ONEPLUS Nord N20 5G | Android Smart Phone | 6.43″ AMOLED Display| 6+128GB | U.S. Unlocked | 4500 mAh Battery | 33W Fast Charging | Blue Smoke

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  • 5G Enabled – The OnePlus Nord N20 is the perfect entry-level 5G phone, featuring premium specs and an affordable price. *5G compatible with T-mobile, Google Fi, Mint Mobile, Metro by TMO, Simple Mobile. 5G available in selected areas, please check with your carrier..Other camera description:Front.Connectivity : Bluetooth 5.1.
  • 6.43” Display – Immerse yourself into your favorite content with a large FHDplus AMOLED Display, delivering sharp detail and deep colors.
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 695 – With 6GB of powerful RAM and a 5G Snapdragon processor, the N20 5G can handle anything from your favorite content to streaming online games.
  • Large 4500mAh Battery – Spend less time plugged in with an extra large battery.
  • 33W Fast Charging – Get a day’s power in half an hour with 33W Fast Charging.
  • 6GB RAM – Download your favorite games and apps and switch seamlessly between them.
  • 128GB Storage – Store photos and videos without worry with large expandable storage, up to 512GB.
  • Triple Camera System – Capture photos and videos with the 64MP primary sensor or stunning selfies with a 16MP front-facing camera.
  • In-Display Fingerprint – Secure your phone with an in-display fingerprint sensor.
  • Appealing Design – The N20 5G features a flat edge design and quality materials, delivering a premium look and feel. 4×4 MIMO, Supports up to DL Cat 15/UL Cat 18(800 Mbps /200 Mbps), depending on carrier support
Package Dimensions

7.09 x 3.7 x 2.24 inches

Item Weight

1.04 Pounds

Item model number



1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

June 27, 2022



Memory Storage Capacity

128 GB

Standing screen display size

6.43 Inches

Ram Memory Installed Size

6 GB

Battery Capacity

4500 Milliamp Hours

862 reviews for ONEPLUS Nord N20 5G | Android Smart Phone | 6.43″ AMOLED Display| 6+128GB | U.S. Unlocked | 4500 mAh Battery | 33W Fast Charging | Blue Smoke


    I have always been another brand fan (Xiaomi), this is my first OnePLUS phone, I am very fluent with android phones and also like to get my bang for the buck, I do not like overpaying for a phone that just is pricey because it has some name on it.. no way… Also, I hate being locked in contracts, so my current T-mobile plan is month to month basis and cheap!

    Pros: 5G, clear vivid screen, large display ( but not too large where your wrist gets tired holding it before bed while you read or browse social sites) , fast processing, no lagging, WiFi calling ( my house is in the bad reception area and now finally I get all calls through), call quality is superb, clear, pictures are fast and high quality, Amoled display and (!!!!!!!!!!!!!) 3.5 mm headphone jack!!!!

    Cons: none.

    I have downloaded about 18 different apps on my phone and all of them operate without any hiccups. So I am very upset my husband just got another brand for $$$ from best buy and wish he’d waited for this one. Overall: I am now official fan of ONE PLUS.

  2. Five

    For a low to midrange phone, it’s a great buy. Nice screen. Nice build quality. More than fast enough. Lots of storage. Audio ain’t great. Not very loud on headphones. I know this depends on the headphones, but my free Samsung A-20 pushed my Sennheiser earbuds better. Find an EQ app to boost the volume. Streaming audio and video has always worked great. And downloaded video is perfect. Gotta love those Pug videos. And Free Clarence!
    Oxygen 12 OS is okay. What it does, it does well enough. Unfortunately, they won’t update to OxygenOS 13, since it originally shipped under 11. So I guess my one update was done in the box. Settings menus are kind of a mess. I often have to go online to figure out how to make an adjustment. It took 15 minutes to find out how to change the image on my lock screen (it’s under wallpapers, not home & lock screen, not security, not display). Can’t comment on the UI, since I run a shell (Windows Metro, believe it or not), but it runs that without any problems or slowdown.
    Not so good is the fingerprint scanner. At least half the time I end up on the password screen. I’ve reset it a couple times and it doesn’t get better. Really annoying is that it never actually closes any apps, and it has a bunch of apps it always opens, whether you want them to open or not. Especially Google apps, which they also won’t let you delete or even “park.” So you’ll need to download an app killer and run it regularly. Right now there are 35 open apps. About 5 of which I didn’t use. That may be Android, but it’s on their phone.
    Big plus is battery and charging. This thing is a beast. Two full days of power, even with Zoom meetings, texting, and browsing. Recharges in minutes, not hours. About 75% in less than an hour. Maybe 90 for a full charge. I almost wish it wasn’t so nicely built and good looking. I don’t dare risk not using a gel case, in case I might hurt it!
    I had to torture myself to spend $230 on this – and I’m glad I did. If I were willing to spend $900+ on a phone, I’d buy a OnePlus in a minute. I’m not, but if OnePlus would like me to review their latest model…

  3. D T

    – micro SD slot
    – 3.5mm headphone jack
    – Easily unlockable bootloader
    – Easily rootable
    – Still receiving security updates
    – Generally decent hardware all around
    – Camera takes decent quality photos & videos
    – Works well with T-Mobile’s networks, including 5G
    – Pretty responsive for the most part, with occasional minor lag

    – Overly aggressive task killer, and it’s a *major* con
    – Software in general, is subpar
    – Price – $150 would be more reasonable, unless the software is improved
    – Fingerprint scanner is under screen – in my experience, these aren’t as responsive as ones on a power button, or other dedicated hardware location
    – Front camera location could be better. I like to cover my camera with tape when I’m not using it, and it’s more difficult to do that when the camera is inside the screen – as in, the screen is displaying stuff around the camera lens. I’d prefer a camera that’s under the screen, and but is not displaying anything above it, so it’s easier to tape up.


    I’ve always avoided OnePlus, because despite their motto of “Never Settle”, their major lineup has always seemed exactly like settling to me – no microSD slot, nor 3.5mm headphone jack, nor NFC, and other missing basic features, even before the industry sadly started killing some those features off in most phones. Unfortunately, it’s been harder to find phones that meet some of my basic criteria that I just mentioned. So while I was looking for a new phone, I was pretty interested in trying a OnePlus phone that finally had those things. For the most part, the phone works great. Rooting was easy enough. The phone is still getting security updates. Calls are clear. Camera quality is not great, but not terrible. The phone does run a little slow at times, but is pretty responsive for the most part. HOWEVER, there’s a major problem, in my opinion, with the software. It is the sole reason for me knocking 2 of the stars off. The phone’s task killer is stupidly aggressive. If you don’t know, this is the thing on Android that usually manages what apps you have running on your phone, in the foreground and in the background. Whatever app you’re looking at & using, is likely in the foreground. Whatever apps are running, but you’re not actively using, such as a music or video player, is likely in the background. On this phone, that thing is so aggressive, that I can seldom have one app running in the background, let alone more than that. Trying to play music from a music player, while trying to browse the internet? Expect your music player in the background to get slaughtered within a few minutes, because the phone’s task killer won’t allow it. Switching between 2-3 apps while multi-tasking? 1 or 2 of them will likely get killed, probably resetting whatever you were doing in them. As you might guess from my comment about rooting, I’m a power user. I know my way around Android probably way better than the average user. Before I even rooted, I was suffering from this issue. I’ve tried setting every option in the phone that I could find, to not kill certain apps in the background. Yet none of them seem to have any effect on disabling this “feature”. There are root-only solutions for this type of issue, but they also don’t fix the problem on this phone.
    From hours of researching online, I’m not the only one with this complaint. It seems like whatever is causing this aggressive task killer behavior, is ingrained deep in OnePlus’s badly designed operating system. From what I’ve read, this aggressive task killing behavior is also oddly normal for OnePlus’s operating systems on most of their phones, which I wish I would’ve known before buying this phone. Also, the music player is just one example. There are various other apps that I like to setup to run in the background and do certain things. And they keep closing & failing, because of the overly aggressive task killer. I think maybe it’s OnePlus’s way of hiding the phone’s slow performance, by not allowing anything in the background to slow it down. It is such a massive shame, because this one major issue, absolutely ruins the phone for me. $300 for a phone with an issue like this, is an absurd price. I think $150 is more reasonable, until this issue is fixed. I’ve used plenty of $100 phones, that work better, without the need to kill apps so aggressively. Some of the customizability options in the OnePlus system’s settings are also more limited than the average Android phone that I’ve used, so the software just seems to be poorly designed in general.

    I really want to support companies that continue producing phones with micro SD cards, 3.5mm headphone jacks, easy rootability, heck, removable batteries, if we could get those back. Those features are becoming harder & harder to find, and I consider them essential, far more than some gimmick on other phones, like a 100MP camera, or having 4 camera lens. But unfortunately, despite the decent hardware on the OnePlus Nord, the software still very much feels like settling.

  4. diego a.

    Es rápido buenas opciones de fotografía y cumple con todo lo prometido 😉

  5. RapidGeek

    Overall, I like this budget phone. It is a good price for a modern phone. I have been using it since April 2023.

    I have a few gripes however. The camera has no ability to zoom and take pictures which are not blurry, which I knew about before buying but it was still disappointing. Speakers is fairly quiet even turned up all the way, which leads to me complaining about connectivity issues. The connectivity issues is actually why I am writing a review. I have trouble getting it to connect to my Camry’s Bluetooth and getting it to Chromecast is a miracle. I wasn’t even suspecting that such an issue would be a concern. I figured all modern devices should be able to work. I have to use the phone in speaker phone mode to listen to music as it will not connect to my Camry consistently or in the last few weeks at all.

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