clearly honestly. I mainly use my PC for photoshop and watching shows/movies and when I dim the lights to watch a show the keys being lit helps incase some quick task need to be completed

  4. Satisfied Customer

    I am not a gamer, but this keyboard looks and feels great!

  5. Donna B

    I am not a techie person and I just needed a basic keyboard but I love this and I love the colors. Especially in the evening when my office gets a little dark it really helps to see what I’m doing

  6. Christopher Kurka

    I originally gave a 2-star rating stating it was slowing down the activation of my mouse and keyboard when i brought my system out of sleep. The number and caps indicator lights weren’t working. Turns out it was my new 4K monitor refresh rate. For that, I apologize and have modified my rating and comments accordingly.

    This is a nice inexpensive backlit keyboard. I like the feel and action of the keys, and it takes up a small footprint on my limited desktop. My only gripe is that the lighting is very dim at the top of the keyboard where the function keys reside. Especially on the left quadrant (ESC F1 through F4). But for $10 I can live with it.

  7. purchaser001

    NPET K10 Backlit Gaming Keyboard, Black 10/22/2022
    I purchased the K10 budget membrane faux mechanical keyboard, I was searching for a backup budget keyboard my main PC keyboard gave up the ghost after 7 years, I needed a backup so I could continue working from home, while I wait for the new replacement keyboard to arrive next week.

    1st impression, was when I grabbed the Amazon package at my front door, wow this is a heavy keyboard, opening the packaging I was impressed with its mechanical keyboard look, and it looked like a quality keyboard but at a budget price of $20. Of course, as soon as I set the K10 on the desk I started testing the keypress feedback, noise, and how typing felt. Key travel felt a tiny bit stiff but still good for this price point. Any key typing noise was surprisingly low.

    Plugging in the K10’s braided USB cable the 1st con is revealed, it’s too short 67″ long, another 6 to 12 inches would be better. The board’s RGB lights lit up and my windows 10pro PC had no issues with the new K10. The next thing I noticed, not necessarily a negative, is that the keys are smaller than typical full-sized keyboard keys. I am a touch typist capable of 60+wpm so the touch of the keypad size felt a little off. with nearly 40 years of using and owning many computers and their keyboards, touch typing resulted in some missed direct keypad hit more on the side of the key, adjusting was easy. One additional observation right after startup, a distinct odor was coming from the board, sort of half electrical and plastic overheating, (note, I had the RGB lights off). After about 20 min it faded and I haven’t noticed it since. That 1st session with the K10 was 5+ hours of constant typing.

    What does a touch typist think of the key typing on the K10?
    • Sore fingers, my fingers were tired after 1 hour, and after 2 hours they were sore. The problem is how I type pushing down slightly harder than the average typist who maybe learned to type on a mushy membrane keyboard. I learned on IBM selectrics which required a slightly heavier key press. The keystroke travel is higher or longer on the floating keys of the K10 than most keyboards at 3.6mm, thus I have to push further down for it to bottom out the key travel, and if I am typing hard and fast, fingers are sore. I tested where the action point in the key travel seemed to be, it’s either halfway or slightly higher. So if I type with a lighter keystroke and try to avoid the key bottoming out there should be less soreness. A lighter touch is possible and the keys feel good as you type along, and shouldn’t have an issue with sore fingers. I would like the stroke to be a little softer or less stiff.
    •Noise, a comment about youtube reviewers. Any YT review doing their keyboard review on a wooden desk or a hard desk surface with no large mouse pad that cushions and accommodates both the keyboard and mouse, they are only noise testing the keyboard resonating with the hard desk, and that is likely 2 or 3x louder than typing with a keyboard on a desk size mouse pad. Typing noise on the K10 sitting on a 32″x12″x 2-3mm thick pad was very low.
    •No movement, the K10 on my full-size keyboard/mouse pad does not slide or move at all, the K10’s weight and 3 rubber grip pads on the front bottom of the chassis, plus the two pull-out feet, securely hold the board with no movement.
    •Key wobble was not noticeable, very slight on the space bar.
    •RGB lights, are not my thing if there was an RGB selection that lights only the key letter or number that would be ideal. However, it’s not an option.

    I have about 27 days to decide if I should keep the K10 or return to amazon. I’m pretty sure it’s a keeper.

  8. Jana Gindhart

    This keyboard is awesome. Not used for gaming but office work and it’s by far THE BEST!

  9. Jod Cadieux

    exactly as advertised

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