NUBWO Gaming headsets PS4 N7 Stereo Xbox one Headset Wired PC Gaming Headphones with Noise Canceling Mic , Over Ear Gaming Headphones for…

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  • lmmersive Gaming Audio. Dual 50mm speaker drivers are engineered to produce detailed, balanced soundscape with ultra-low distortion for your games, music, movies, and more
  • Noise-canceling Mic. The flexible omnidirectional microphone captures the user’s voice yet eliminates unwanted background noise.
  • Convenience to Use: The in-line Audio control makes it possible to conveniently adjust the volume and mute the microphone without having to go into extra settings
  • Built for comfort. Soft leatherette ear cups and ergonomically padded headband allow for long gaming sessions without fatigue
  • Versatile Compatibility. Designed for everywhere you game, including PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and mobile. (Xbox One Stereo Adapter may be required, not included)
Release date

February 1, 2019


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Product Dimensions

3.94 x 3.94 x 3.94 inches, 14.1 Ounces



Item model number

Gaming headsets PS4 N7

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Item Weight

14.1 ounces




1 AAAA batteries required.

Date First Available

November 27, 2018

13 reviews for NUBWO Gaming headsets PS4 N7 Stereo Xbox one Headset Wired PC Gaming Headphones with Noise Canceling Mic , Over Ear Gaming Headphones for…

  1. Daniel Hargrove

    This the most comfortable gaming headset I’ve used. My old pair would hurt my head after more than two hours of wearing them but these are pain free. I don’t care too much about sound quality but they are extremely comfortable on my head so I would definitely buy again. The sound quality is good for the price (obviously not studio quality but not trash either), but there isn’t much noise cancelling. The mic is also decent quality for the price. The mic is NOT detachable which is the only downside in my book and a small one at that.

  2. Kaylyn

    I’ve used this headset for about 2 years & now I’m buying another for a loved one. It’s super comfy and I like how lightweight it is, but not so lightweight as I can throw it off in a hurry and it doesn’t get damaged. Headsets I’ve had in the past tended to echo, get loose around my head, or hurt my ears. These ones do not! Def recommend for the price 🙂

  3. Santino

    guys no joke i bought another pair of 25 pound headphones apparently they are the #1 selling headset on amazon, they have nothing on these the comfort on these headphones feel like an 150pound headset they are so light too , and the 3D surround sound is top tier for these i HIGHLY RECOMMEND

  4. Tqroshi

    It’s a cheap headset, don’t expect it to blow you out of the park. It does what it’s supposed to do, just not in high quality.

  5. Daniel

    I use this headset primarily for gaming and discord chat. The sound is good. The ear pads are comfortable with glasses. The mic quality is okay. Overall it’s a solid headset. I’ve used it for over a year and the only issue I’ve had is with the foam pad over the mic coming off easily.

    Great budget headset

  6. Amazon Customer

    I’ve had these headphones for just over a year and the connection from the audio cord to the headset is already coming apart. I can see the entirety of the inside of the cord. They stay plugged in to my computer and I don’t use them for anything else so the amount of movement they sustain is negligible. When I moved, I coiled the cord in a loose circle and kept it together with a velcro strap so that the cord didn’t get kinked or pinched at all. I’ve been ever so careful to not ever tug on the cord and am always sitting close enough to the computer that there is always slack on the line. The sound is pretty good, though the independent volume control doesn’t really do much to amplify the sound louder than windows will allow. (Though admittedly that’s likely to do with the setting that I just haven’t messed around with.) Bass is good, treble is good, voice quality is good though occasionally my voice becomes garbled until I unplug and plug them back in. Sometimes when I mute the mic using the switch, I have to toggle it a few times before it unmutes. The foam covering is not breathable at all and causes me to sweat underneath it. The best part about this headset for me is the size. I have a very small head for an adult and I’ve never had to adjust them at all. In any event, a year and a month later, I’m left looking for a new headset. I’ve gotten more life out of a pair of dollar store earbuds to be perfectly honest. Not happy at all.

  7. Ashley

    honestly it’s a little annoying the there’s just a metal bar above your head but other than that it’s pretty nice you might have to turn your mic volume down tho i had a lot of people complaining that it was way to loud with my old settings (also i’m pretty sure my cat took the foam piece off the mic so don’t mind that part)

  8. Miles R.

    I’ve been using this same headset for over a year now. I’m a heavy gamer and this headset has seen lots of wear thru the time I have had it. Normally the headsets I go through develop cracks in the fabric from use and it often begins to hurt, but the only wear that is noticeable on this pair that I have is that the fabric on the cushioning seems to be falling out, though it’s easily put back into place and doesn’t interfere with anything other than perhaps it just means it might be time to start thinking about getting something new before it gets worse.

    On the other hand, the sound quality of the headset is nice. I’m a huge music nerd and I love having a good headset that picks up noise. Although compared to something more expensive, this is a lot worse… but the quality has stayed consistent; I play bass guitar, sometimes I have to play ‘plugged-in’ to some headphones, and I use these… they have good bass levels and I’ve never had any issues with rattling, fading or any kind of level-limiting problems while playing the way I do. With that being said, the actual sound quality is simply nice, obviously spending more would in-turn give you an even better quality sound but for the price it is, this is definitely better than the average stuff you can spend your money on.

    Now, the microphone. The microphone is good, it definitely works, but- the quality of the output on this microphone is lack-luster, if you are planning on streaming, producing or doing anything that requires anything more than a ‘better than nothing’ mic, you may want to invest in something more expensive. Fortunately, I do nothing of the sort… so It’s not a huge deal to me… But I do hear, and quite often, that I sound like I am: In a microwave, Underwater, Laggy, Fuzzy, In another room, etc. – and that should give you a general idea of what it may sound like. The microphone quality is similar to an older cell phone, i’d say.

    Overall the product is great for anyone who needs a simple, cheap and easy to use headset. It is very comfortable and it seems to be very durable for the long haul.

  9. Jesus

    I recently purchased the NUBWO Gaming headset and have been very happy with its performance. The sound quality is excellent, with clear audio and good bass response. The microphone is also of good quality, with clear transmission and noise cancelling. The headset is comfortable to wear, with a lightweight design and soft ear cups. The inline volume and mute controls are convenient and the headset is compatible with a variety of devices. Overall, I am very satisfied with my purchase and would recommend the NUBWO Gaming headset to others.

  10. Martín Gutiérrez

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     Excelentes audífonos calidad precio, Son muy buenos el sonido es de calidad el micro de igual manera se escucha asombrosamente bien sin embargo si es muy sensible, el cable se siente de súper calidad esta cubierto con tela para evitar que se descomponga tan rapido, Viene con su adaptador 3.5 de Pc a de más de esto es compatible tanto con Mac con pc Xbox one, ps4 y móviles ya lo eh probado, la calidad de los materiales son bastante buenos considerando el precio se sienten como audífonos del triple de su precio, el diseño es fabuloso, el control del sonido es bastante bueno, a un que siento que el sonido hasta cierto punto es un tanto bajo pero es de calidad no molesta, totalmente recomendados

  11. steven baker

    On Ps4 sound ok for $26 ok !!!

  12. Kyle

    The sound quality is nice and they are comfortable but with every cell in my body, scouts honour, the microphone is worse than a iPhone 4 that was dunked in water, thrown at a wall and microwaved for half an hour

  13. Sam

    It’s holding in after years, mic stopped working as well but I do out this headset through hell and it’s been years for what I bought at 15$ it’s worth every penny

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