TCL 20 Pro 5G Unlocked Smartphone with 6.67” AMOLED FHD+ Display, 48MP OIS Quad Camera, 6GB+256GB, 4500mAh Battery, US 5G Verizon Cellphone,…

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  • Unlocked Smartphone: Compatible with Verizon 5G and LTE network, T-Mobile 5G and LTE network, AT&T LTE networks (without AT&T 5G). If your device experiences an error when making calls on Verizon, your account may need to be provisioned to support “CDMA-less” devices with the assistance of Verizon’s technical support team or your account’s business representative. This device isn’t compatible with CDMA networks-such as Spectrum, Xfinity,etc.
  • The Power of 5G: Experience revolutionary speeds, faster streaming, quicker downloads, as well as enhanced AI features and hyper-accurate GPS with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 750G 5G Mobile processor. And 6GB of RAM provide effortlessly smooth performance. More sharing, more gaming, more experiences, never miss a beat.This Model is made for the US with a one-year US warranty.
  • NXTVISION 2.0 Intelligent Display: Discover seamless visuals that go beyond the edge with the TCL 20 Pro 5G smartphone’s 6.67-inch FHD+ NXTVISION AMOLED Dotch Display. Immerse yourself in a vivid, true-to-life visual world. The phone’s AI visual enhancement intelligently detects your environment’s lighting and automatically enhances brightness, color, clarity, and contrast for the best visuals.
  • 48MP OIS Quad Camera: Capture sharp photos and videos with the 48MP Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) main camera. The 16MP ultra wide-angle, 5MP macro, and 2MP depth camera allow you to capture and explore more of the world around you. The 32MP front camera with dedicated RGB sensor accurately captures skin tone and natural lighting for stunning selfies.
  • Keep More: 256GB ROM storage gives you enough space to keep all your apps, picture, videos, music and files without feeling the pinch. You can also expand up to 1TB with a microSD card (sold separately). the in-display fingerprint sensor and face unlock provide for fast and secure access.
Package Dimensions

7.48 x 3.74 x 2.48 inches

Other camera features


Country of Origin




Whats in the box

Mobile Phone Case, 9V2A charger, Type-C Cable, SIM card PIN, Quick Guide

Battery Power Rating

4500 Milliampere Hour (mAh)


20 Pro 5G Moondust Gray

Form Factor


Audio Jack

3.5 mm

Other display features


Item Weight

1.12 pounds

Display resolution

FHD+ (2400 x 1080)

Display technology


Connectivity technologies


Wireless communication technologies

Bluetooth, Cellular, Wi-Fi, NFC


6 GB


Android 11.0


1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Item model number


Date First Available

June 28, 2021

2 reviews for TCL 20 Pro 5G Unlocked Smartphone with 6.67” AMOLED FHD+ Display, 48MP OIS Quad Camera, 6GB+256GB, 4500mAh Battery, US 5G Verizon Cellphone,…

  1. Avatar of JB


    Update 5/18/22 : Almost 5 months later and the phone is still pretty solid. I did run into the GPS issue other reviews mention (the GPS was off by about a street width, messed with some rideshare drivers). It just received the April 2022 security update if that matters to anyone, I haven’t needed to use the GPS since that rolled through so not sure if that issue was addressed.

    Battery life for my use case still see’s me through two full days without turning the phone off, averaging 6-7hrs screen on time with 20%-30% left at the end of the second day. I’ve noticed that background audio playback does take a chunk out of the battery usage however so keep that in mind.

    Nothing else to add, everything else has been good and after seeing a lot of mixed things from other phone’s that are on Android 12 I’m glad this device is still on Android 11 for the time being.


    First things first – when j setup the phone and put in my 128GB sdcard that I used in my previous phone(s) it didnt work. I thought this could have been due to it needing to be formatted, but after doing a software update (Nov. security patch) the phone recognized it and I’ve had no issues since.

    The phone feels good, it’s a bit taller than my old phone but is lighter. The curve on the screen feels a bit more pronounced but doesn’t impact typing. The screen looks great, and coming from a 1200×2640 screen to this 1080P panel wasnt as big of a change as I thought. No problems with the fingerprint scanner, it works fine.

    I checked a lot of video and photo reviews, and the camera will work for my needs. I like the ability to use the full pixels, and the pro mode works well even if it doesn’t have focus peaking to help you get to the right setting quickly.

    I do think some people will be better off going for the Samsung A52 instead for photos, but then you’re losing out on the headphone jack and sdcard which were things I really wanted on a phone again. The selfie camera also is better on this phone IMO, which is a nice surprise.

    Battery is pretty dependent on setup, but on the first day I only charged to 75% and by the end of my day was at 42% after all the app loading and configuring with 4hrs screen on time – this will work for me just fine and I expect to tinker with the various options until it’s where I want it. So far I have been charging the phone every two days so it has worked well for me.

    I noticed the first day that the app switcher would blank out some of my open apps so they didnt have a name or image in the “switcher” view. They still opened, I assume this is related to RAM? This still happens from time to time, not sure why but wanted to point it out.

    No issues with my carrier, WiFi calling worked out of the box as did MMS and MMS over WiFi – Volte and 5G did as well (though I have 5g turned off). The default launcher is pretty unobtrusive and offers some nice touches here and there, you can always just install another if you want.

    Call quality is good and headphone jack seems fine with my headphones and earbuds. The bottom speaker (while a let down) is OK, some audio is fine but if it’s a quieter video be prepared to need to bump up the volume.

    The phone came with some bloat unfortunately (, Netflix, Facebook, a game) but you were allowed to uninstall those so I didnt think it was a dealbreaker. Sony phones used to include the same apps too, if it bothers you I’d recommend hooking up to adb and removing any other traces you find if you’re so inclinded. There also is a non-blockable customer survey notification, I opened and closed it but am not sure if it will come back.

    One star off for the SD card not working out of the box, the task switcher blanking out apps and for the bloat (especially since there wasnt mention of the SD card problem or bloat in the manuals or release notes). If you’re not needing the quickest updates and want the headphone jack, sd card and big battery combo this could work for you especially if you find it on sale.

    There’s a preview for Android 12, but if you check the terms once you enroll you cant revert back

  2. Avatar of God Given Freedom

    God Given Freedom

    These are my initial thoughts on this device.
    First, out of the box, I was stunned at how beautiful it was. When I turned it on and took the first look at the display, I was again stunned by the beauty. The photos I’ve taken in the past (usually of nature) look SO good. It turned on easily, and loaded quickly.
    The 6g ram, 256g hard drive is unheard of for this price.
    I’m not one who is willing to pay $1,500 for a device that is going to last the same year or two as all the rest. For $426 I got the same O/S, ram, rom, etc as those. This device has allowed me to get all the bells and whistles of the more expensive brands for less than a third of the cost.
    So far, it has been responsive and done everything it should. As this is only my initial thoughts about the device and as I haven’t had enough time to get a good idea of what it’s issues are, I will certainly be updating the review at a later time.
    The face detection is so responsive that it is an inconvenience and I disabled it. It kept making the screen turn on and even though I manually turned it off, the moment I moved it, it came back on.
    The screen seems to constantly come on, unlocked, while I’m on the phone and don’t want the screen on. There’s a lot for me to learn about and I’m not going to say anything negative because of my own ignorance of the device like so many others tend to do.
    Next is the beveled screen. I’m not sure what the purpose is for this design but I see too many negatives in the design and wouldn’t choose it. Putting a screen protector on it is going to look silly and be difficult to fit. But I hate scratched and broken screens so it is needed. I found out that they make a beveled protector but the reviews are terrible, saying that the screen doesn’t work week with it on.
    The battery life is terrible so far. Not sure why as I’m not on it much, made sure there was nothing unusual running in the background but when I got up, it was at 100% and I used it for about 15 minutes and two hours later it was at 84%. Perhaps I got a bad battery, idk. I’m going to thoroughly read the manual and see what I can find to solve the issue and then call tech support if needed.
    Advice: ALWAYS do THOROUGH research before making a fool of yourself for complaining about something YOU caused or could have prevented by doing it.
    The only other negative at this time is the keyboard selection icon at the bottom right of the screen when the keyboard is open. With the bevel and position of this, it is almost impossible to not hit it constantly, which I do. The natural way that everyone holds their phone to type especially,makes this constantly being hit by accident. I’ll attempt to find a way to remove this and hopefully it can be removed. Possibly with another keyboard.
    I wanted this phone to be a wonderful addition to my experience with phones but it wasn’t and I returned the second one too as it’s battery was also garbage. It couldn’t make a whole day and I am not on it much. All other phones I have had, the batteries lasted at least two days.

    06/17/22 update:
    The device has begun glitching badly. The battery, though huge and should last at minimum two full days the way I use them, won’t last a day.
    Even with the facial recognition turned off, the screen will not stay off and I end up hitting mute or hanging up on the person I am trying to speak with.
    The speakers suck. Turning it up as high as it goes, I can barely hear when on speaker.
    I am returning the unit but only to replace it with another in hopes that I got a dud and the next will be alright. I would hate to have such a wonderful unit be a total failure. Especially when the reviews were so good. Of course many people just jump on and give 5 stars out of the box simply because it’s a new toy and they’re like children with new toys on Christmas. They gush and then never update again with pertinent information.
    So, hopefully the unit they’re sending is an actual representation of the great reviews this phone has. Fingers crossed.

    Final update 7/06/2022:
    I got the second phone and it was exactly the same as the first. While this phone is beautiful and feels like it should be magnificent, it is actually worth about $200 max.
    The battery is trash and not because I don’t know what I’m doing. No background memory being used either.
    There are many glitches in the device that should not be there as both of the devices were new.
    I genuinely hope that TCL is able to fix it and make it the flagship it should be for the company. I believe it could be a competitor to Samsung and Apple if they do.
    I was VERY disappointed that it didn’t work out.

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