TECKNET Bluetooth Wireless Mouse, 3200 DPI Computer Mouse, 24-Month Battery Life and 6 Adjustable DPI Levels, 6 Buttons Compatible with Ipad Pro/…

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  • 6 DPI and 6 Buttons: TECKNET bluetooth mouse has 3200/2400/2000/1600/1200/800DPI. Six efficient buttons and five adjustable DPI level that allow you to freely control the mouse speed. Connects directly to Bluetooth-enabled device laptop computer or PC without the need for a receiver.
  • TruWave technology. the accuracy of TruWave means you’ll enjoy smoother tracking on almost any surface. With its wireless Bluetooth connection and TruWave technology, it works almost anywhere, from a café to a park bench. You can even use the TECKNET Bluetooth mouse on smooth material surfaces.
  • Ergonomic Design: The ergonomic design and soft rubber grip perfect to fit your hand for a comfortable grip while reducing wrist fatigue caused by long working hours. The compact size makes it easy to take with you whether you use your computer at home, at work or anywhere else.
  • Comfortable and Durable: TECKNET computer mice is made of skin-friendly, super durable wireless mouse with perfect performance on 10,000,000 clicks keystroke test! If you have problems with product, please contact us to solve it for you.
  • Long Battery Life: TECKNET bluetooth mouse can up to 24-month battery Life. It takes only 2 AA battery but NOT INCLUDED.
  • Wide Compatibility: TECKNET mouse compatible with Windows (2000, 2003, XP, VISTA, Win7, Win8, Win8.1, Win 10, Win 11, etc)Suitable for desktop, laptop, PC, MacBook, Chromebook and other devices. (Please note: The side buttons DO NOT work for Mac OS devices due to compatibility issues. Other Buttons function normally)
  • 36 MONTHS SUPPORT: If you encounter any problems in using the product, please feel free to contact our professional customer service team, enjoying TECKNET 36 Months Warranty (Registered Only)
Product Dimensions

2.56 x 1.63 x 4.13 inches

Item Weight

2.65 ounces

Item model number



2 AA batteries required.

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

January 24, 2014



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13 reviews for TECKNET Bluetooth Wireless Mouse, 3200 DPI Computer Mouse, 24-Month Battery Life and 6 Adjustable DPI Levels, 6 Buttons Compatible with Ipad Pro/…

  1. Grace (she/they)

    I like this mouse a lot because I use my computer for gaming and for writing and my college stuff. So it’s nice to have that versatile experience of being able to use it easily for gaming and also being able to buy essays with it. However, I’m disappointed frankly because I didn’t know that it required batteries. I when it said wireless Bluetooth mouse I thought it was like my old mouse where you just had to plug it into the computer and charged every once in a while and it would last. But it runs on batteries and I’m not sure how I feel about that yet

  2. Ben Maybanks

    I’ve purchased too many mouses to count. I’ve bought cheap ones and unbelievably expensive ones such as the rat 9, but I can easily say that this one is the best. For just over £10, you get a mouse which to my knowledge is second to none. When I first reviewed this product I was already prepped to return it but as I unboxes it, I pleasantly looked apon a device which was the perfect size, has the extra back and forward buttons on the left side and has a scroll wheel of great quality. I put 2 AA batteries in the mouse and connected it to my computer. Instant stable Bluetooth connection. To test the stability of the connection I began moving around my room while testing it for its reactions. With no faults during the first test, I decided to take the tests to the next level. I gave my friend the mouse and he moved further and further away until he needed to leave my house and go out onto the street. There were no issues with the device even as my friend approached the other side of the street.

    I realise I have gave this product a review of only the positive points but from my view, there is no negatives.
    Great looking
    Great feel
    Great connection

    From the reviews that I read before buying this product, I got the feeling that quite a lot of the users were from a laptop device. I believe if your device has a quality Bluetooth transmitter/receiver you will have no problems with this device.

  3. Sparky

    Absolutely love this mouse. I’ve used it solid for a few weeks now and I tested the batteries and they are still on 100% which is good! (using Duracell Ultra Power batteries)

    I’d just like to comment on the sleep function, I noticed a lot of people were saying you had to click a button to wake the mouse, I have two of these mouses one on a Windows 7 laptop and one on a Windows 10 laptop, and neither of them do I have to click a button to wake the mouse up, I simply just move it slightly and it wakes (I find just by actually putting your hand on the mouse is enough movement to wake it). I leave it turned on all the time as well even if the laptop is turned off, just easier for me.

    I liked the fact it was the size of a full size mouse, as I know the wireless / bluetooth mouses can be a lot smaller sometimes.

    I have never had either of them drop the connection or not connect, I would highly recommend this mouse.

  4. Fran

    oh i love this….. I bought this just so i can play Age Of Empires on a £2K laptop… wasnt expecting much, but boy was i blown away.

    Along the thumb it has a rubber finish which grips lovely and the overall size is perfect, not too big and not too small (I do have slightly small hands).
    When i originally got mine it was missing the battery cover which i thought was super odd. But the company sent me a replacement mouse, even though I only wanted the lid, but there you go… happy ending never the less.

    If your computer has bluetooth, this thing will pick it up and you dont need one of those little infrared reciver. it even works for MacBook, i use mine on my 2016 touchbar MacBook Pro and on the windows 10 partition. I turn the mouse on, click once and it pairs, SUPER fast (only after you pair it properly for the 1st time). I think if i try, i could even pair it with my fridge and my neighbours cat.

    Damn good for the money, get one for your mum sister and a spare one to use as a door stop because it looks lovely.

  5. Traveler and Crafter

    The media could not be loaded.

     Shape wise: This was the mouse I could find closest to my current Logitech M705 so ergonomically, I love it. My hands are small so this was the perfect comfortable size. The cover is plasticky which I don’t love but you get what you pay for.

    I didn’t realize that for infinite scrolling you need an encoder in your mouse scroll wheel, I thought the button was for that but it was for changing your dpi, which I guess for gamers, the fastest dpi is pretty quick for reaction time on screen. Since I look at long paged documents often, I did want an encoder but if you press the scroll wheel, it shows this scroll wheel on the screen for quicker scrolling.

    The scroll wheel and the clicking is a bit stiff for me. If compared it with the Logitech in the video but you can hear and see the difference in quality and speed. I don’t know if this will get better after using it longer. The side buttons for going forward and backwards are really easy to press. Almost a little flimsy feeling. This mouse dongle spot was misleading because when I got this I thought there was a dongle but it’s solely on Bluetooth so nothing to plug in but there’s a slot for a dongle… Which I guess was for before they changed the software of the mouse to no longer need it.

    I read a review that said they had a lag from the sleep mode but I tested it after being on sleep for 10 mins and reactivated the mouse and I didn’t have any lag.

    Mine came a little chipped probably from the manufacturing process.

    Honestly this was one of the cheaper pink pastel mouses I could find on Amazon so it’s better than a non matching color that’ll bother my ocd. Does the job!

  6. JQ

    Size was bigger than expected but acceptable. Easy install. Only take one click and one second to wake up from sleep. I’ve been using it for a while now, I’m happy with it and the price is great.

  7. dursun sakarya

    I like the feel on the scroll wheel, on many other brands the scroll wheel gets loose, loses it’s indents

    It goes into sleep mode too quickly, perhaps there’s a driver that lets you adjust this.

  8. John M. Hammer

    For some reason, Technet is still using this same listing on Amazon that used to be for their discontinued BM306 mouse for this fairly new model, the EWM01308 (it will be identified by your computer’s Bluetooth module as “BT5.0 Mouse”). The old BM306 was a good value, this mouse is about the same price but even better. It is a little larger, has better heft because it uses two AA batteries instead of just one, there are six DPI settings instead of three, and the color of the side buttons is an undistracting black instead of red. It tracks smoothly, the buttons are slightly noisy but all work well (fully compatible with my Mac and the BetterTouchTool driver software I use), the scroll wheel is smooth and fairly quiet but has nice tactile stops. I can’t comment on the battery life yet. I especially like that the mouse generates basic Button 3, Button 4 etc. values instead of the buttons being hard-coded for Page Up, Page Down, etc. as are Logitech and many other mice because the basic Button X values make using third-party mouse drivers much easier. This mouse is a great upgrade relative to the old BM306 and at the current price of between $11 and $16 depending on what color you choose and what discounts are currently being offered, it is a fantastic value. If Technet revised this mouse again I hope they add a third thumb button and a tilting scroll wheel but it’s quite nice as it is.

    Below is my old review of the BM306 from about 6 years ago:
    ————— ————— —————
    Over the last 25 years I’ve owned a bunch of mice and and similar input devices ranging in quality from the crappy hockey puck that shipped with the first iMacs to some really nice Logitech units. I currently spend most of my time using an Apple Magic Mouse supplemented by an Apple Magic Trackpad and sometimes an Apple Bluetooth Mighty Mouse.

    Recently I’ve been playing some games and while the input devices I have were working OK I really wanted a few more buttons and physical buttons rather than just a touch surface over one big button. I gave some thought to pulling out one of my old Logitech MX1000 mice, which are really great, but while wireless they rely on a base station that has to be plugged into AC and a USB port, neither of which I wanted to bother with. I looked at Logitech’s current offerings and all the mice I like use a unifying receiver which fits into a USB port and I didn’t want to dedicate a USB port for this purpose.

    Just browsing mice on Amazon I saw this one, the TeckNet BM306. Bluetooth, 5 buttons (left click, right click, scroll wheel/middle click, and a pair of thumb buttons), a scroll wheel, and it seemed to be normal size, i.e. not huge but not made to be especially portable/tiny, either. The price caught my eye, too: Under thirteen bucks. The reviews were mixed but I decided to give it a try.

    The tracking is smooth and it works on my bare desk, my mouse pad, my thigh, and the arm of my leather lounge chair. I didn’t spend time testing it on other surfaces such as mirrors; why would I ever want to use it on a mirror? All the buttons click and register with a good feel but a bit more volume than you might desire if using it in a shared space.

    The tracking speed, even at the lowest resolution, is faster than my Magic Mouse but tolerable so I don’t have to adjust system settings every time I pick up the TeckNet mouse or resort to third-party drivers which allow tracking speed to be set on a device-by-device basis. I’ll never use the button on the mouse to change the resolution but for those who find that useful you press that button once and the resolution changes and then the button flashes between one and three times to tell you which resolution setting you just changed to. If this were a function I was going to use I would prefer a slide selector on the bottom of the mouse rather than a button on the top with a flashing light indicator whose meaning has to be memorized.

    The scroll wheel works very nicely with a perceptible but smooth click as it rotates. Nothing’s as good as scrolling with a touch surface but as physical scroll wheels go the one on this mouse is fine. I liked the scroll wheel tilt/left-right scroll/left-right buttons on my Logitech MX1000 mice but if I wanted more buttons I guess I would have looked at some other mouse instead of the BM306.

    I have a bit of third-party software on my Mac called BetterTouchTool which allows me to assign pretty much whatever functions I like to my mouse buttons. By default, the thumb buttons are back and forward which, in a web browser, will take you to your previous page or the reverse. I prefer to have them work as page down and page up in most applications (although it barely matters since I’m only using this mouse for a few games). Something like USB Overdrive would allow even more customization but BetterTouchTool is good enough for my current purposes and I have it running all the time for other functions, anyway.

    I wish the thumb buttons were a muted silver or black because the mouse is very professional-looking except for those red buttons on the side. A very minor quibble to be sure but the mouse would look less cheap with a different color choice on these parts.

    I haven’t owned this mouse long enough to verify the claimed battery life but the mouse has three progressive, automatic, and very aggressive sleep modes so I wouldn’t be surprised if a single AA battery were to last 15 months. I use rechargeable batteries so it will be a bit shorter for me but as long as it lasts a few weeks I’ll be satisfied. In fact, I wish I could disable or at least adjust the mouse’s power-saving behavior because while it wakes up with a click and reconnects to my Mac in just a second or three I’d rather that it not go into sleep mode in the time it takes me to walk to the bathroom, do number one, and walk back to my office. This is the only real complaint I have with the mouse and it’s a very minor issue. I imagine that it might be more of an issue for users of non-Mac computers which tend to have less reliable communication with Bluetooth devices and I think that’s likely the cause of the connection issues reported in most of the low-scoring reviews here. Less aggressive activation of power-saving sleep modes would probably eliminate most of these complaints.

    At this price I’m quite satisfied with my purchase. The mouse is a great value and if you can live with the infrared rather than a laser, it has enough buttons for your needs, you’re right-handed, and you don’t have baby or gargantua hands; it’s well worth a try especially with Amazon’s guarantee backing up your purchase.

  9. Nancy Chung

    I wanted to wait to see how long the battery lasted. Truly 24 months??
    I use my mouse a LOT. Maybe about 5 or 6 hrs a day (weekends included) so i guess thats quite a lot for their 24 month estimation. There’s some power down time during use, but still, I click around a lot and sometimes use it consistently for hours at a time. When it powers down, just takes 1 click to get it up again and its connected. Pretty fast I’d say.

    With that much usage, got a solid 9 months out of it. Not bad.
    Never had any issues with it during that time. Except for a couple of ties when I couldn’t seem to wake it up from slee and thought the batteries died, but i just flipped it off and on again and that seemed to get it going again. Not 24 mos but I’m still satisfied with it.

    There are a couple of reviewers here who had issues with connectivity / battery life… but I didnt.

  10. H D

    I wanted a wireless bluetooth mouse that does not require a small usb connector to be inserted into the computer, and this product is exactly what I was after. I use it with my macbook 2017 model, that only has 2 type-c usb ports, so I have to be very economical with the ports. The compatibility is flawless, and connection time took around 45-60 seconds. The batteries make the mouse a bit heavy, but the weight becomes quite nice after a while, expecially when using the mouse continuously for multiple hours.
    If unused for a long time (a week or two), it might require a new pairing with the laptop’s bluetooth.
    The sensitivity of the mouse is great, and it can do very precise work, as I use it for architectural and technical drawing.

  11. ZENITH

    I wasn’t expecting all the buttons. Over complicates the operation of the mouse. I guess if you’re young dude with high finger control this would be an exquisite model. But for me, at 80, one little twitch will send an extra button off into orbit LMAO

  12. William Piper

    When the mouse goes to sleep it is easy to restart by pressing the left button.

  13. SianCodes

    So I bought this to replace my cheap little Jelly Comb mouse which was rechargeable which I had misplaced in a move, it was a great little thing. Never really ran out of power, was smooth and easy to use.
    I knew this one was battery operated but decided to give it a go as the reviews were good.

    With a little less than a month’s use and I’ve already replaced the batteries this morning. The mouse keeps turning itself off (I’m presuming this is sleep mode but it’s almost impossible to wake up) and I have to turn it on and off again to get a response from it. Sometimes I use my keyboard for long periods of time when I’m writing code or when I’m writing documentation so this is quite inconvenient for me.

    The mouse does feel nice to use, the scroll button is responsive and smooth. I would agree it has got an ergonomic design and button presses are satisfying but I will be looking to find a replacement soon and I would suggest new buyers look into other options. If you’re going to be using it constantly without pauses then it might work better for you.

    Not sure if I’ve got a dud one but still not a happy camper

    ** Update a day later **

    After changing my batteries yesterday and whilst in use the mouse became unresponsive. Based on the reviews I’ve deffo got a dud but I will be looking at getting a replacement mouse today.

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