ProtoArc Wireless Bluetooth Trackball Mouse, EM01 2.4G RGB Ergonomic Rechargeable Rollerball Mice with 3 Adjustable DPI, 3 Device Connection&Thumb…

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  • ERGONOMIC THUMB MOUSE: With the smooth and precise rollerball mouse, you no longer need to move your arm for the movement of the cursor. Your thumb will control the cursor instead. It will effectively reduce fatigue and strain for your wrist and arm. Note: The backward and forward button is not fully compatible with MAC
  • ADJUSTABLE ANGLE DESIGN: Unique adjustable hinge allows you to customize the trackball angle from 0 to 20 degrees according to your needs for a more natural, comfortable hand position and less muscle strain. Note: it will enter auto sleep mode if you don’t use it for a few minutes to save battery and click it, the mouse will enter working mode again
  • 4 RGB LIGHTING MODE: You can adjust 4 RGB color effects by one button. Rainbow Streaming Light(Default), Rainbow Breathing Light, Neon, Color Mixing Breathing Light. NOTE: The RGB backlit also can be turned off by long pressing the light button, which can save battery power for the mouse
  • RECHARGEABLE & ADJUSTABLE DPI: The Bluetooth RGB Trackball Mouse built-in 900mAh lithium battery. No need to change batteries. It can last 1 month per one full recharge with the lights off. Please remember to turn it off if you do not use it for a long time. 3 DPI levels (1000/1600/2400 DPI) allows you to change the cursor sensitivity easily and track more smoothly over a variety of surfaces
  • BLUETOOTH & 2.4G WIRELESS CONNECTION:PLUG and PLAY. This trackball mouse has triple connection modes. You can control three devices at the same time, switch freely between Android, tablet and Mac with just one button. Compatible with Windows, Android, Mac OS PC Laptop Desktop etc
  • Tips for reducing mouse sensitivity: 1. Find your device’s settings 2. Then click on the device option in the settings 3. Click on the mouse option in the device 4. You can adjust the cursor speed in the mouse
  • Note: You can download the Product FAQ documents on the details page (Product guides and documents)
Product Dimensions

5.59 x 4.09 x 2.87 inches

Item Weight

9.2 ounces

Item model number


Date First Available

January 25, 2022



7 reviews for ProtoArc Wireless Bluetooth Trackball Mouse, EM01 2.4G RGB Ergonomic Rechargeable Rollerball Mice with 3 Adjustable DPI, 3 Device Connection&Thumb…

  1. Frédéric Bolduc

    The buttons on this mouse are way too soft. Just laying my fingers on it makes the button click. I need to keep my fingers in the air to not accidentally make a click and it makes my hand sore after some time (this is my work mouse so I use it for prolonged periods of time). I gave 1 star for accuracy because of the random clicks caused by the softness of the buttons, 1 star for comfort because my hand gets sore using it, and 3 stars for ergonomy because it did not come with an angle support pad like the Logitech MX ergo.

    I only work with trackball and I have tried now 3 different models. This one, the Logitech MX Ergo and the Elecom EX-G. For comfort and ergonomy I found the Elecom to be the best, but it does not last very long (I had to repair the buttons after about a year of working with it full time and it lasted another year before the scrolling wheel broke for good). The MX ERGO is okay for comfort and ergonomy but lasts longer than the Elecom and is more precise. The Protoarc is just unusable.

    I am returning this trackball and I will go back to the Elecom EX-G for the comfort and the price.

  2. J. Cook

    To preface this review, when I bought this; there were no reviews at all, no one seemed to be talking about the device, and even the site of the newish manufacturer (Yes I checked when they were formed, it was last November 2021) was really sparse on details. It seemed like a blip of product that I was unsure I was even going to receive, but I decided to be the guinea pig for everyone and give it a shot. I got to say, that I was pleasantly surprised at how it feels, but there were some steps to get there, and are some problems I hope they address in a second iteration. Let’s start with the critiques.

    It’s no big surprise that this is copying the design a bit from Logitech’s Mx Ergo line of products. As a guy who daily drove an MX Ergo trackball, it’s a little lightweight and feels a touch cheap. Especially because the place where your palm rests is plastic and has a texture that tries to make you think it’s premium, but falls just a bit short of that. The plate on the bottom for angling the device works just like the Ergo, but it’s got more of a felt feeling, rather than rubber, and is permanently attached to the device, and non-removable unlike the Ergo. The soft touch buttons are a nice touch, pun intended, and they feel pretty good but require some getting used to. As someone who likes tactile feeling buttons, these ones are so soft and quiet it tricks my brain into thinking I didn’t actually press anything, but that’s not a bad thing. Since it has the same click feeling you would expect from other mice, just no noise, it FEELS the same. Just the lack of sound is jarring, but when I wear headphones I can’t tell the difference anyway. The scroll wheel has no tilt function like the Ergo, which is fine for me because I didn’t use it, though it might be a deal breaker for people who use Excel or work with spreadsheets. However, the scroll wheel on mine is a little loose feeling, so it feels like it moves out of position constantly and can be distracting when using it, a small nitpick. It’s just as annoying to pull the ball out as the Ergo, you need a slender pen or something similar to do so and it requires quite a bit of force, making sure it will fly across your table/desk if you’re not careful. That said, it uses what appears to be ceramic bearings, just like the Ergo, and you would think it means it rolls incredibly smoothly, well, it does, after some tweaking. I ended up swapping the ball from my Ergo into this one, because the ball it comes with has a tiny amount of friction, which requires a bit more activation force than usual to get started rolling and that makes it tough to do really precise movements whether you are gaming, or working in Photoshop for graphic design like I do. I even went so far as to use some machine oil to lube the bearings as well, since it still wasn’t quite what I was hoping for, but after doing so it rolls just as smoothly so there’s no longer an issue there. The RGB is nice especially because I am a gamer too, but I wish it had an off switch. Currently it only cycles between 4 modes, and is not customizable, another nitpick, and currently it chews through battery life like a vampire. The only off mode it has is if you let it rest for about 5 or so minutes, it goes into a “sleep mode,” where the lights turn off, and the numbers on the left click button blink showing it’s still on, but then requires a mouse button press to wake back up. A touch annoying, but it needs it because the battery life is bad. But even with this feature, be sure to turn the device off at night and/or keep a cord handy/plugged in, because even in this sleep mode, it drains battery rather quickly. I believe it lasted about a day and a half without turning it off, and the Ergo could go for weeks to almost a month without worry just because of the larger battery. (Which now that I think on it, might be why the Protoarc one is so much lighter in weight.) It could be that I didn’t let the device charge long enough, I have plugged in now, and it has a red light which I assume means charging, and it goes off when full? It’s not that clear. The Ergo has a battery indicator in the software for the device, and that’s another shortcoming of the Protoarc, no software, it’s just plug and play drivers from Microsoft, which is fine I guess, but it makes it feel like less effort was put forth.

    Now for the positives, it fits the form factor of the Ergo to a T and to me that’s a good thing since I liked it then and I like it now. It can do up to 3 different device syncs so if you work with multiple devices, it can be used for that as well. The scroll has definite “steps” to it, which makes scrolling more pleasant. The DPI settings are greater than the Ergo and it puts the button for changing them in a better spot, I would constantly hit it by mistake. It’s simpler to use since it’s plug and play and doesn’t require drivers. Quick to sync and no fuss at all with getting it to recognize on PC. The rubber on the tilt plate is sturdy and prevents movement quite well. They seemed to be aware of the unremovable plate so they punched a hole in it, to make it so it’s possible to remove the ball, so some amount of commonsense was achieved there. (Would be better to be able to remove it.) It’s a Type C USB connector which is way better than the Ergo’s Micro, not sure what Logitech was thinking when they designed that, Type C’s were coming into style but they just kept a Micro port instead, not sure why. But the slot for it on the Protoarc is a little snug so be careful there. The RGB is nice and vibrant even in a well lit room and has some neat presets on it, I tend to do the “Breathing,” colors. Other than that, it’s a pretty standard trackball with some nifty features and works like you’d expect.

    In conclusion, it’s a cheaper alternative to the Ergo, at MSRP, that accomplishes most of the same tasks as that device along with some other nifty and questionable additions. I hope they fix some of these things with future models, and the most important thing I think, is use a larger battery!

  3. P. M. Harrington

    A few years ago I got an MX Ergo as a gift. It was a dream; did practically everything I asked of it without issue, the battery lasted basically forever, and my only complaint was that it’s TINY compared to the M570 it was replacing. But it’s a NEW Logitech device; in twelve months I was getting click failure issues and in less than twenty-four months the right mouse button had largely failed entirely and clicking it basically required a small hammer.

    So now I was on the hunt: Where to find a new device, hopefully without spending the bank-breaking $130 the MX Ergo was at the time. It needed to have roughly the same form factor and I wanted to still have that nice DPI button right next to the trackball. Further, bluetooth connectivity and the somewhat weird angle that the Ergo sits at were high on the wishlist.

    Enter the Proto-Arc EM01. $50 before tax, bluetooth-enabled, sits at that rakish angle and is basically exactly the same size as the MX Ergo. It’s got the DPI button on the side, and unlike the Ergo it recharges with a USB-C connection instead of Micro-USB. I did notice a few complaints about the charging port failing after a few uses, but I already knew how I was going to fix that: take one of the INNUMERABLE usb-c cords laying around my house collecting dust, plug it in, and quietly never ever remove it. Sold! I bought it that very day and soon it arrived.

    Unfortunately, the unboxing will have to reside in the realm of imagination; it’s been a few months now and I don’t even remember what the box it came in looked like. Still it was lovely and I found that the odd wave pattern on the back that some have complained about failed to detract from it either in looks or comfort. I hooked it up to my computer and settled in to put it through its paces.

    The first thing I noticed, before literally anything else, is that the right mouse is on a HAIR trigger. You could accidentally set it off with a good hard sneeze, I’m sure, even without your hand near the mouse. As stands, I spent the first couple of days accidentally right clicking absolutely everything, a dozen times or more per hour. To this very day, it’s not at all uncommon to accidentally bump it at least once ever ten to fifteen minutes, and it goes VERY poorly with the NEXT issue (if you’re hoping to hear GOOD things about the mouse, you’re in for a wait…).

    The NEXT thing I noticed is that this mouse is very poor for precision. On a ‘standard’ 1080p 16:10 monitor, the minimum distance the mouse can move the cursor is in the vicinity of between five and ten pixels and that with the sensitivity turned all the way down. Turned up to a usable level? It’s hard to click a taskbar icon because the cursor will entirely pass over the one you want with the smallest possible movement. Doing any kind of fine work is just not happening, and it’s so incredibly frustrating that I’ve taken to just keeping my old, worn out MX Ergo on the desk nearby so that I have something capable of clicking small things on the screen.

    Whew, this is a jaunt, isn’t it? So you may have noticed there’s some fancy RGB lighting on the side of the mouse. It’s in the name, it’s very pretty looking….it can’t be turned off. And it’s undoubtedly invovled in the next issue: Battery life is abysmal. The M570 had replaceable AAs in it and could go for a month or more of extremely heavy use without new batteries. The MX Ergo’s got a build-in rechargeable battery and could easily manage weeks on end without you getting the ‘low battery’ notification in the bottom right of your screen, letting you know to plug it in—and even after getting that message, you were good for another twenty-four to forty-eight hours of hard use.

    The EM01? Yeah, it averages about three days of regular use and makes no effort to inform you when the battery’s low. You’ll find out when the mouse abruptly stops working while you’re in the middle of a task. It’s also not great at telling you when it’s fully charged and the gods only know how long that takes; once it’s plugged in, it tends to stay that way until I need the cord for something else. There IS a sleep mode, and it’s kind of annoying, but it doesn’t seem to benefit the battery any. After twenty minutes or so of disuse the mouse turns itself off and you have to click any button to use it again.

    There are a few other, more petty niggles that will slowly add up while you’re using it: The angle plate is permanently attached, so you can’t remove it to clean the underside of the mouse or more easily pop out the trackball. The hole in the bottom FOR popping out the trackball is tiny, forcing you to use a tool and risking damaging the ball itself; you can use cotton swabs, but be aware it takes quite a bit of force. The DPI switch has three settings which are, in order: cursor moves like a legless spider with a head wound, cursor moves at a reasonable speed and interacting with the computer is possible, and cursor has been greased and fired from a cannon. There’s no way to tell by looking at the mouse which setting you’re on and the button to change the DPI settings is position VERY poorly, so it’s quite easy to bump accidentally during normal usage.

    All in all, this is probably the worst offering in the extremely limited family of trackball mice that put the trackball where it bloody well belongs: under your thumb. If you’re absolutely flat broke and won’t be using it for longer than Amazon’s return window, then sure. Bite the bullet. But otherwise, if you’re looking for something like Logitech’s awesome M570 or questionable M575 but more luxe, polished, etc? Just spend the extra money and get the MX Ergo; this is one of the (increasingly rare) cases where the more expensive, name-brand product is INFINITELY superior to the plucky underdog off brand product.

  4. Aaron H.

    I have had this mouse since April 9th 2022 and it stopped working April 13th. I didnt even get through a full charge! The cursor drifts to the bottom corner constanly or never moves, i can’t change the input from usb to bluetooth either. The only thing that seems to be working properly is the RGB lights and corresponding buttons which is a useless feature to begin with. When it was working correctly it was actually a decent mouse, I was relatively happy with it but then something happened and it quickly became a nightmare for me. I dont recommend this mouse!

  5. David Gaskin

    I have used trackballs for over 20 years and they all have been Logitech.Even though the are the leaders in trackballs and they are build well all mechinical things break or wear out.The main problem is the main button you push starts to double click even though you have push the button only once.So I said to myself let me try this trackball. Feels very much like what I am used too most of the buttons are the same so no learning anything new. Only thing I miss is the tilt on the wheel. Will follow up in a month or so to give an update.

  6. YYC KA

    I’ve been using a trackball for years to reduce wrist strain. I tried this one because of a significant price increase of my device of choice. After using this one, I don’t see going back. It looks great, and is at least as comfortable as what I’ve been using. The rechargeable battery is something I’d never given thought to, but (now) won’t give up, and the built-in bluetooth makes setup a breeze. I’ve found a new trackball of choice.

  7. Michael Richards

    Just got it last night, and tried today.. worked great for about 10 – 20 minutes, and then started flying to the lower left corner of the screen. so I thought maybe hair had got in on the laser, so removed the ball to check… after replacing the ball – X axis is reversed, AND it will fight you to go to the lower left corner. Tried Bluetooth and 2.4 Ghz no difference. Went back to my previous mouse and issue is gone.

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