Tracfone Samsung Galaxy A13 5G Prepaid Smartphone (Locked) – Black – 64GB – Sim Card Included – CDMA

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  • We’ve gone and done it. Galaxy A13 5G packs our core features into one of the most affordable 5G phones on the market. What does that mean for you? Incredible video capturing and photos with a high-res triple camera, and enhanced storage that has room for all of your favorite memories..Form_factor : Bar
  • 6.5″ HD+ LCD Display; Android 11; Octa-Core 2.4GHz Processor; 5,000mAh battery; Face Unlock; 90Hz refresh rate
  • 64GB Internal Memory (expandable to 1TB); 4GB RAM; 50MP Rear + 2MP Macro + 2MP Depth Cameras; 5MP Front Camera; 5G
  • Carrier: This phone is locked to Tracfone, which means this device can only be used on the Tracfone wireless network.
  • Unlimited Talk, Text and Data plans starting as low as $20/month
Product Dimensions

3.01 x 0.34 x 6.47 inches

Item Weight

14 ounces

Item model number



1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

May 1, 2022



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8 reviews for Tracfone Samsung Galaxy A13 5G Prepaid Smartphone (Locked) – Black – 64GB – Sim Card Included – CDMA

  1. George4

    I was excited to set up my first 5g phone, being a 10 year Tracfone customer. All went easily and fast, using the Smart Switch feature…HOWEVER, THE PHONE WILL NOT ACCEPT INCOMING VOICE PHONE CALLS, BUT WILL ACCEPT INCOMING TEXTS. Spent nearly an hour speaking with a Tracfone Rep in Manilla who went through a script, promised a call back in 30 minutes……of course that was an apparent tactic to dump my call. And 17 hours later, NO TRACFONE RETURN CALL AS PROMISED…..note: I used my landline for this purpose. Appears it is finally time to return the phone and go to another system and service. If not for this issue I think the phone to be a good buy…..but a phone that cannot receive incoming calls is WORTHLESS TO ME.


  2. Raymond M. Schmitz

    This is the best phone I ever used. Easy to install apps without concern about having enough memory.

  3. Twila

    My phone was missing the device to open the SIM card tray, so I had to call customer service. They informed me they could not send me the device, but I could use a straight back earring to open it, which worked. I had read in other comments about the useless cable that comes with the phone, so I was able to order the correct cable when I ordered the phone. Transferring the apps from my old phone was very easy with the Smart Switch App. Getting the Wi-Fi calling set up was quite the challenge, but I got it done. I still am not sure that I have my memory card inserted correctly, as the phone does not seem to be recognizing it, so I may take it to a phone store to have them help me with it, and to purchase the device needed to open the SIM card tray. Overall, a decent phone for the money. I too noticed that nearly half of the memory was already used when I got the phone, but after deleting all the games, I got it down to 20 out of 64.The card reader was not working. Not being a tech savvy person, I took it in to a cell phone repair place to be looked at, and they said the card reader was bad. Had to request a replacement phone. HOpefully the next one works. Other than that, I like it. For what I use the phone for, which is normal every day use, it is well worth the money.

  4. Karen Z.

    As a previous owner of a Samsung Galaxy 11, I was eager to try the A 13 and I haven’t been disappointed. I liked the A11 and found it fairly easy to use however I feel the A 13 was superior to it and definitely a breeze to use. Basically, it was a very similar phone but all the functions were just a little bit better. I ended up buying a second Samsung Galaxy A13 for my partner and he is also pleased with the overall performance.

  5. eddie w phillips

    Good phone for the price and carrier. All the latest features installed. Took Tracfone 3 hours to finally get me hooked up because some of the techs were new and inexperienced.

  6. Brinda Davis

    I love this phone. I’ve always used Tracfone, and had a Samsung, but it’s always been the cheap kinds, finally decided to invest in a nice one. It’s perfect, and bigger than I expected lol. This phone does NOT come with a charger block however, which I didn’t know so I had to buy one separately. The camera is nice, comes with macro mode, pro mode, and food mode. The front facing camera is OK, I thought it would be a lil better, but it takes selfies just fine. I definitely recommend this phone!

  7. Kindle Customer

    I am not tech-savvy at all. I set up this phone and transferred everything from my old Samsung tracfone without a problem. There was no sim card in the package but the phone has worked fine without it for the few days I’ve used it. I thought the sim card was to save photos and I transfer mine to google photos right away so I thought I was ok. I was thinking about it and did some google searches and found that I do need a sim card or the phone might not work properly for some tasks. I had to contact Tracfone and they are sending me a sim card for $0.99. I should have checked first so that’s my fault but Samsung should have included a sim card as their description says. Except for the hassle of not including the sim card I am happy with this phone and the ease of setting it up and transferring the info from my old phone.
    Revised – I received the new sim card and opened the slot to put it in. I turned the phone slightly and a sim card fell out. It was in there all along but had slipped out of place. Much frustration over nothing. I really like this phone!

  8. Arkenstone

    Not the fanciest phone out there, but works well at a good price. Probably worth the extra cost to upgrade from the A03s, especially for the 5G. I like that it still has a headphone jack and SD slot, but upgrades to the superior USB-C connector. It comes with a USB-C to USB-C charging cable, so if you don’t have a USB-C charging brick you can easily buy one, or buy a USB-A to USB-C cable and use your old brick, or charge it from a laptop with a USB-C port.

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