Steam Deck Dock – 4K 30Hz Steam Docking Station with 100W USB-C Charging Port Compatible with TV, Monitor, Switch, Tablet, Handle, Mouse, Keyboard,…

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  • 【5-in-1 Docking Station】 – Featuring HDMI 2.0 output(4k 30Hz), USB-C port(100W) for charging and 3*USB 3.0 ports, lets you explore new ways to use Steam Deck. (Note: please make sure the thickness of the protective case is less than 2mm.)
  • 【HDMI 4K@30Hz High-definition Image】 – Steam Deck Dock is equipped with 4K HDMI 2.0 output. It gives you a vividly and smoother viewing experience when you connect an 4K monitor device. Support up to 4K@30Hz when connected to Steam Deck, enjoy gaming on the big screen.
  • 【Fast Data Transmission】- Steam deck station equipped with 3 USB 3. 0 ports(speed up to 5Gbp) allows you transfer files in seconds and connect to the mouse or keyboard without any lags for gaming.
  • 【Widely Compatibility】- The Steam Dock is not only for Steam Deck, also for Switch(upside down), Tablets, Smartphone, and other device with USB-C ports.
  • 【Full Speed Charging】- Machanc Steam Deck Docking Station supports 100W maximum power output, which is enough to charge your steam deck at full speed, let you have enough power to play games for a longtime. (Note: Steam Deck maximum charging speed is 45W.)
Product Dimensions

5.9 x 3.29 x 1.3 inches

Item Weight

5 ounces

Date First Available

December 6, 2022



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1 review for Steam Deck Dock – 4K 30Hz Steam Docking Station with 100W USB-C Charging Port Compatible with TV, Monitor, Switch, Tablet, Handle, Mouse, Keyboard,…

  1. Stomata

    The Switch works with this thing perfectly fine (have to turn it upside down to sit in the little aluminum- cradle since the USB port is on the bottom of the Switch)

    The Steam Deck will cut out in displaying to the output if the Steam Deck is running a game that does not use a non controller interface. I tried to play a tactical FPS that is mouse and keyboard and the screen I had this displaying to dropped the signal and i had to unplug and plug back in the USB output cable to get it to work again, I guess you have to do that if you run games that have intermediary loading screens since those progs expect a computer display.

    Bottom line you can probably get some other dock with a better cord layout.

    More tidbits:

    Nothing on this thing is labelled so you have to go off of the labels on the box, which are the only instructions one will get. Need at least a 100 watt Charger to get this thing to work for the Steam Deck and with that, one will get the message that it can’t really effectively charge on the Steam Deck’s screen (I guess you can use the charging block that the Steam Deck comes with…) Also it only takes a USB C fitting to power the device and the only output is an HDMI port.

    This thing is perfectly fine for the Switch since you can just take the controllers off and use that to control device. For the Steam Deck, one is going to need some peripherals paired to Steam Deck to control since it is very hard to work controls while in the cradle and the USB cable that is the input for this device is super short. This thing just outputs the video from Switch or Steam Deck onto whatever HDMI display the dock is plugged into and will leave the orig device with a blank black screen.

    Finally for some reason it has a bunch of regular USB ports on it that say it is USB 3, but uh i guess at that point one could use this as a USB hub er something to Transfer data…

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