Nulea Wired Vertical Mouse, USB Ergonomic Optical Mouse with 4 Adjustable DPI, 11 RGB Backlight Modes, Compatible for Laptop, PC, Desktop, Mac, Grey

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  • Advanced Ergonomic Design: Designed as 57 degree natural grip and keep your forearm muscle under natural position, making movement smoother and more flexible, reducing arm discomfort and effectively relieving wrist pain. Compared with traditional mouse, with unique ergonomic vertical mouse design, it may take a few days to get used to using it.
  • 4 Adjustable DPI: Switch between DPI levels 800, 1200, 2400 and 3200 to adjust mouse responsiveness depending on your need and preference. Such as browsing the website, editing a diagram, drawing a picture, etc.
  • Plug and Play: The computer mouse no drivers required, plug and play wired mouse with 1.8m cable and USB 2.0 interface, easily accessible with standard setup features. Portable and lightweight, very easy to carry and store. The lightweight design of the mouse helps to improve posture, reduce pressure on wrists and muscles, and bring you a more comfortable office experience.
  • 11 RGB Lighting: The ergonomic mouse features RGB lighting that illuminates the outline of the mouse. Users can adjust the underglow depending on their preference to add a different working experience.
  • Featured Buttons: All buttons are easy to operate and won’t twist your fingers. The Forward/Backward button is in an exact place and will help you greatly improve your efficiency. The button power is light and easy to click. Plus, metal non-slip scroll offers great durable quality. Note: Forward/Backward buttons are not compatible with MAC OS. All the buttons are non-programmable.
Package Dimensions

4.57 x 3.5 x 3.43 inches

Item Weight

6.3 ounces

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Date First Available

May 21, 2022



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13 reviews for Nulea Wired Vertical Mouse, USB Ergonomic Optical Mouse with 4 Adjustable DPI, 11 RGB Backlight Modes, Compatible for Laptop, PC, Desktop, Mac, Grey

  1. Avatar of Mich@


    Die Maus funktioniert gut und macht was sie soll, sie ist aber ziemlich leicht und wirkt daher billig.

    Trotzdem eine gute Maus und die und Preisleistung stimmt.

  2. Avatar of ShannonD


    I love this mouse! The lights are so pretty, and my wrist loves the support. I honestly did not notice how much of an impact it was having on my wrist until I used a regular mouse for a day. I will never switch back! I also like that it’s wired and I do not have to worry with charging it or keeping batteries on hand. Great mouse for the money!

  3. Avatar of Pola


    The look is good and I like the lightening, but the color isn’t the same as advertised in the photos, I know it says it is Grey but the photos show a dark grey almost like a black one, but it is light grey. Also the quality is very cheap, most of the edges of the buttons and in general is torn out like they hit it with something. I paid 29$ with taxes and it isn’t worth that money. I wouldn’t recommend it.

  4. Avatar of KT Chong

    KT Chong

    A year ago, I bought and used Anker Ergonomic Optical USB Wired Vertical Mouse (which I kept and am still using) and Perixx Perimice-513 Wired Vertical USB Mouse (which I returned.) I bought this mouse for a different computer. This one feels very similar to the Anker one that I have been using for a year. Like Anker and unlike Perixx, this mouse has a slightly textured surface. I actually like this mouse than the more expensive Anker one.

  5. Avatar of nima


    Pretty good performing mouse for the price. I am not a gamer, so I cannot attest to the gaming performance. I just wanted a vertical mouse, as I find them much more comfortable.

    -cool lighting effects
    -long cord
    -comfortable and good materials feeling much better than what I would have expected from this price point

    -cord is not in the very front, so the position can sometimes make it have to be used not completely straight
    -Sometimes the material makes my fingers slip too forward, making me have to readjust, but I think this may just be an issue with most vertical mice

  6. Avatar of Danubia


    Habe schwere Arthritis an Finger und Handgelenke.
    Es macht für mich echt einen großen Unterschied, welche Maus ich benütze.
    Oft habe ich schon nach 10 Minuten Schmerzen.
    Ein Dutzend Mäuse habe ich bestimmt schon ausprobiert.
    Diese Art ist eindeutig die Beste !( für mich)
    Ich benütze diese Maus seit 1 Woche, bin fast schmerzfrei, auch nach längerer Arbeit am PC.
    Scrollen, Mausklick, alles reagiert perfekt, auch bei leichtem Fingerdruck. Sehr angenehm anzugreifen und zu bedienen! Die Farbwechselmöglichkeiten machen die Maus zu einer angenehmen Abwechslung. Schade, dass es diese Maus nicht kabellos gibt!
    Sehr gutes Preis/Leistungsverhältnis. Ich würde sie wieder kaufen!

  7. Avatar of The Dude

    The Dude

    Very nice build quality, good tracking, and overall a very nice mouse. One interesting note: The switch used for the left button is higher quality than the switch used for the right button. This is actually a very logical thing to do since one left clicks a lot more than right clicks.

    Unfortunately for me, even though I’m a relatively small guy, this mouse is still too small for my hands. This style ergonomic mouse needs to fit the hand size much more so than a normal mouse does. I’m going to have to keep looking even though I like everything else about this mouse. A shame, really.

  8. Avatar of Dirk S.

    Dirk S.

    … und damit für mich eher ungeeignet. Schöne Beleuchtung mit verschiedenen Modi. Maus ist ziemlich hoch. Möglicherweise geht dann die Schreibtischschublade nicht zu. Ergonomisch sehr gut.

  9. Avatar of T. Smith

    T. Smith

    I decided to give this mouse a try as the Anker was too small and I didn’t want to pay the $100 for the Logitech. I needed an ergonomic mouse as my wrist was constantly aching when using a standard mouse and touchpad. I got this Nulea mouse and instantly knew it would work. It feels good in my large hands, my pinky doesn’t drag on the desktop like it did with the Anker mouse, it’s lightweight, I do like it being wired so I don’t have to change or recharge batteries, or wake it up after I haven’t used it for a short time. The LED lights are nice touch even though unnecessary in my opinion.

  10. Avatar of Alex


    Pretty sure this is not a real nulea product, it’s not listed on their official website. It is some Chinese knockoff that copied the brand name. The mouse feel extremely light and cheap. Having said this, I bought this mouse anyways knowing these issues ahead of the purchase. That is because it is so cheap. The mouse itself works as expected and was only $14. This is my first ergo mouse so it was the perfect price to pay to see if I would even like an ergo mouse without worrying about the cost. It is very comfortable actually. So I would actually recommend this overall considering the price. Would not recommend if you have large hands. Will update the review if it breaks.

  11. Avatar of Amy W

    Amy W

    I a medical coder, so I spend a lot of time on a computer. After using a standard – company issued keyboard and mouse I soon found my wrists were not doing well. I found a used Microsoft Sculpt keyboard and that was a huge help. I liked it so much that I also just ordered myself a new one of those as the used one I am currently using is scratched up in some spots and I am picky. haha. I was, however, still experiencing off and on pain in my right wrist (the one I use for the mouse). So, to go with my new keyboard, I decided to try a vertical mouse and after looking around for awhile as my budget is somewhat tight I found this one. I liked that it lights up at the bottom and the reviews looked good so I got it. I have not been to work since getting it as it came right at the start of my long Thanksgiving break. However, I have used it with my home laptop for the last few days and am in love. It moves very smoothly and the DPI options are nice. You also can change the light from multi colored to a single color of your choice. My wrist now sits in a much more natural position and it feels awesome. Cant wait to use this at work.

  12. Avatar of Mr. Meagoon

    Mr. Meagoon

    Sehr ergonomische Maus – fühlt sich wertig an und kann auf jeden Fall mit der Variante von Logitech mithalten!

    Schicker ist sie durch den dezenten LED-Streifen auch noch 😉

  13. Avatar of Edouard


    It’s fun to have different light colors on the mouse, but sometime I don’t want to be distract by all the colors, and I want to be able to turn off the colors, but it’s impossible. I would have liked to have this choice.

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