OnePlus Buds Pro 2 – Arbor Green – Audiophile-Grade Sound Quality Co-Created with Dynaudio, Best-in-Class ANC, Immersive Spatial Audio, Up to 39 Hour Playtime with Charging…

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  • Sound Made Smart: Balance powerful sound with pure silence. Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation keeps you in control of your audio. Enjoy crystal-clear calls and a truly personal music listening experience. Powered by worry-free battery life, savor a symphony of powerful features for on-the-go studio-grade sound.Waterproof : No
  • Calling loud and clear: AI-powered noise reduction algorithms and three ENC noise-reducing microphones deliver precisely calibrated voice isolation during calls. Elegant and functional, the curved design of the buds further reduces wind and residual noise-pickup. For crystal-clear calls, the OnePlus Buds Pro 2 dominate the conversation.
  • Superior Audio Experience: Powerful, Punchy Bass – Drop the bass with 11mm dynamic drivers that bring your acoustics to life. OnePlus Audio ID – Hear and feel every note on your playlist with a personalized hearing profile for a precisely tailored audio experience.
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1.26 x 0.91 x 0.67 inches

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8.5 ounces

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1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

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Fast Charging

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In Ear


Arbor Green

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February 7, 2023


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8 reviews for OnePlus Buds Pro 2 – Arbor Green – Audiophile-Grade Sound Quality Co-Created with Dynaudio, Best-in-Class ANC, Immersive Spatial Audio, Up to 39 Hour Playtime with Charging…

  1. Rajan Patel

    Me encantó el diseño, son muy prácticos y cómodos para usar. La conexión con mi telefono one plus es inmediata, sonido de musica y durante llamadas excelente

    Mi unico pero… es la cancelación de ruido y ambience mode, explico: Con Ambience mode puedo escuchar el entorno perfectamente pero al tener una conversación con los audifonos puestos hay una sensación como de oidos tapados (no pasa así con los airpods pro). La canacelación de ruido es inferior a la de los airpods pro

    Dicho lo anterior, mis audifonos de uso diario son los OnePlus sobre los airpods pro, porque se conectan mas rapido con mi telefono, por su carga via usb tipo C y por su led de indicador de carga

  2. ccerose

    This is my first set of wireless buds. I was previously using a pair of Sony earbuds with noise canceling. They provided a fantastic audio experience; however, when I switched to a Oneplus 11, wireless was the only option. I decide to buy these when the price drop on Prime day, and after 3 weeks of daily use, I have no regrets. See TLDR at the end.

    The audio quality is exceptional. While the EQ presets for rock, pop, and soul are passable, it is possible to create up to three customized EQ settings which allowed me to adjust deep basses and punchy highs. Pairing it with the Oneplus 11 gives the option to play audio in hi-res (at the cost of battery life) and spatial audio, both fixed and head tracking (for audio apps that support it). There is also a Golden Sound feature that creates an audio file specific to ear canal structure and hearing characteristics. This is accomplished by playing a series of frequencies and making adjustments so the entire range in balanced. It seems to do what it proclaims, as the audio is much fuller when enabled.

    Phone calls sound equally clear and crisp. I had no difficulties hearing and understanding the other person, and the delay was mostly unnoticeable. Nothing special, but more than serviceable.

    The noise canceling is decent, but not as good as other earbuds I’ve used. In a crowded coffee shop, with the phone audio at about 40% and noise canceling enabled, I could hear the people sitting next to me talking, although I couldn’t make out what they were saying. Also, loud ambient sounds such as mixers and steamers were audible with noise canceling enabled. In addition to noise cancelation, there is a Transparency mode with activates the mic to mix in external audio. This is great when using the earbuds in a setting where interruptions are expected or you need to be more aware of your surroundings. This was useful when walking/jogging on paths shared with bikes, as I could easily hear riders approaching me from behind.

    The expected audio controls were present. By default, play and pause are activated by a single light squeeze on the stem, skip track with a quick double squeeze, replay/jump back with a triple squeeze. Additionally, a single long press switches between noise cancellation and transparency mode. The controls are customizable and are independent for the left and right buds. One option not present is the ability to adjust volume.

    Battery life is exceptional. I use my buds with active noise canceling and hi-res audio, and they easily make it past the 6 hour advertised run time. My typical use is only a few hours at time, and with the fast charging, they are at 100% when I take them from the case. The lowest I let the case charge drop to was around 20%, and that was after giving me about 30 hours of use.

    The included tips provided a comfortable experience even with several hours of continuous use. I recently used them during a 10 hour flight and had them in for about 6 straight hours. 3 of those hours were in Zen mode while I slept to the sounds of waves washing onto a beach. Even through turbulence and some head movements, the buds stayed firmly in place. Three sizes are included, and I needed to switch to the largest to get the best fit (at least according to the in app fit test). If the included tips are not to your liking, it’s easy enough to replace them. I plan on swapping them with a set of foam tips from my previous ear buds.

    There were a few additional features that turned out to be quite welcomed. When using a camera app, double squeezing the stem on either bud will activate the shutter. There is a dual connection option, and I generally keep the buds paired with my phone and PC. The aforementioned ear fit test that balances frequencies. There is also a find my earbuds feature which causes the buds to emit a chime. The chime is pretty quiet, so it would only be useful in quiet environments. The buds can also be set up with Find my Device and will show on a map the last place the buds were connected to the phone.

    TLDR; If you have a Oneplus 11, these buds are a no brainer. Paired with anything else, you get a great audio experience, but will need to rely on additional apps to enable playback controls, active noise canceling/transparency, and EQ adjustments.

  3. Z. Whitfield

    These are excellent sounding buds. I’ve compared these with the Oppo Enco x2, Galaxy Buds Pro 2 and Soundcore Liberty 4 NC.

    These buds have an extremely good mix of soundstage and clarity. They are my most musically engaging earbuds out of the 3 and I find myself always going back to these. They sound super natural and silky. They have very good quality bass that is definitely boosted, if your not a bass head you’ll probably want to turn it down in the app which is what I did.

    The Oppo Enco X2 are highly regsrded and definitely have the best sound quality “on paper” but they are actually my least favorite out of the 3 to listen to because I don’t find them to be very musical. Like everything sounds super crisp and clear but not engaging. However if you just need sound clarity these are above the rest. And I still appreciate them for that reason.

    The Galaxy buds are the best “all around” package if you have a Samsung phone. They do everything well but they aren’t perfect at anything. But they have great soundstage and good sound quality. I also really like the design and features. I find myself wanting to use them alot because they are just appealing in lots of ways. The sound clarity isn’t as good as the other two, but I don’t think it’s super noticable if you aren’t an audiophile. Like I thought I wanted sound clarity above all things but I realized soundstage and musicality are more important to me. And these have that. I am very happy with them.

    But the OnePlus Buds Pro are my favorite still, because they just deliver the best sounding music. I recommend boosting the mids and I actually got a lot from boosting the lowest borderline mid frequencies up as well. My only issue with them is the in ear detection seems buggy at times and I’ve experienced the ANC having one earbud go transparent here and there so it’s unfortunate that happens. But it might also just be my buds? Either way it doesn’t happen enough to bother me and there might be a reason for it due to fit but idk.

    My rank is OnePlus Buds Pro 2, Galaxy Buds 2 Pro, Oppo Enco X2.

    But I need to clarify the Oppo Enco X2 are probably one of the clearest sounding if not the clearest sounding buds on the market. They just don’t bring great soundstage which I care about alot. Ive tried all the preset EQs and there is no custom EQ on those.

    And I didn’t add the liberty 4 NC because I didn’t like them at all. I thought they sounded thin.

  4. Hazvaldo

    Good quality

  5. ccerose

    Super comfy, super easy to put on take off, adjust. Controls SUCK – they put them on the INSIDE of the stems next to the ears when I’m wearing them – so I can’t seem to manipulate them AT ALL outside of the control offered by whatever app I happen to playing on my phone. They sound wonderful – deep throaty bass, crystal clear highs, gorgeous mid-range – but if I’m listening in bed and I lay on one side, the sound completely goes out in that ear. It’s an odd phenomenon. Talking on the phone is great, I can hear the other person very well, and they seem to hear me with no issues whatsoever. My best friend never complained about sound issues once in our entire conversation. He never even mentioned sound quality – a first since the original time I used “hands free tech” to talk to him over the phone. Like, since LANDLINES, so that’s pretty BIG (picky guy, my friend). So, a pretty wild mix of pros and cons. The pros are STELLAR, like, absolutely TOP SHELF. And then the CONS are JUST as stupifying – why are the manual controls IMPOSSIBLE to manipulate without taking the earbud out of the ear? I WANT to rate these higher because the PROS are SO SO strong, but I ALSO want to rate the product so much LOWER because the cons SUCK. In the end, there are more pros, and what pros they are. If you’re okay with never touching your earbuds once you put them in your ears (you’ll forget they’re there anyway, trust me.) then I can HIGHLY recommend these to you. But if you like your “hands free” touch controls while your phone is out of reach, you may want to consider another product. You WILL be missing out on some of the best sounding earbuds I’ve ever listened to, though. And certainly the most comfortable.

  6. Meat

    Tienen unos bajos profundos y fuertes, gran diseño y durables, se me han caído en carretera, cemento y tierra y como si nada. El diseño es bueno para mis oídos no se me caen haciendo ejercicio amenos que sude mucho y tenga que voltear hacia abajo, comparándolo con los galaxy buds ganan de lejos por volumen, bajos calidad de sonido y ANC, pero vs los airpods pro 2 ganan en sonido y bajos, pero la cancelación de los airpods si es mejor, bateria me duran mas de 4hrs sin problemas con la ANC al maximo y volumen al 60%(no necesitas mas volumen) y el estuche es lindo pero es muy muy resbaloso y no encuentras fundas facilmente

  7. Amazon Customer

    Excellent premium earbuds. Just go for it

  8. aaron aguirre

    All round solid earphones and value for money if you don’t want to spend a ton

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