PlayVital Thumb Grip Caps for Steam Deck, Silicone Thumbsticks Grips Joystick Caps for Steam Deck – Raised Dots & Studded Design

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  • Created for gamers, designed for Steam Deck, NOT compatible with other controller or console
  • Made of non-slip sweat free silicone, soft and comfortable, help to reduce hand and thumb fatigue to control
  • Perfect match with the joystick, can well protect the joystick from daily accidental bumps, dirt or other damage
  • Multiple combinations for choices, adding personality and effective protection for your thumbstick
  • Easy to install and take off, accurate fitted size, compact with the thumbstick after install, will not falling off easily during gaming
Product Dimensions

3.15 x 2.76 x 0.51 inches

Item Weight

0.635 ounces



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Item model number


Date First Available

September 15, 2022

13 reviews for PlayVital Thumb Grip Caps for Steam Deck, Silicone Thumbsticks Grips Joystick Caps for Steam Deck – Raised Dots & Studded Design

  1. Continus

    As stated in the title, these have a amazing grip on the thumbs. They feel great when moving the character around. I do recommend these for sure. They are a bit difficult to install as you have to make sure that it wraps around the thumb stick completely or risk them slipping off. When done correctly, you’ll love them.

  2. amanda

    Very cute! Stretched for a perfect fit!

  3. Tom S

    Great tactile feel, I had trouble with the bare sticks. In this pack you get 2 sets and pick what feels best. Definitely improved my experience.

  4. R.T.

    Were a royal pain to put on but hopefully that means the rubber(?) won’t stretch out of shape quickly.

    Also appreciate minimal packaging unfortunately PlayVital does not adhere to this belief with all their products. Nevertheless these grips feel excellent and I also appreciate the diameter size, and grippy edges.

    Have yet to test gyro functionality, will update.

  5. TerminalVentures

    I bought these primarily for my Steam Deck, the capacitive thumb sticks haven’t really made a difference for me and they collect skin and oil and are hard to get out.

    These have works so far without and issues. I’m using the diamond ones on the deck. They bevel out but feel great and don’t move too much between uses.

    The other set of bevel in I’m using on my Xbox one controller that had been worn down. A little harder to install and move a little more it still works well so far.

  6. David

    They don’t slide nor get sticky, very grippy and they collect lint or dust on them as some that I have tried for other consoles. Pretty neat.

  7. dean bustin

    bought these for my steam deck they fit perfect if your fingers slip on the analogues I highly recommend these. 👌👍

  8. Elliott

    Used on the Steam Deck and I have a habit of digging my nails in. These little things are Well made and comfortable to use. Easly installed by turning them inside out.

  9. Cheetah.plays

    I was so excited to find these cute kitties for my Steam deck! They fit perfectly and feel great as I play!

  10. Frank

    This was purchased for use with my Steam Deck. As there were no reviews at the time of my purchase, I took the bullet so you can make an educated purchase.

    First off, the Capacitive Touch Sensors do work with the caps on. Also, with the caps on and no protective case, they will fit in the Valve provided Steam Deck Case without depressing and clicking the sticks. Will update if I ever add a protective case.

    Design: I purchased primarily for the Diamond Grain but have ended up using the Crack Bomb design. Reason for this being, the Diamond Grain has a more domed form where as the Crack Bomb is more concave and seems to hug the sticks better. Have not had them shift or come off yet, but I haven’t put that much time into them.

    Installation of the caps is not as easy as the seller suggests in their pictures, they will not snap on immediately as suggested. Turn them inside out and slowly flip the edges down in a clockwise or counter clockwise motion, if a side gets folded under, just rotate the caps and that should be enough to unfold them. Be weary, too many attempts could stretch out the caps as they are not the most pliable silicone.

    Additional Note: Although the product description does state this was “designed for Steam Deck” and is “NOT compatible with other controller or console”, these are definitely compatible with and fit PERFECTLY on the Nintendo Switch Joycons and I absolutely believe these were designed primarily for Joycons.

    For $9.99, it was an “ok” buy. I don’t regret it yet.

  11. Just me, Jenna :)

    Time to start off the New Year of 2023 with thumb grips made to fit Steam Dec, and in the shape of a kitty! – well, I thought it rhymed! Wait, how about this one: Time to start of the New Year of 2023 with thumb grips that fit the Steam Deck “purr-fectly” ! (Yeah, I guess my rhymes are more tailored for cat people.)

    However, if you’re not a cat person, you might like the other Steam Deck thumb grip designs that PlayVital offers that are made to fit the analog sticks on your Valve Steam Deck perfectly. With them, you get really great control on your gameplay without your thumbs slipping around or not getting that “just right” pressure you need to apply for that perfect move, or shot, or whatever you need in the game! They keep your thumbs intact and are these are specially molded to fit your Steam Deck! Putting them on is easy and quick too.

    As for me, I like cats a lot and I like gaming too, so this is the perfect way to show ’em off. I got skull-like ones for my husband, even though he loves our cat, I don’t think he’d proudly accessorize with kitties on his deck! His, however, fit perfect as well. Thanks PlayVital for the perfect fit in Steam Deck accessible thumb grips!

    There are more and more Steam Decks out and about now. If you want to go for comfort, accuracy and a grip that will hold your thumbs in perfect position, I highly recommend these! That’s it for meow – cough cough – I mean now! 🙂

  12. Daniel Vincett

    Fit very well on steam deck

  13. Scoobymad

    Fantastic product. I’m a big F1 2022 fan on the Deck, but something about the stick material (maybe they are more durable over time?) meant that my fingers kept slipping slightly on the finer inputs. These thumb grips have completely solved that issue.

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