Smart Watches for Women Men with Call, Smart Watch Fitness Tracker With Blood Oxygen Blood Pressure and Sleep Monitor, 1.57” Full Touch Screen IP68 Waterproof, for Android IOS…

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  • 【Smartwatch with phone function, notification】Bluetooth connection, you can answer/make clear calls directly from your smart watches. All messages and notifications will show on your wrist and remind you through vibration. You won’t missing any important calls and message,and keeps you online.
  • 【Ultra Clear Full Fitness trackers】1.57″large scree hd,adopts 200*320 ultra-clear full-touch color screen,smoothness,and excellent texture,bring you wider vision.All incoming calls and message reminders extremely clear,and the display screen will automatically light up when raise wrist.Friendly to Children and Elders.
  • 【Ultra Long Battery Life&Waterproof】USB magnetic charger,200mAh Battery Capacity,1-2hours full charge, standby for 1month, light use for 15days, deep use for 10days, heavy use for 7days.Fitness trackers,IP67water resistant,suitable for washing hands,facial washing,effectively prevent sweat and raining.
  • 【Health Analysis】Fitness tracker and smart watch is easy to wear and keeps track of our heart rate,blood oxygen levels,sleep quality,step count and blood pressure,giving you a comprehensive ivew of your overall health.You could check those real-time health metrics anytime.Heart rate monitor,perfoms 24/7 real-time heart rate monitoring and high heart rate warning.(Only for encouraging a healthy lifessyle,not for medical use.)
  • 【Activity fitness tracker】Workout watch covering almost all daily sports activities. Automatically and accurately record your exercise data enabling,speed,heart rate changes,calories burned,and other data during your workouts to allow you to exercise scientifically,stay on top of your health and fitness goals. Activity trackers,track all day activity.
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5 reviews for Smart Watches for Women Men with Call, Smart Watch Fitness Tracker With Blood Oxygen Blood Pressure and Sleep Monitor, 1.57” Full Touch Screen IP68 Waterproof, for Android IOS…

  1. Avatar of Misses forehead

    Misses forehead

    Great watch. Lots of features. Good battery life.

  2. Avatar of FoxyM


    There were no reviews for this watch yet, which, I assume, is why it was half the price of other watches with similar features. I purchased two – one for me and one for my daughter. Set up was pretty quick and easy, the app seems good. For both of us, the app did change our weight after initial setup, so we both had to go back and correct that.

    Something to note – these watches have 2 bluetooth connections. One connects through the app and allows you to make/receive calls and get notifications, the other acts as a bluetooth speaker. I found a YouTube video searching “all sound going through bluetooth watch” – there are videos for both iPhones and Androids to solve that problem.

    Connecting to the watch and CarPlay worked as expected – maintaining both connections with CarPlay taking priority.

    We’re still playing with exercise mode, so I can’t speak to it’s accuracy or data collection yet (no red flags with one-time checks, though). We did discover that you can’t leave the exercise data screen during workouts (seems to be a common issue) or customize the workout screen to include time (some watches offer this). The only thing that worked was if you receive a call, the call info popped up for you to answer it. The only way to leave the exercise screen to use any other watch function is by ending the workout (pausing didn’t work).

    I left a review for the app in hope that an update that will offer some missing features, suggesting they include the option to display the date as month-day (locked as day-month); allow changing the name of the watch for differentiation within a family (we were only able to edit the bluetooth speaker names, so our 2 watches have the same bluetooth name when connecting to the app); include more “visually accessible” watch faces – too many of their options have very small print; and have more options when using a custom background (what data to include, day and/or date formats, font size, and placement of data).

    The bands are nice looking and solid. The watch face wasn’t too bulky on our petite wrists. I ordered some stretchy nylon bands (18mm) for quicker on/off and general comfort, which is working out great. I like the magnitic charging connection, and the battery life seems good so far.

    While it could use some updates, this is 5-star for the price… and at least these issues could be fixed with app updates and/or watch updates provided through the app.

  3. Avatar of Arnie Frankel

    Arnie Frankel

    I purchased this watch for my brother he is a senior, not sure if he can manage it, I will soon see it’s a Birthday gift.

  4. Avatar of Misses forehead

    Misses forehead

    I have been using a $100.00 Amazafit for 2 years and liked it.
    Bought this for a trial and am amazed.
    Features include answer and make calls from watch. And it works quite well.
    And For $15.00.
    Just ordered a second one for the wife.

  5. Avatar of FoxyM


    First off, this is an amazing watch that is very inexpensive. For the features you get, it could be a lot more expensive. Secondly, the battery life is amazing on it, I have charged it and worn it for 2 days and it is still almost fully charged. The screen isn’t too big, the straps are amazing, and the instructions are very clear. There are only a few problems I have ran into is when you get notifications or calls the vibrations aren’t very noticeable even when it is on the strong vibration setting and that when I first got it I was wondering why I could hear my videos from my watch and didn’t know how to stop it until I fiddled around with it more (swipe down on the watch, go to the cog wheel, and turn off audio). Overall it is a great watch and a highly recommended purchase!

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