SAMSUNG Galaxy S23 FE Cell Phone, 128GB, Unlocked Android Smartphone, Long Battery Life, Premium Processor, Tough Gorilla Glass Display, Hi-Res 50MP Camera, US Version, 2023, Mint

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  • DO MORE w/ EPIC BATTERY POWER: Galaxy S23 FE intuitively manages your usage to conserve energy on its own so you can go all day and into the night without charging¹,²; Share, stream, connect and create with a phone that’s ready for anything
  • TAKE ON THE BUSIEST DAYS w/ SUPER FAST CHARGING: Galaxy S23 FE keeps your focus on what matters and off the battery bar; With a battery that supports Super Fast Charging³ you can power up quickly and get back to what you love
  • DO-IT-ALL PROCESSING POWER: Give your livestreaming, video editing and social content creation a boost; With the premium processing power you expect from Samsung Galaxy, you can do more of what you love from the palm of your hand
  • SMOOTH, DAZZLING, TOUGH DISPLAY: Your content scrolls smoothly and looks amazing, while adaptive Vision Booster automatically adjusts screen brightness based on surrounding light levels; Strong Gorilla Glass helps reduce scratches on your display
  • CAPTURE SCENES IN STUNNING DETAIL: Create share-worthy content with the high-resolution camera of Galaxy S23 FE; With Super HDR, it’s easy to capture the details that make your shots incredibly lifelike
  • LOOK SHARP TONIGHT & EVERY NIGHT: Because life happens even in low light; Nightography lets you capture epic pictures, no matter where you are or what time of day; The dark is no longer a dealbreaker
  • ELEVATE PHOTOS w/ AI-POWERED FEATURES: Like a built-in content curator, Single Take does your creative heavy lifting. Just point and hit record, and you’ll have multiple options and formats to choose from⁴ —photos, slow-motion video clips and more, all ready to share.
  • EXPERIENCE SEAMLESS CONNECTIVITY: Epic vacation shots? Doodles and drawings? Share them all in a flash between your Galaxy S23 FE and Tab S9 FE — or numerous other devices⁵; Quick Share makes it easy to send to yourself and others
  • KEEP WHAT YOU WANT, REMOVE WHAT YOU DON’T: Create fantastic photos directly on your phone by harnessing the power of Object Eraser. Simply select and then tap to easily remove objects, people or anything else from your pictures without having to download other apps.

204 reviews for SAMSUNG Galaxy S23 FE Cell Phone, 128GB, Unlocked Android Smartphone, Long Battery Life, Premium Processor, Tough Gorilla Glass Display, Hi-Res 50MP Camera, US Version, 2023, Mint

  1. donval

    This phone is not a lightweight phone. Not too heavy though. The pics you can get w this are awesome. I opted for the 256gb. Glad I did. Price is fanatical for all the features you get. Had to purchase a charger and cord specifically for samsung. Did come w wire so you can transfer stuff from your last phone. I opted to buy a new SIM care(not included ) for .99cents . I feel this phone w last many years to come. I paid 589.99 and also got interest free financing for a year TY Samsung, TY Amazon for the options:)

  2. Ana Karen De La Cruz

    Es el celular que se necesita, gran inversión, el producto cumple con lo que se menciona, llegó como se puede ver en las redes, solo viene con el cable hay que comprar el cuadro de carga, llego antes de lo mencionado

  3. Kim Schumacher

    I specifically asked my mobile carrier(Spectrum mobile) if the phone would work with their service before purchasing. They stated that if it said it was unlocked it would work with their service. I ordered the phone expecting to set it up and be good to go. The Spectrum rep started transferring info to the phone only to find that it wouldn’t work. They looked into it more to find that it wasn’t actually unlocked. They stated that this happens with Samsung’s newer phones sometimes. I got home and started an online chat with Samsung and they had me make an appointment with a certified Samsung repair place to supposedly unlock the phone. When I got to the repair place they told me that they had no idea why they would send me to them and that they can’t unlock a phone. Just wonderful that they wasted even more of my time!! I was able to return the phone with amazon, but of course even with prime I was charged for shipping….not the biggest issue, but still an aggravation! I have been a loyal Samsung customer and still like the products, but I will never buy another phone online after having to waste so much time dealing with this. Don’t get fooled by the cheaper price. Just a follow up, Amazon has decided to take their sweet @ss time returning my money. they have received the phone over 2 weeks ago and by the timeline they show, I might get the money refunded by Christmas. Ridiculous!

  4. Amazon Customer

    This phone was purchased to replace n LG V35 that the battery was dying on. This Fan Edition phone does not disappoint. Don’t worry that it’s not the absolute newest processor. It is the same one used in last years flagships. This device functions exceptionally well. Super responsive and handles all video and multitasking with ease. Everything works great and the battery lasted all day which I haven’t been able to enjoy in a long time. I also had no issue with the fingerprint scanner after applying a glass screen protector and toggling the switch in settings letting the device know that it has a screen protector. For those of you with AT&T, I was able to pop in my existing sim from family plan and the phone started thinking for a minute and then stated that it was configuring the network. After that it restarted and boom, connected with 5g and all. I got this phone for $599 and it also had a $100 Amazon gift card included as well. Just buy it, you won’t regret it.

  5. Bruce C

    This is a very nice phone! Perfect size. The wireless charging works great in my car. I’ve always liked the Samsung phones, especially the Galaxy series. This phone supports the 5G mobile networks and shows whether the phone is connected to 4G, 5G, or 5GUC. The camera gives high quality still pictures and videos. I’ve had the phone for a month and couldn’t be happier with my choice.

  6. Javi Coogan

    Un super teléfono de gama alta a un precio excelente.

  7. Isaac

    I’m pleased to report that the phone I received is exactly what I ordered – a brand new s23 fan edition device that arrived overnight and on time. The phone was unopened and in its original package, cellophane wrapped and factory fresh. It’s in tip-top shape, clean, sharp, and practically perfect with a pretty purple shine. I’m impressed with how well-made it is, and it’s fairly priced too – way less expensive than the flagship.

    The phone comes with a SIM slot key and a C-to-C cable. However, I’m not sure if it has an expandable memory slot. At the moment, it doesn’t seem to have a keyhole for the memory slot, but it does have one for the SIM slot. I also purchased a protective case separately, which is clear, decent, and fits well in my hand and pocket. Overall, I’m satisfied with my purchase and would recommend this phone to anyone looking for a high-quality device at a reasonable price.

  8. John G. Kierecki

    Wife loves her new SAMSUNG Galaxy S23 FE Cell Phone, 256GB, replaces her 7 year old Samsung S5… very efficient, charge lasts days, good storage, superb video quality.

  9. Yair guevara

    Llego en buen estado nuevo y sellado hasta el momento todo bien con el celular y va perfecto

  10. Amazon Customer

    1) Excellent bright screen.
    2) Fast processor. Very speedy.
    3) Excellent sound.

    1) Just one major flaw with this phone and it is its poor battery life. It may last a day at most and seems to drain quite quickly.

    Excellent phone overall. I love its big screen and using the latest android. Would recommend: 8 out of 10 stars.

  11. Tammy Schwartz

    I absolutely love this phone, I upgraded from a galaxy S20 fe to the S23 fe and am glad I did. The camera is better even in low light, it’s a good size screen and feels very sturdy. The battery is great, sound quality is very good and signal strength is good. I just wish it had an SD card slot. Love the purple color.

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