PHOINIKAS Wireless Bluetooth Gaming Headset, Stereo Over Ear Headphones with Detachable Noise Canceling Mic, 3.5mm Cable Wired for PS4, Xbox One,…

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  • 🎧2-MODE CONNECTION: Headset combines 3.5mm wired mode and Bluetooth mode, easy to use, plug and play, and the multi-mode design is more suitable for a variety of scenarios.
  • 🎧COMPATIBILITY OF WIRED GAMING HEADSET: Wired gaming headset is compatible with 3.5mm interface devices such as PS4/PS5/Xbox One S/PC/Switch, plug and play. (Note: Game devices with other interfaces require additional adapters)
  • 🎧COMPATIBILITY OF BLUETOOTH HEADPHONE: Over Ear Headphones uses a Bluetooth 5.0 chip and is compatible with smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc. In Bluetooth mode, it can be controlled through the buttons on the headset.
  • 🎧40MM LARGE DRIVER & HI-FI SOUND QUALITY: 40mm driver and HI-FI sound quality bring you clear and shocking sound. The sensitivity of the speaker unit meets all your requirements for sound and gives you an immersive gaming experience . Suitable for all kinds of games, movies, music, etc.
  • 🎧EXTERNAL NOISE CANCELLING MICROPHONE: PS5 headset is equipped with the headset’s detachable audio cable to connect with an external microphone, plug in the audio cable to get an external microphone, pick up sound in all directions and transmit communication clearly.
  • 🎧HUMANIZED DESIGN: PS4 gaming headset adopts high-quality and comfortable imitation leather memory foam pad, which enhances sound insulation, reduces hearing impairment and hot sweat, and maintains a comfortable state, which is more suitable for long-term wear.
  • 🎧BLUETOOTH FUNCTION: Bluetooth headphones is simple and convenient to operate, no need to download software, equipped with built-in microphone, can be used after pairing and connection, one-click answering, playing songs, controlling LED lights, etc.
  • 🎧Note: Bluetooth mode is not compatible with gaming devices such as PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch.
Product Dimensions

6 x 7 x 3 inches

Item Weight

12.7 ounces

Item model number



1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

December 8, 2019





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13 reviews for PHOINIKAS Wireless Bluetooth Gaming Headset, Stereo Over Ear Headphones with Detachable Noise Canceling Mic, 3.5mm Cable Wired for PS4, Xbox One,…

  1. Avatar of Jessica L

    Jessica L

    I was looking for a headset that was adorable, affordable and works. The mic doesn’t stay put into the outlet of the headset. The sound comes in and out and there is no noise cancelation what so ever. I could hear everything around me perfectly with the headset on. My set also came crooked as if it’s been bent. They don’t stay on my head either. They are super large and slip off easily. The volume remote doesn’t work either. It’s extremely low even on the highest.

  2. Avatar of Mariano B.

    Mariano B.

    I really enjoy having this headset since it has made things easier for me with multiple devices and it does hold its charge throughout the day. I usually charge it every couple of days since it is mainly used for my gaming, but I do use it to listen to music on my phone and when I have an appointment online.

    I haven’t had any problems yet with them and they work perfectly with my laptop, PS4, and my phone. Having Bluetooth connection and wired connection is important for me since I can damage the 3.5 mm connector to the point where the headset becomes useless to me. The sound has been crystal clear and everyone I have talked to can hear me clearly without any problems unlike my last pair of headsets. The mic being detachable is also plus in my case since I can plug it into the headset when I game and remove it to use the Bluetooth connection when I use my phone or my laptop. Also, having 2 devices connected at once makes it easier for me and it switched between the both of them with little to no problems. A big plus since I use them quite a lot.

    The only real downside is that mic is attached to the connector and really can’t be removed. It’s only an inconvenience since I mainly use the Bluetooth when I’m not gaming and if I really want, I could purchase a separate 3.5 mm connector or mute my mic on my PS4 console if I need to.

    All-in-all, I would recommend this headset if you need something that can be connected to two devices at once and switch between them. If you game, it really does perform better than most that I have bought and usually have to replace within 6 months due to how I use them.

    I have recommended this to my friends that I game online and some of them are willing to try them.

  3. Avatar of twich milenko

    twich milenko

    the little mic works good my little gamer is very pleased she has been using them for couple months now

  4. Avatar of Heartless Grand Cat

    Heartless Grand Cat

    The design is really cool with a very clear sound and at a good price, I definitely recommend that.
    Small question: I tried it on for like 10 minutes and it started getting hot, I wish it won’t be too hot after a long time of gaming……
    The sound is really good and even got the praise of my roommate, the buttons on the side are really cool and practical as well.
    The only reason why I didn’t give it 5 stars is that the headset is a bit too heavy and toooooo big for me. I adjusted it to minimum but it was still much bigger, maybe it was originally designed for guys with bigger head lol.
    Still deserves recommendation after all.

  5. Avatar of david hirt

    david hirt

    Only reason I didnt give 5 stars is not for any bad reason, but I have had plenty bluetooth headphones that sound great, so this is no more extraordinary…

    However, the sound/volume is great, I have to have slightly below max volume because its too loud,

    And I have played an hour or so more than several times already, and last night, wondering if I needed to charge it soon, I checked the battery percentage on my phone’s bluetooth settings while connected, it was STILL at 100% !!

    Impressed with battery life. The battery life is what gave these headphones a better preference on top of sound that is as good as my other headphones.

    I would say more bass in these though, which is always good, especially for music and also movie effects.

    Only downside is they are huge and bordering on ridiculous, but if you are like me and JUST DON’T CARE lol, then its not a problem.

  6. Avatar of Bored T-Rex

    Bored T-Rex

    Can’t flexibly adjust the volume when on Bluetooth mode and every time I try to go below the “minimum” volume it makes a loud BEEP sound. Apparently, when I use the (separate) mic my voice may sound a bit plasticky to others. The sound quality is alright, but the volume was my main issue as mentioned before. I would suggest placing felt or some sort of fabric into the speaker of the headset to reduce the volume when using it on Bluetooth mode because the quietest setting was a very loud setting and I couldn’t find a way to reduce the volume. Besides that, I like the cat ears and the additional feature of the lights. Overall, it does its job, but I would say the experience was not the best in my opinion.

  7. Avatar of chris sawyer

    chris sawyer

    They’re great headphones but they don’t have no noise cancellation

  8. Avatar of K238


    I bought this in April 2022 and it’s already broken! It still works but it looks uneven when I wear it! I had been careful with it and it still broke!

  9. Avatar of Sinonkiry


    Buenas!, Pues me gustan estos audífonos los uso más para escuchar música y escuchar mis clases, para las clases está un poco raro al principio solo es cuestión de configurar las llamadas y listo, en cuanto a la batería si es buena si aguanta un buen rato no sabría cuánto pero si un rato, para jugar no los ocupo por ese ámbito no sabría decirles pero por lo demás está bien, a una cosa, el cable para estos audífonos pues le hace falta mejorar puesto que solo se escucha bien de un solo audífono saludo!

  10. Avatar of Wanderer


    So yay for the Bluetooth capability. But it’s staticky as all get out. Hopefully it’s not like that when plugged in.

  11. Avatar of john woods

    john woods

    Was a Christmas gift and was a complete hit 👏👏👏

  12. Avatar of Trent Gilbert

    Trent Gilbert

    Decent quality, took a second to connect to my monitor but good noise cancellation and probably one of the more comfortable headsets besides a 200$ steel series. Great backup headset.

  13. Avatar of Y Lin

    Y Lin

    – comfortable (I can wear this for hours, I sometimes bleed from my ears bc of bruises/accidentally hurting myself in my sleep so some headsets can cause me to bleed again, but this one has the padding elevated from the actual speaker enough for it not to cause any trouble)
    – cute
    – decent sound when it’s working (music sounds good, you get audio from left/right)
    – cat ears are adjustable, can take them off for formal meetings

    – mic is very hit or miss (I have to adjust the cord to specific positions to avoid crunch, picks up on a lot of background noise/hiss)
    – sometimes audio only comes out of one ear. on the website, it says that this is because of the cord not being plugged in all the way, but I can confirm that it happens even when the cord is properly plugged in. I have to twist, unplug, and replug the cord to fix the problem. I’ve had it for a while so I suppose the price is showing itself in this case.
    – even when it was new my audio was on the softer side according to my friends/people on zoom

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