Turtle Beach Recon Spark Gaming Headset for Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, PlayStation, Switch, PC, and Mobile with 3.5mm -…

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  • FLIP-UP MIC – Turtle Beach’s renowned high-sensitivity mic picks up your voice loud and clear, and flips up to mute
  • IMMERSIVE GAMING AUDIO – Superior 40mm over-ear speakers produce crisp highs and thundering lows, and are optimized to support spatial audio technologies
  • MULTIPLATFORM COMPATIBILITY – Designed for Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, and PS4 Pro, Nintendo Switch, PC Gaming, & Mobile devices with 3.5mm Connection
  • METAL-REINFORCED HEADBAND – A metal-reinforced headband provides added durability
  • MEMORY FOAM EAR CUSHIONS – Synthetic leather-wrapped memory foam ear cushions provide long-lasting comfort
  • GLASSES FRIENDLY – Unique ProSpecs comfort-driven design removes pressure on your glasses while you play
  • ON-EAR VOLUME CONTROLS – Quickly adjust volume with convenient on-ear controls
Release date

September 29, 2019


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Product Dimensions

6.75 x 3 x 7.6 inches, 8.48 Ounces





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Item Weight

8.5 ounces


Turtle Beach

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1 A batteries required.

Date First Available

September 29, 2019

13 reviews for Turtle Beach Recon Spark Gaming Headset for Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, PlayStation, Switch, PC, and Mobile with 3.5mm -…

  1. Avatar of Shalomae's Must Have's

    Shalomae’s Must Have’s

    Love the colors. Sound is amazing, so is the bass. I will say after wearing it for a while the band starts digging into the top of my head that leads into a headache. So I have to adjust them every 30 minutes to an hour.

  2. Avatar of Danielle Cheshire

    Danielle Cheshire

    Very average headset. They do the trick, but don’t expect to be blown away. If you can, opt for some better quality turtle beaches. I have a more expensive pair that I love.

  3. Avatar of TONY POWELEIT



  4. Avatar of Holly


    Splashed out on a Razer headset thinking it would be incredible yet so uncomfortable to wear, saw these for half the price and thought I’d trust the reviews and give them a go. So comfortable!!!!! Never have to take them off or rearrange them, the sound is great, the mic is loud and clear. Would 100% recommend to anyone!!

  5. Avatar of -IV-


    As someone who tends to purchase decent quality headphones, it pained me to buy these for my partner who insisted on not getting something “too expensive”.

    In all honesty the sound quality was not as terrible as I expected at first. For £40.00 “they’ll do”.

    Less than 7 days after arriving, they have started failing. The sound has become muffled and the volume is falling gradually. Obviously they’re a faulty set, but with the original packaging in the bin, we are stuck with them.

    If you’re looking for a headset with decent sound quality, I implore you to save a little bit longer in order to purchase a pair from a brand known for their audio quality and reliability. If you don’t care about that and are just looking for a headset, there are cheaper ones on the market that are better than this set.

    Oh, and if it needed to be said, the microphone quality is pretty poor, even before the faults. But if you thoroughly enjoy communicating via tin cans connected by string with that glorious metallic-echo effect, this is the headset for you.

  6. Avatar of Breanna Basler

    Breanna Basler

    I needed a new pair of headphones because my last pair melted. I got these mainly for the white purple color scheme. But my fiance said to buy turtle beach ones for the quality. So I paid a little more than my last ones and I love these they have such comfortable ear cushions the best I’ve ever had. I love the design of the mic as well for its simplicity. Plus the wire is very well made, it feels durable.

  7. Avatar of Christine



    It’s a decent set of gaming headphones. I particularly use them for the X-Box One. Visually, they are great. It seems rather hard to find colors of name brand headphones that appeal me as a female. The set up for the microphone is nice,, with the size of it I enjoy the minimalist idea of it not being in my way. However, the couple complaints I do have make them a bit less appealing to me. The volume adjustment really lacks. I just feel the volume does not go high enough, and I have to choose to hear the game or the other people I am speaking to. The second complaint is that the headphones are pretty tight on my ears. Which is the bigger drawback as I have very sensitive ears and it creates a deep pain within them. Which most headphones cause this issue for me so I can’t remove a star for that.

    Otherwise, I’d recommend these. I’ve had no complaints about people trying to hear me or the quality which makes me assume it’s decent!

  8. Avatar of Sophie


    Ive had this headset since August 2021, and used it almost everyday. Audio quality is decent, but doesn’t go very loud. Mic quality could be better, but thats what you get for a £40 headset. It’s lasted me 6 months with no issues, however the headband recently snapped and completely broke my headset. I’m not someone who doesn’t look after my personal possessions, I am someone who looks after things I buy. Personally I think the damage is due to the poor materials used. It feels very very cheaply made and there is no strong materials like metal used, only plastic. This headset was advertised to be high quality and long lasting, but it does not see like it is at all. To be honest, I got this headset because I loved the colour combination, and probably should of looked into the quality of this product before buying it. Not a terrible headset, but the quality could be drastically improved. Won’t be buying a Turtle Beach headset any time soon.

  9. Avatar of Catherine


    They are exactly how I wanted and expected. It might take a second to figure out the settings on whatever you’re playing on but once you figure it out it works good 🙂 I am very happy.

  10. Avatar of samantha gonzalez

    samantha gonzalez

    After a few months of use it ended up breaking. Besides the fact it broke it was good quality for the price.

  11. Avatar of C. JONES

    C. JONES

    I wrote another review based on the Turtle Beach Atlas One headset so will keep this one short.

    These were bought in July 2020 for my kids. My son’s Atlas One got returned after a month as the sound quality became tinny and distorted like the speakers had blown. Replacement came next day ( 10/10 Amazon !) But after a few months the microphone failed.

    My daughter’s pair of Recon Spark have also failed where the sound keeps cutting out and she says her friends cannot hear her as her mic sounds crackly and broken up.

    We have 6 Xbox controllers and it’s the same for all of them and 2 are brand new custom made for Christmas so it’s 100% the headphones. Poor quality control or cheap cabling.

    So to sum it up, I cannot recommend Turtle Beach products and will not buy their headphones again. I’m now looking at wireless gaming headsets for them and might go for Hyper X, Razer Nuri or Steel Series. One thing’s for sure, it will not be Turtle Beach that gets my money.


  12. Avatar of Tristin


    This headset came in just fine and a little early, once out of the box I plugged it in to my pc using my own splitter cable and it didn’t work that well. However I changed the splitter with the one it came with and it worked way better. The mic isn’t the best but also is better for the price. You really get what you pay for, I love the mic and happy with my purchase.

  13. Avatar of Anonymous


    Not that great. Have to unplug and replug in to controller to work. Had them for 8 months and the sound is horrible. People in my party can hear me pressing my buttons on my controller and all the background noise which is annoying for them. These are nothing special. Phone headphones work better than these.

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