TAURI [5 in 1 for iPhone 14 Pro Case Clear, [Not Yellowing] with 2X Tempered Glass Screen Protector + 2X Camera Lens Protector, [Military Grade…

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  • 【Compatible with】TAURI iPhone 14 Pro Case is defender designed for iPhone 14 Pro 6.1 inch (Only). Precise cutouts ensure you easy access to all buttons, speakers and charger slot without adding bulk. (Tips!!! Comes with an orange alignment installation border to help with positioning when installing the screen protector.)
  • 【5-in-1 360° Full Protection】Our iPhone 14 Pro Case with 2 Pcs High Quality 9H Tempered Glass can protect your iPhone 14 Pro screen from scratch and broken but ultra-thin, comfortable and sensitive touch make you feel as nothing on screen. Provide 2 Pcs Camera Lens Protector that can protect the camera 100% and will not affect the quality of the photo.
  • 【Military-grade Protection】TAURI iPhone 14 Pro Case Clear is certified drop test, features 4 built-in corner Airbags to absorb impact, can prevent your iPhone 14 Pro from accidental drops, bumps and scratches. If you have any questions before or after your purchase, please feel free to contact us, our professional customer service will reply to you within 24 hours.
  • 【Crystal Clear & Not Yellowing】Using high-grade Germany Bayer’s ultra-clear TPU material, enjoying the original beauty of iPhone 14 Pro. The Nano antioxidant layer effectively resist stains and sweat, not easy to get greasy and yellow over time, perfectly shows the original color of your phone.
  • 【Slim Design & Comfort Grip】TAURI iPhone 14 Pro Cover minimal bulkiness for max protection designed for iPhone 14 Pro 6.1 Inch to fit in pockets easily, perfect for one-handed operation. Processed TPU frame provide with delicate touch feeling and non-slip.
Product Dimensions

6.1 x 3.15 x 0.43 inches

Item Weight

1.13 ounces

Item model number

iphone 14 pro

Date First Available

July 5, 2022



11 reviews for TAURI [5 in 1 for iPhone 14 Pro Case Clear, [Not Yellowing] with 2X Tempered Glass Screen Protector + 2X Camera Lens Protector, [Military Grade…

  1. Double Dizzle fo Shizzle

    There’s many good things to say about this product. For the obvious, it seems to do a fine job at protecting my phone. I’ve dropped my iPhone 14 multiple times, and all of those times, the phone case, along with the camera lens protector have taken the brunt of possible damage.
    One of the design problems I see with the iPhone 14 Pro (not the case) is the camera lens protrudes from the actual back of the phone. So if you drop it and it falls flat, the camera lens takes the hit before the actual phone does. If you slide the phone on a table, the camera’s lens, yet again, takes the damage rather than the rest of the back of the phone. It’s just seems overly exposed, to me. I’m sure Apple engineers gave it a long and hard thought about it…either have the lens protrude from the phone, or add thickness to the entire phone so the lens sit flush. In the world of electronics it seems people always prefer thinner.

    With that said, the lens protector certainly adds a layer of protection that is otherwise missing…with one tiny caveat.
    Explaining this caveat, however, is difficult to explain. In short, the lens protector uses a thin sticky adhesive around the edge to adhere it to the phone…rather it probably should also be held in with an extended lip around phone case itself. In other words, the lens protector can pop off, or fall off, even if the phone case, itself, is still on. So if you get dust under the lens protector, it’s easy to remove, but reaffixing it is a lost cause as the adhesive is a “one time” thing.
    I wrote the company and explained how my lens protector popped off, and immediately, they sent an entire new kit…phone case, lens and screen protector. Pretty honorable.

    To sum up, this system works great. It’s already saved my phone at least once, along with the camera lens.

  2. Nashuk

    I bought a Tauri case for the first time for my iPhone 14pro. It arrived promptly. The packaging was so good and looked perfect. Everything inside packaged Individually. This was a mag case. Within a day or so I received a follow up message from Tauri sides to check everything was OK. By then I had realised that I ordered the wrong case. I responded to their message and they immediately offered to send out a replacement which I received FOC 2 days later and they didn’t want me to have the hassle of returning the item I had bought in error. I was so impressed by their service and the care applied both to their products and their customers. Hereafter I assure you, Tauri area my go to company for accessories. Well done Tauri 😎😎🙏

  3. Mr S

    I have not heard of this brand before and thought it may be yet another Amazon fake and over hyped reviewed product.

    However much to my surprise, I was really pleased with the product as:

    1. The packaging was top quality and well designed.

    2. All the contents were well made and with the help of some key items provided the install was easy.

    3. The overall fit of the case, ring, screen and camera protector was perfect

    4. You get everything you need in one package from case to protectors.

    5. They provide a lifetime warranty (not yet called upon) and neatly packaged info on how to claim.

    This is a brilliant product and great value compared to the many over hyped brands and competitors out there. I hope its longevity matches its excellent initial impressions.

  4. Inès

    I just got a new iPhone 14 pro therefore I was looking for a sturdy yet cute case to protect it. I am so glad I got this one because it is indeed so sturdy and bonus: it is easy to set up!
    Moreover, the accessories which come with the case make the phone even more protected.
    The screen protector is very easy to set up. I really enjoyed that it came with special wipes (a dry and a wet one) to clean up the screen from any kind of dust or germs before applying it.
    To me, the big perk with this case is the back lenses protector. Thanks to it, the lenses will always be protected and will never be in direct contact with a hard surface when your phone is on a table or whatsoever.
    Last but not the least, the product came in a nice packaging with cute little stickers that you can add on your phone case if you wish✨

  5. JC

    I would say this company has a phenomenal attention to detail. From packaging, to presentation, to the materials itself. Then a special thank you and some stickers that just go the extra mile for the user experience.

    I was able to follow the QR code provided to an instructional video that helped me install my screen protector, camera protector, and wireless charging sticker without issues. I am completely awful at installing screen protectors, I would say I prefer to go to a local store to have someone else do it because i’m so bad. Not in this case though! A guiding tool is provided to help your screen protector fit dead center of your screen, then the video helped me see someone else do it flawlessly. Which mine did the same.

    Thank you so much for this great product and attention to detail from start to finish. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

  6. Aída Carrillo

    I gave 5 stars to durability because, for a simple phone case, it is solid. It’s no Otter Box, so I don’t expect it to protect my phone from all unfortunate events. The packaging is exceptional; it came with three stickers, two camera protectors, two screen protectors, two of each items to clean the screen for application, a peel and stick magnet, and instructions on accurately applying magnet. I put the phone in the case before applying the screen and camera protectors; all of these items for half the price of a single phone case at the phone provider’s store. I am completely satisfied with this product and would buy again.

  7. Matthew naisbitt

    I was sceptical to order at first due to the low amount of reviews (solely due to the fact the phone has been out less than a week) but I thought it’s only £15, what have I got to lose.

    Let’s just say I was pleasantly surprised.

    Firstly the box presentation is better than any brand I have ever seen for phone accessories, the case is extremely firm and sturdy.

    Secondly the screen protectors and their application process is extremely simple and easy to do with the helpful alignment tool that is included.

    Finally the camera protectors are extremely simple to apply too, although they look quite bulky they serve a purpose and will protect your phone from any impact to this fragile area.

    I can not recommend this phone case set enough, if you were like me and didn’t know what phone case to order, and was intimidated by some of the ‘top brands’ £50+ price tags for a simple phone case, then please buy this one.

    Safe to say I will be a repeat customer to this brand, thank you again and I will be back in the future!

    Matthew (a very satisfied Amazon customer).

  8. Acosta IL

    I was highly looking forward to this item that had excellent reviews. Unfortunately, my order was a used item with missing pieces. However, I was able to do a return and replace with no hassle. My replacement was received the following day and I LOVE IT. As stated in many reviews, presentation plays a big part in the likeness. Tauri definitely knows how to cause a smile at first sight. My cute box was sealed and no missing pieces 👏🏻. The installation of screen protector was super easy. I’ve never had a cover over my camera and I’ve become a big fan with this awesome kit. You seriously can’t beat getting 2 screen & 2 camera protectors at the price of this case. Having extras never hurts. Highly recommend to give this a try!

  9. Giacomo Tesserin

    I bought and iPhone 14pro the other day (few days before going on holidays) so i was literally looking for any phone case that could be delivered asap. When this arrived the next day i was shocked! I bought few good iPhone cases before that served the purpose but nothing to be excited about.. I mean it’s just a case lol so i wasn’t expecting anything “fancy” , BUT this one was a beautiful surprise! As soon as I opened it I realised how much love the people who designed this put into it! The packaging is super smart and looks very expensive, trust me it was a real experience. The iPhone case is great but the presentation brought it to another level!! Silly me that I didn’t check what was included so i went crazy when i found out 2 glass screen protectors were included too lol. honestly, I bought plain phone cases before for double the price and had to pay extra money for screen protectors ! This one felt like a real treat, thank you so much.

  10. Volha

    I don’t often write reviews, only if the products were really very cool or, on the contrary, of poor quality. But this cover just surprised me! All previous cases were either in regular bags, regular boxes, but this one is just wow… the care with which these cases are made is simply unexpected for me. I can’t take a picture of what was inside the box, because I used everything for its intended purpose, but even the box itself and how it is framed causes delight and surprise. It is not a shame to give such a cover even as a gift. I am attaching only a photo of the box, because the rest has already been used for its intended purpose) I highly recommend this product, I am delighted.

  11. Selbi

    Dear Tauri Team,

    I have received the items today. I want to comment on each item separately.

    1) The protective glass.
    I was so nervous installing the protective glass, but it turned out to be so easy and the glass went really
    smoothly (just like it is shown in the video). Moreover, it does not
    even show on my screen, as if there is no glass at all!
    2) Camera Lens Protection.
    It is great as well, I loved how easy it was to install, and the quality seems good too. It aligns with the
    phone case and does not look like a bump.
    3) Phone case.
    Best quality I have ever had so far. Although I have just put it on my phone, so I cannot comment
    about the durability yet, however I can feel that it is good. It is not very hard material, but it also
    makes you feel secure about your phone. It is not difficult to take it off and to put it back on, and
    most importantly, it looks really beautiful!
    Overall, thanks a lot, I am happy with my purchase! Good luck with your business.

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