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  • 🔥【DPI ADJUSTABLE & FIRE BUTTON】The pc gaming mice features with 5 adjustable DPI levels(up to 8000), combine with the rapid fire button, it helps beating your opponents with one click, providing you with a smooth, fast response and accurate tracking gaming experience. Whether aiming, slashing or attacking, the mouse is a good choice for gamer.And It’s definitely a good choice for a gift🎁
  • 🌈【CUSTOMIZE GAMING ATMOSPHERE】The gaming mouse with 9 RGB backlit mode, it is possible for you to adjust the color and brightness of the wired gaming mouse to creates a cool atmosphere for gaming.
  • ⚡【PROGRAMMABLE GAMING MOUSE】9 buttons can be programmed by the driver. It supports DPI, RGB, Button and macro editing. You can update the profiles for different gaming purposes. The driver can be downloaded from Reddragon official website.
  • ✨【ERGONOMIC DESIGN】The ergonomic contour makes gaming mice fit in any hands. It provides long-lasting comfort for players, without fatigue even during long hours of intense gameplay. It won’t slip when lifting the gaming mouse, or making fast and precise swipes.
  • 💡【WIDE COMPATIBILITY】The gamer mouse is well compatible with Windows 2000/ME/XP/03/XP/VISTA/7/8/10/11 system and Mac. Working great for desktop, laptop, PC, Macbook etc. However, it should be noted that the programmable driver is not available for Mac systems. Please feel free to contact us when you meet any problem, You will be replied within 12 hours.
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7.99 x 5.94 x 1.97 inches

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4.6 ounces

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August 8, 2022



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13 reviews for Redragon Gaming Mouse, Wired Gaming Mouse with RGB Backlit, 8000 DPI Adjustable, PC Gaming Mice with 9 Programmable Macro Buttons & Fire Button, PC…

  1. Dr. M. P.

    I have had this mouse before but the previous model didn’t have the “rapid fire button”.
    The software was a bit of a scavenger hunt.

    The ” ” Website had no Driver for M910-K Mice.
    I had to go to ” ” under their Downloads to find the M910-K driver.

    In all…

    A good mouse and all is well.
    Will buy again from this Merchant. 😀

  2. Sean

    I like the feel of the mouse, it feels sturdy and light and I like the RGB modes that the mouse comes with. The DPI is also good with a nice range from 500 to 8000 DPI. I don’t have any dislikes personally.

  3. TheStarvingArtist

    I got this to replace the wireless Logitech mouse that I’ve been using for awhile (since, for some reason, it’s glitching out and not responding like it should). This has nicely laid out buttons, a good feel to the hand while browsing, and very responsive controls (that can be switched in the software…which I was able to download from the company website without issue)

    Oh, and while the cord DOES start out feeling stiff/unwieldy, just flex it a bit and use the mouse; it will loosen up.

    All-in-all, I’m impressed. 🙂

  4. Cerqunce

    This mouse is truly amazing I have over 4 mouse’s from redragon and all of them are amazing but this one is definitely different, the texture of the mouse is outstanding it has like a rubbery none slip feel to it compared to the m711 FPS version. The mouse also have a rapid fire button which I haven’t used yet but I’m fond to it ( I’ve used it before ) Rapid Fire on a gaming mouse basically does like a million clicks in a second very useful for MMORPG games.

    There’s are 3 buttons top button is for (HIGH DPI) second button (Lower DPI) third button ( Customizing the RGB themes ) There are two other buttons of the side of the mouse I’m assuming maybe forward and backwards for internet pages (example) – if you go to YouTube or whatever website and you click on image you can press the first side button and it’ll basically bring you back to the previous page. So instead of clicking on the internet back or forward button on the webpage you can do it on your mouse.

    In front of the mouse it showcases the RGB looks truly amazing definitely helps at night on my mousepad to see in front of me lol. You can download the program for the mouse on the website ( which i have ) and it’ll basically give you all types of customization options from ( DPI – RGB Colors – RBG Color Effects )
    Scroll wheel on the mouse is extremely smooth and highly responsive

    Overall this mouse is a A+ for gamers, office users, regular people that wants a mouse.
    The price is definitely Fair, Affordable, Durable, I would recommend #RedragonGaming #Redragon Mouse to anyone and everyone that’s looking for a amazing top of the line affordable mouse!
    ( Wired Gaming Mouse )

  5. Mrsbean2u

    this mouse is not usable, the cord is so stiff that it’s nothing like the firest gameing mouse ive wore out, change brands or go up in price, this product is not worth the money

  6. P. Dressel

    It has an odd feel compared to other mice I’ve used in the past. Plus have to download the software from Red Dragon to alter the DPS/Mouse speed. For the price, I’ll keep it for emergency purposes.

  7. Wupdich

    Im Prinzip funktioniert die Maus ganz gut, aber leider eben ohne den Treiber. D.h. die Default Konfiguration geht, aber man kann keine Tasten, etc. umprogrammieren. Der Treiber, den man sich von der Herstellerseite herunterladen kann zeigt leider nur “No Device” an und er erkennt die Maus nicht.

    Ansonsten wäre sie ganz nett, aber so landet sie im Schrank als Ersatz-Maus.

  8. Avid Analytics

    Redragon M910-K

    A fully customizable gaming mouse for only £22.99 could this be a more affordable gaming mouse?

    When it comes to gaming mouses and affordable ones there fairly good for the casual gamer however most lack the ability to customize the DPI, Macro, Lighting and button configuration.
    By default the the first button on the left side of the mouse is a quick fire button however depending on your needs this can be changed.

    Firstly the design of the mouse. I rather like the high rise design it felt comfortable to use for long periods of time while the plastic doesn’t creek and the mouse seems to be sturdy.
    The left and right click are precise while the scroll wheel being smooth.
    The plastic edging on the side of the mouse does provide some grip for your hand while your gaming, Ive used mouses where its just the same type of plastic that matches the top of the mouse and after a while the mouse seems to slide out of your hand so this is a nice welcome.
    The optics was rather more precise as well and while playing more FPS style games this mouse did provide a smoother experience which in my opinion did provide a much better feedback overall something that i haven’t had with many mouses in this price range.
    For me even the smallest of movements gets picked up so its nice and responsive.
    The cable is braided and the length being good.

    The RGB effect is really nice in low light the front is more open while the top lights up the logo and scroll wheel and 2 lines that match the contour of the mouse. yet in low light this does really light up the space really nicely however, even though this is a RGB mouse the lighting and effects are very basic.
    For me at this price range i didn’t have any issues with it, it can be customized to a basic level like brightness, speeds of the effects and no lights at all.

    The ranger M910-K has 9 programmable buttons which can all be programmed to your liking but using the available software from the redragon website.
    so this has the usual left-right click buttons, scroll wheel with 3 buttons for DPI -/+ and lighting (RGB). and 3 buttons on the left hand side of the mouse for forward/backwards with the front button being the quick fire.
    The DPI has 5 different levels of adjustments with the highest level of DPI being 8000.

    Using the software was really easy and i shall attach screenshots so you can see the various options available. In order to find the correct software you must go to the website of redragon and under downloads, type M910 in the search bar and locate the M910-K model at the time of review there were 3 options and this mouse was the last option on the page.
    Downloading the incorrect software for the mouse will give you the “No Device” so be sure to download the correct software, for MAC users there is no software so the mouse will act like a standard mouse.

    there are 5 memory modes that you can save your profile too and on the bottom of the mouse there is a button in which can be used to change from each type of profile. So there isn’t the need to go into the software and make all the changes needed every time you played a different style of game.

    Overall it felt comfortable to use over long periods like also like the grip it provided, i liked the performance, even though the RGB is fairly basic i liked the lighting. The software was easy to install and customize to match most people needs and the quality of the mouse was fairly good for the price of £22.99.
    If your looking for a affordable mouse then this is a mouse that you should add to the list.

  9. H E Cowles

    There is no software specific for this mouse. I’ve downloaded the software available on the website and each one says “no device” so I cannot program the buttons. I sent a letter to support over a week ago and have received no reply. The Facebook page has not “authorized” my request for help I tried to post on their page. The preprogrammed buttons work fine, but I bought this to program the buttons according to my preference.

  10. Rebekah Regan

    Bought the mouse as one for work as the mouse there was too small and it is the perfect size! Super comfy and fits well. Will be a hardy mouse that will last a long while.

  11. R M

    The media could not be loaded.

     As a gamer, I wanted to get an RGB Mouse to match the keyboard and laptop, and the Red Dragon mouse certainly fits that bill, and fits it well.

    Inside the box you get the mouse, instruction pamphlet and a sheet of Red Dragon stickers to, erm, stick places.
    As with all mice, there is no need to install any drivers, just plug in and go. You can adjust the lighting effects and the DPI using the buttons on the mouse, but I seemed to struggle getting these to stay selected, however using the Red Dragon software I had no problems at all.

    I noticed that some people were having problems with the software not working. I downloaded mine from the Red Dragon site, in the downloads section for the 910 gaming mouse (there are “A LOT” of mice displayed on the downloads page, the M910 mouse was all the way at the bottom of the list). Once installed, you run the app with the mouse plugged in (If the mouse is not plugged in, the software tells you and shuts itself down)..
    Inside the app you can change the colours, lighting effects, the DPI and setup Macro’s as required (I have added a video showing a couple of the colour effects (Breathing and Rainbow), but in my case I have it set to show 1 colour to match the RGB settings of my other peripherals.

    This is a comfortable mouse, fits in my hand well, and looks great when playing in a darker room with the RGB lights on. Overall this is a recommended mouse for your gaming needs

  12. Mari15

    Works well and quite pretty with lights. My son said it’s easy to move around and quite sturdy.

  13. Amazon Customer

    Superb clicks.
    Smooth movement.
    Highly accurate.
    Nice lighting profiles.
    Fantastic grip and weight.
    Excellent Scroll wheel.

    Triple click button on the side is hard for my thumb to reach.

    10/10 would still pay $15 again.

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