Suptig Portable Charger, 7800mAh Waterproof Power Bank, Compatible for Gopro Hero 11 Hero 10 Hero 9 Hero 8 Hero 7 Hero 6 Hero 5 Hero 4 Hero Session…

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  • High Capacity: Built-in 7800mA lithium battery, Compatible for gopro hero11/hero10/hero 9/hero 8/hero 7black/hero 5/ hero 6/ hero 7 silver/hero 7 white/hero 2018/hero 4/hero 3+/hero 3/hero 4session/hero+/hero5session+/Dji osmo/AKASO and more action cameras. Of course, you can also charge your smartphone or other digital products, so that your wonderful uninterrupted.
  • Waterproof depth: Waterproof to 98ft (30 meters), Through the CE international standard test certification, You can use a waterproof power bank source to charge your camera with a dedicated waterproof housing (not included) to 98ft(30 meters) underwater. Let your shot in the enjoy the whimsical beauty of an unknown underwater world.
  • Perfect size:The waterproof power bank Size:(4.5×2.95×1.37 in), The Waterproof power bank is fully charged about 7 hours. Use a 1A adapter (not included) and the included Micro USB cable. Glossy and matte exterior with cool-blue LED light to report battery level.
  • Ultra durable the use of stainless steel and PC material production, you can dive into the sea do not have to worry about rust.
  • What You Get: Suptig waterproof power bank, 1x charging cable, 1x Thumbscrew, 1x Quick release mount, 1x wrench, 1xMicro USB Cable.
Product Dimensions

1.37 x 4.52 x 2.75 inches

Item Weight

7.2 ounces

Item model number



3 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

April 10, 2021



13 reviews for Suptig Portable Charger, 7800mAh Waterproof Power Bank, Compatible for Gopro Hero 11 Hero 10 Hero 9 Hero 8 Hero 7 Hero 6 Hero 5 Hero 4 Hero Session…

  1. Avatar of Mike VC

    Mike VC

    I absolutely love this product. I bought one for my gopro for fishing. It clips right on to my chesty, and then my gopro clips right on to that. It has more than enough power when fully charged to charge my gopro battery over and over again for 2 days. I usually fish 8 hour sessions, and I don’t even come close to draining this thing in 1 outing, and I can last 2.5 outings I believe. I bought another one too because my mom needed a portable charger for something. So I gave her mine, and got myself a new one. The only thing is, they are not entirely waterproof if they are plugged in to a device. If hey aren’t then they have a screw on water sealed lock. I keep the gopro plugged in the entire time so gopro can just draw power whenever it wants.

  2. Avatar of Nestor Alba

    Nestor Alba

    La ultice con una Gopro , prendía la pila cuando la Gopro tenía el 40% la carga llegaba al 100% mientras estaba prendida y grabando, Se mantiene la cámara cargada por al menos 4 hrs si es continuo.

  3. Avatar of daniel j bowman

    daniel j bowman

    When I plugged the Suptig in to the Gopro and started recording, I’d get an error message about file corruption on the GoPro, Once I unplugged the Suptig, and ran on internal Gopro battery, problem disappeared

  4. Avatar of ToñoLocu


    Lo usé por más de 5 horas seguidas con una GoPro Hero5 Black 5 y solo gaste la mitad de la carga completa… Excelente producto… Nunca la he usado bajo el agua ni pretendo hacerlo, así que no puedo dar recomendación para eso.

  5. Avatar of T. J. Hohmann

    T. J. Hohmann

    1. This battery appears to work, unlike the 5800 amp units (ordered two, neither worked out of the box).
    2. Form factor is good, integrates well with Suptig bracket.

    1. As mentioned by others, not waterproof in use. To be waterproof you need to install a cover which blocks access to the charging port. Would be nice if it were at least splash-resistant as delivered.
    2. Mine came with only one cable, USB A (the big rectangle) to micro USB. GoPro Hero 8 uses USB C so a separate cable is needed.
    3. There are two ports on the battery, USB A and micro USB. It appears that the micro USB port on the battery is for charging the battery only, you can’t power a device from that port. You will need cables that plug into USB A on the battery end.

    Note that the ONE supplied cable can be used to charge the battery (USB A to power source, micro USB to battery) or to power/charge a device as long as the device is micro USB (USB A to battery, micro USB to device). To use a device with other than micro USB you’ll need a cable with USB A on one end and your device’s connection (USB C for GoPro Hero 8) on the other end.

  6. Avatar of Michael Taylor

    Michael Taylor

    I purchased this for my helmet GoPro. This product will allow me to continuously record 4K for more than 8 hours. Great product would buy again and highly recommend.

  7. Avatar of oscar perez

    oscar perez

    Tried on go GOPRO 10…It carge battery only but if you want to recorder and get power with or without the battery simple you can’t…it said to conect to a 5v 2A power source and is the same with the power bank but nothing ..the cable connection its waterproof but you need to purchase the waterproof case for the gopro(wich I did and it fit perfect… too much options for gopro waterproof power banks😞

  8. Avatar of Fabianhe


    Es un buen powerbank para la cámara GoPro, tiene una muy buena duración, he grabado casi 6hrs y el indicador de carga apenas muestra la mitad.
    Lo único que me gustaría es que también estuviera disponible el kit para usar la cámara bajo el agua junto con esta batería, ese lo tuve que conseguir por aparte en Amazon USA

  9. Avatar of Nathan Lee

    Nathan Lee

    I use this to record longer on my bike, but no matter how snug you make it, there is just too much flex to allow taking video on the go without bouncing if you mount it as pictured. Works great if you mount them separately! The way it mounts is very poorly designed. But otherwise, works great! Amazing battery life and if mounted separately from the camera, it’s very stable and secure.

  10. Avatar of VICTOR RODRIGUEZ


    Necesito ayuda., el producto me parece excelente, el problema es que necesito una carcaza especial con entrada redonda lateral para poder insertar el cable para mi hero 7 black y en la pagina del producto en mención supting cargador impermeable me da un link que es este.,( pero me manda al mismo lugar del supting pero no de la carcaza., ojalá me puedan ayudar.

  11. Avatar of Rhonda S. Grady and James.

    Rhonda S. Grady and James.

    Good value and fits my need.

  12. Avatar of Joshua


    I haven’t had any charge or usage issues when connected to by cameras yet. The only issue is the mount, I don’t know if it is my mount or the one on the battery. When attaching my camera it is lose and wobbles causing picture stability issues. I am going to buy a better clip mount and see if that helps or if it proves the mount on the battery is the issue. Will update this review when I have checked this.

  13. Avatar of Jonathan Shuler

    Jonathan Shuler

    I videotape 1 to 2 hour concerts. I would often put my GoPro Hero 4 on the pianist or other unique angle. The normal GoPro batteries would only last about 1 hour to 1 hour 15 minutes and they would die, even with the screen set to turn off after 2 minutes so that it used as little power as possible. The camera would often die before the end of the concert, or if it was a 2 hour concert with an intermission, I’d have to change out the battery at the break.

    I got this Suptig 7800mA/h battery bank and I never run out of battery now. It makes it 2 hours no problem with plenty of charge left (again with the screen shutting off after 2 minutes). Unfortunately, at the moment I don’t recall how much charge is left after 2 hours, but my guess would be it could easily do 4 hours or more of recording.

    However, if you do time-lapse shooting, I have GREAT news. Yesterday and today I set up my GoPro for a construction build and set it to Time-lapse 2.7k, wide angle, with it capturing an image every 1/2 second. I kept the screen set to turn off after 2 minutes to conserve power usage, and after 12 hours of recording (didn’t touch it again until I turned it off), I still had about HALF battery life left (2 of the 4 lights are still lit up indicating 26-50% of battery life left). That was awesome!

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