OnePlus Nord N10 5G Dual-SIM 128GB ROM + 6GB RAM (GSM | CDMA) Factory Unlocked Anroid Smartphone (Midnight Ice) – International Version

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  • 6.49″ Inch, IPS LCD, 90Hz, Corning Gorilla Glass 3, 1080 X 2400 Pixels
  • Network Compatibility: NANO-SIM (DUAL-SIM), SIM CARD 1 AND SIM CARD 2[2G : GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 and/or CDMA: BC0 3G : WCDMA 850(B5) / 900(B8) / 1700|2100(B4) / 1900(B2) / 2100(B1) and/or 4G : FDD-LTE 700(B12) / 700(B17) / 700(B28) / 800(B20) / 850(B5) / 900(B8) / 1700|2100(B4) / 1700|2100(B66) / 1800(B3) / 1900(B2) / 2100(B1) / 2600(B7) and/or : TDD-LTE 1900(B39) / 2300(B40) / 2500(B41) /2600(B38) and/or 5G: N1 / N3 / N7 / N28 / N41 / N66 / N78]
  • 128GB Storage, 6GB RAM
  • Android 10, OxygenOS 10.5, Qualcomm SM6350 Snapdragon 690 5G (8 Nm), Octa-Core (2×2.0 GHz Kryo 560 Gold & 6×1.7 GHz Kryo 560 Silver)
  • 64 MP, F/1.8, (Wide), 1/1.72″, 0.8µm, PDAF 8 MP, F/2.3, 119˚ (Ultrawide) 2 MP, F/2.4, (Depth) 2 MP, F/2.4, (Macro), Front: Front: 16 MP, F/2.1
Product Dimensions

0.35 x 2.94 x 6.42 inches

Connectivity technologies





Midnight Ice

Form Factor


Other camera features


Other display features


Display technology


Wireless communication technologies


Item Weight

1.23 pounds

GSM frequencies

2.4 GHz


6 GB


Android 10.0

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer



1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Item model number


Date First Available

December 23, 2020

8 reviews for OnePlus Nord N10 5G Dual-SIM 128GB ROM + 6GB RAM (GSM | CDMA) Factory Unlocked Anroid Smartphone (Midnight Ice) – International Version

  1. Avatar of Amber Brown

    Amber Brown

    Regarding the pictures I posted.

    First one is taken just on its own.

    Second one was after I edited it.

    The third one that’s taken outside in natural light. (Sorry I couldn’t get a better one, Amazon wasn’t letting me access all my pictures for some reason)

    Okay, to start. I was looking for a midrange phone comparable to my Galaxy A50 (or 51?) Pretty sure it was the A50.

    This phone had great specs and seemed to be the best deal for the price.

    However, I’ll mention that first off, the camera is absolute trash unless it’s taken outside in NATURAL light. The pictures taken outside are typically wonderful. My biggest complaint is that, if you even make so much as the slightest movement while taking the picture, a warning pops up saying that you’re violently shaking the phone. It’s super annoying. My last phone outdid this one by a long shot and the specs for the camera weren’t nearly as good, but the quality was so much better. My biggest drive for buying this phone was the camera and it let me down big-time. I won’t buy outside of a Samsung ever again after this.

    My next complaint is that, while you’re in a phone call, the screen will not shut off, and there’s no way to time out the screen while in a call and im constantly muting myself, or putting the other person on hold and I obviously don’t realize until someone’s like “are you there?” It’s wildly inconvenient being that many of my doctor’s appointment are now over the phone.

    The buttons at the bottom of the screen to go back, go home and whatnot are super sensitive so I had to turn them off as I was too accidently hitting them.

    I was going to return this phone, but I’m busy with the mom life and couldn’t find time. Otherwise I would have returned it and got a different one. I’m wildly unimpressed with it.

    As others have stated, the warp charging is probably hands down the best feature of this phone.

    Also, another complaint is with the screen recording feature, it doesn’t record sound. I hate that.

    As well as the screenshot, it won’t let you make elongated screenshots. So, if you have a lot to screenshot that’s more than one ‘page’, you have to take multiple screenshots.

    I honestly hate this phone. Lol.

    For some reason my service got crappier, im almost a 100% positive it’s not my service provider. (Verizon) I’ve ALWAYS had great service and now a lot of the time people are telling me that they can’t hear me and to call back. (This was right off the rip from buying the phone too)

    If you don’t have issues with any of these things then TOTALLY buy it, but I’m not impressed at all and when I get the money I will upgrade.

    Hope this helps.

  2. Avatar of Olivier


    Correspond à toute la description ainsi qu’à mes attentes, néanmoins léger problème de surchauffe en usage intensif.
    Et le mode économie d’énergie n’est pas réglable afin de prioriser ou conserver les fonctionnalités souhaitées.
    Il coupe selon les réglages constructeur.
    Seul petit bémol.

  3. Avatar of BENKHEROUF Mokhtar

    BENKHEROUF Mokhtar

    Le prix est un peu élevé par rapport à la gamme mais le téléphone est très solide

  4. Avatar of MiamiOne


    I purchased a Moto G 5G from Amazon about a month ago, to replace a phone with a cracked screen. Even though I put a case on the phone immediately, outside, not paying attention, I dropped it. Yes, you guessed I cracked the screen (although you can hardly tell). Worse suddenly, the phone would activate google assistant constantly without any initiation from me. It would even respond to pieces of conversation it heard. Weird, right! So with Consumer Report blessing recommendation, I decided to try this Oneplus Nord N10 Dual Sim phone, because I was sure it would work on TMobile, just like the Moto G 5G.

    Setup-Just like the previous Moto, was quick and easy. I actually prefer the fingerprint sensor on the back. It has a brighter screen than the Moto G 5G and when comparing them, the performance is pretty much the same, with the 90ms or mhz refresh rate.

    All of the apps perform on it as expected and the interface is not crowded with any significant junk apps. Downloading with my faster internet connection, is really easy and faster. You can tell the processor is in the same league as the Moto G 5G, which is very good for the price. In general, CR was right, this is a very good phone for the money. Since it is also a dual sim phone (you have to displace the SD card, to add the 2nd sim in the cradle), that makes it great for international travel, whenever we finally get back to that.

    I’ve loaded my favorite apps on it and it barely touches the 128gb of ROM. Although I also have a 256gb sd card for my music and photos (photography is a hobby of mine). I tried to launch Android Auto and it wouldn’t hold the connection. So I replaced the cable (bad cables don’t work well with Android Auto) and it works fine.

    Wifi- This phone have dual band wi-fi, so it picks up the speed of my internet carrier (about 100mb download) without any problem. Note- The Moto G 5G also had dual band wi-fi. My older Moto Power phone only had single band capabilities.

    UPFRONT- Let me make this clear. Like the ‘International’ phones that I’ve had before- Moto G Power 7 and 8, Moto G 5g, and now this Oneplus Nord N10. These phones do NOT work on CDMA networks, even though I do see that in the product description (GSM/CDMA). So if you have a network like Verizon or Sprint, if you want to 5G phone that works with those companies, make sure it is an American version that is ‘definitely’ CDMA compatible.

    My only issue is the battery, which is important to me, because my previous Moto G Power phones would easily last three days, before having to get on a charger. CR said the phone had one of its best battery longevity times. I think, not!

    This phone like, the Moto G 5G, before it, is pretty much dead before the end of the day. But it will at least last a day. That is the only disappointment I have with this phone or the Moto G 5G. Both are excellent, low priced 5G compatible phones, that seem to work well on the Tmobile network.

    Am I getting super lightning speed downloads like the carriers show on their commercials? NO! That is all marketing hype. I retired from a cellular provider, so I know the truth. 5G, has a ‘shorter’ range than 4G. Those speeds are only achievable under the most idea circumstances. BUT, the phone does achieve higher data speeds than the phones I had that only worked on 4G.

    I recommend this Oneplus Nord N10, and the similar Moto G 5G, as excellent phones to get you a faster processor, snappier app responses and a little faster download speeds, for under $300. Nord has the edge of a slightly brighter screen. Make sure you have a case to protect it.

  5. Avatar of Dan-utah


    I bought this because I live in two countries and use two SIM cards and parallel apps in each. The phone works well as a phone and with most apps. However, the camera is terrible and just doesn’t focus or process images well.

  6. Avatar of Esra


    for videocalls and any other usage of front camera is very very disappointing. I wouldn’t have imagined such low-quality in contemporary phones.

    screen brightness is not enough outdoors on a bright day either.

    in contrast to this, all other features seem as desired: because for this phone the most important features that distinguishes it from all else are that it’s bloatware-free, and has microSD and headphone jack, in personal opinion.

  7. Avatar of TDK


    By far the best phone I have used so far. So many knobs to enable/disable.
    Highly customizable.
    3 reasons for why I gave 3 stars:
    1- Bloatware; too many stock apps that are not something you can remove, but with a bit of tinkering, I was able to disable most of them. Gboard was the only thing I wasn’t able to.
    Oneplus phone sends crazy amount of telemetry and tracking data. That’s not cool.
    2-The phone heats up quick on video calls resulting in the battery draining quickly and sometimes leads the phone to shutdow.
    3-No HDMI compatible dongle. Good luck trying to connect it to your TV.
    Bonus note: the seller claimed that this phone is not compatible with US carriers, but until July this year, straighttalk was a functional one.
    Later, they did something to block the support for the phone. Had to switch to T-Mobile which were glad to have me over and even provide 5G capability.

  8. Avatar of Romane


    Très bon produit. Je ne l’ai reçu qu’hier mais je n’ai rien à redire.
    Rapide, grande capacité de stockage.

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