UMIDIGI Bison 2 Rugged Smartphones Unlocked,6GB+128GB Android 12 IP68/IP69K Waterproof Shockproof Phone 6150mAh Battery with 6.5″ Large Full Screen…

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  • 【IP68/IP69K GRADE 360 All ROUND PROTECTION】UMIDIGI BISON 2 is an upgraded rugged phone built strong to withstand harsh conditions and rough handling, meets military standard for dust, shock, water, humidity, solar radiation. The tough BISON 2 smartphone against the rigor of your job site but also meet your business smartphone needs.In addition, UMIDIGI BISON 2 rugged phone can survive under 1.8m of water for 30 minutes.
  • 【6GB RAM +128GB ROM, ANDROID 12】 BISON 2 unlocked cell phone combines AG matte glass and rubber. The AG matte glass finish offers you a stylish look and comfortable hand feel, while the rubber protects your phone from most accidental drops. BISON 2 rugged smartphones equipped with 6G+128GB Android 12 48MP camera 6.5″ FHD+ 6150mAh fast charge, also suit for NFC rugged unlocked smartphone.
  • 【48MP ULTRA WIDE MACRO TRIPLE CAMERA】BISON 2 has 48 MP triple-camera, it can clearly capture every minute detail. You can save those wonderful moments in detail with the 48mp primary lens. The smartphones also has a super night mode, it can make the dark parts brighter and enrich the detail of the bright parts. Turn on the super night mode to make every phone come to life with vivid colors and high clarity.
  • 【6150mAh LARGE BATTERY】 The waterproof unlocked smartphone is equipped with 6150mAh battery. Whether it is watching movies, playing games, viewing navigation or making calls.Great battery capacity allows you to enjoy games and videos as long as you like. Support 18W fast charge, calmly deal with low power. Get rid of battery anxiety.
  • 【6.5 INCH LARGE SCREEN 】6.5 inch large screen display of UMIDIGI BISON 2 smartphones with FHD+ 2400*1080 resolution gives you an immersive experience.You can even set custom buttons for quick access to SOS emergency, PTT button, flashlight and record etc. It is convenient and practical for any outdoor activities and work.
Product Dimensions

6.77 x 3.3 x 0.51 inches

Item Weight

9.9 ounces

Item model number

BISON 2-6+128GB


1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)



Wireless communication technologies


Connectivity technologies


Other display features


Device interface - primary


Other camera features

Rear, Front

Form Factor



Hack Black

Battery Power Rating

6150 Milliampere Hour (mAh)



Country of Origin


Date First Available

August 27, 2022

13 reviews for UMIDIGI Bison 2 Rugged Smartphones Unlocked,6GB+128GB Android 12 IP68/IP69K Waterproof Shockproof Phone 6150mAh Battery with 6.5″ Large Full Screen…

  1. ▲+▲RYNEX▲+▲









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    保存不可能 128メインメモリがパンクする





    修正パッチか納品のverでBUGの改善を期待してます。m(_ _)m

    ★追記★ BUG回避方法を発見したので

    01 AppGoogle の初期デバイスセットアップは行わない

    02 起動時の自動セットアップの

    03 先にMicroSD512GBを内部ストレージモードでフォーマットする

    03 ファイルストレージ管理
    BISON2 なら設定失敗です。

    03 OTG USBメモリで行う

    Files by Google BUG回避










  2. Kondilia

    I got it for 10 days and I have only charged it twice (3-4 hours from 10% to full charge) without using it the whole time to be honest. So far it is up to my expectations. I do not intend to test it’s IP-68/69 performace but it is a relief to be less anxious about accidentantly getting wet or dropped in a “unsafe” environment with small kids around!!! I used to have another rugged phone before and I became a huge fan.
    No issues with connectivity so far (MINT user-NFC-bluetooth-wifi), the camera was a big upgrade than my previous one so I am not the best to comment about it (no issues though either with the night photos), friendly to user android, several apps (thermometer accurate enough-can become handy with the young falks…), headphones-free radio (satisfactory loud). The two programmable side buttons are also pretty helpfull.
    On the other hand, the cons would be the extra weight (there is no free food…), the fact that I feel the screen protector gets easily “dirty” by my hands greasiness…, there is no setting for enabling/disabling the internet connection (whenever you are not connected with wifi, as soon as you open an internet using application the data streaming starts immediately, at least I haven’t found yet how to be in charge of this data download approval…)
    In a few words, I think this was one of the best buys I have made
    I might return with another review if I find out something different in the future

  3. Andrew MacDonald

    The Bison GT2 Pro is, in my opinion, a comparable Android experience to a Galaxy S21 (I had been using one for a few months before purchasing the GT2) and, less than a third of the cost! What’s more, without the bloatware!

    Firstly something that I noticed with the earlier Bison 2 Pro model, is that the physical buttons we’re way too easily pressed especially the power button that’s also the fingerprint reader. It actually got kind of annoying at how easy it was to press the buttons by basically just touching it. I have not had that issue with the GT2 Pro.

    Over all, the GT2 Pro runs smoothly, the battery can last a couple days if battery saver is on and you use screen dimmers, which, this has one already installed! Honestly, I haven’t had many issues with this phone so far. There are some issues that I find are just generally part of having a mobile device because it doesn’t seem to matter if it’s Apple or Samsung or any other company, there’s going to be some glitches and errors, especially with updates and stuff like that, but this phone definitely has given me a minimal amount of difficulties and I would say is definitely my favorite so far from Umidigi, and in general.

    Now if you’re looking for something like Samsung where they have all this extra software doubled onto your device, then go for it. But if you are like me and would rather have more control over your device and what apps are and aren’t on there and how they interact with each other and the system etc, this phone has such a nice clean installation of Android with lots of great features from Android 12.

    I have dropped the phone a couple times (I really need to stop doing that) and so far this phone is held up as if nothing’s really happened to it (knock on wood). So far all, of the features work exactly as advertised from what I can tell and like I said this is literally the smoothest Android experience I’ve used in a long time, and considering the low cost well worth it I’d be willing to claim this as better than the Galaxy S21, and have even sold the S21 to a friend, and im keeping the GT2.

    As far as loading games, having multiple apps open, switching between them etc I’ve had nearly zero problems which is amazing to me as many devices don’t live up to the hype of the specs and their projected performance. The battery life is amazing! On standby it can last days! And full charge in a little over an hour!

    All in all, its a wonderful phone with great features. Absolutely comparable to the top tier devices going for $1200 and up from other companies, for literally a small fraction of that cost. The system stability is definitely the best that I’ve experienced of Android including from the Samsung S21.

    I would go into more specific feature details but so far my experience is literally as advertised so I’m happy I got what I paid for. 😄👍

  4. Kurt

    This phone is tougher than an F 250! If only it was 5G, this would be my forever phone.
    I’ve had cell phones since 1990, this is by far the best one I’ve ever had. Screen protector could be better, but that is a small thing . Love The UMIDIGI Bisin 2! What more can I say.

  5. AK

    Not as heavy as I thought for rigid durable look.I used the phone straight for almost 3 days without having to charge it
    My favorite feature so far is the video clarity and refresh rate not flickers or buffering issue (no lag all) and not only that phone will not heat up as quickly so i can watch longer time
    Came pre installed with screen sturdy that it doesn’t even need a phone case. Same thing with memory, came with 256GB – no additional SD needed.
    Have owned previous Umidigi models but this has by far been the best updated features.

  6. iSteven

    The phone worked great for awhile. My wife loved the phone. But, the camera would intermittently go blurry to the point you could not take pictures. We played around with the settings with no resolution. Some days super blurry, other days super clear. It must be a manufacturer defect.

  7. Anuxa

    Después de que mi navegador gps para moto pasara a mejor vida de manera inexplicable y con solo 3 años de uso lo que tenia claro es que no querÍa gastarme los mas de 400€ que cuesta un Tom Tom “Rider 500” o un Garmin “Zumo XT”,así que valorando la opción de tablet rugerizada o teléfono rugerizado me decidí por el teléfono rugerizado y este Umidigi “Bison 2” ha sido el que he comprado siendo una decisión mas que acertada.
    El teléfono con sus 6gb de ram y el Mediatek P90 funciona con mucha fluidez,además que el precio al que lo compré aquí en Amazon de 175€ era para no pensarselo.Tampoco necesito un movil tope de gama para el uso especifico que le doy en la moto,navegación gps,conectarlo al intercomunicador del casco para oír mis playlists de Spotyfi o podcats,indicaciones gps o llamadas y poco mas,lo que buscaba era algo resistente a la lluvia,polvo y golpes que están a la orden del día cuando usas la moto a diario y durante todo el año.Lo llevo probando unos días y estoy muy contenta con la compra,coge bien y rapido los satelites,se empareja con el intercomunicador rapidísimo y sin cortes y la visibilidad de la pantalla a pleno sol es suficiente,mejorable si posicionas el dispositivo de forma mas vertical posible aunque estas situaciones se dan pocas veces en ruta.
    La gran pantalla de 6.53′ es un plus,es mas grande que el cuadro de mandos de mi Honda CB500X como se puede apreciar en las fotos.
    En definitiva lo recomiendo a todo el mundo que está buscando un movil resistente y con buenas prestaciones a buen precio y en especial a los moteros,eso si,mi recomendación siempre será que lleves tu movil principal en la chaqueta y el rugerizado fijo en la moto.Se puede dar el caso de tener un arrastrón y acabar la moto a muchos metros de tí sin posibilidad de pedir ayuda,por eso siempre 2 telefonos.Yo he duplicado la sim pero puedes enlazarlo con el movil principal para compartir datos o utilizar una app de navegación con mapas off line si exclusivamente lo usas como gps.
    Iré actualizando esta reseña a medida que lo vaya probando mas en profundidad.

  8. mbat3812

    This phone feels very substantial and solid. The specs are near the top of the segment. The main attraction to me is its ruggedness and that is the main reason I got this phone. With its ruggedness, it does come with extra weight and thickness so one needs to balance on the pro and con when making their choice. I used it with mint mobile and I have no issue as far as basic phone functions. The battery life is excellent due to its large battery size.

  9. Dennis Harrison

    This is hands down the best phone I ever had. I don’t worry about dropping it and don’t worry about water and it has the best picture of any of my phones. All in all I give it a five-star rating on any subject. Well worth the money that you pay for this phone. Just a couple hundred dollars and people that I know that $1,000 and more and this phone basically does it all.

  10. ChuckYeah

    This UMIDIGI GT2 Pro is Perfect ! When I bought my first UMIDIGI Phone, I was just looking for price. I was tired of paying hundreds of dollars for phones that had minimal features and were light on storage. Since buying that A5 Pro (4/128 I believe), UMIDIGI phones have just kept getting better and better, with more and more features and storage and longer and longer battery lives.

    I’d say the GT2 Pro is UMIDIGI’s best effort yet, and the variable pricing based on storage, make it affordable for everyone with the 4GB/128GB 4G version coming in right around the $200 mark.

    This phone is basically perfection in my opinion. Its rugged, heavy duty design allows it to take the punishment of even the most agressive user. Drop it on the floor, in a puddle (or dare I say toilet), on the sandy beach, and your UMIDIGI phone is equipped to protect your investment.

    I chose the 8GB RAM and 256 GB storage version. I read alot of Audio Books and at approximately 200 MB for an 8-10 hour book storage is extremely important to me. With other leading brands, you would be looking at $5-600 for the same storage and they are nowhere near as durable as the BISON.

    And how do I know how durable this phone is after a week. Well, as you can see in the pictures above, this is my second BISON model. My original BISON Pro, which still looks like new by the way thanks to two SPIGEN cases and several 9H screen covers has seen more pavement than a marathon runner. It’s never been dropped in the water, but it’s been used unrestrictedly in the rain for livestreaming baseball games. Damage is just something BISON has allowed me not to worry about anymore.

    I wish UMIDIGI would create a BISON tablet… I’ve smashed about three of those in the last couple of years.

    The last thing I’d like to mention is battery life. The 6150mAh Battery is lasting me over two days on a charge. If you think this is unbelievable, check the screenshot I included with this review. Google Play Services, which is always on, was used for 2 days 4 hours and 17 minutes since the last charge and the battery saving mode hadn’t even kicked in yet.

    If your in need of a new cellphone, or replacing one with a broken screen, get one of the new BISON Pro GT2s. You will love it, for a very long time!

  11. Melissa

    This is the nicest phone I’ve had in a while. The combo of quality and affordability make it exceptional. It’s snappy and fast. I haven’t experienced lag with any app or game I’ve thrown at it. It connected right away to the T-mobile network and my wifi. The screen is big and bright, no problems seeing clearly in bright sunlight. It came with a screen protector on it. The cameras work well, nothing special. Face-unlock has been really handy, as has the side-fingerprint. I’m loving the battery life. I went about 20h of heavy usage and it went from 100%-15%. My old Pixel would have been dead three times over. I was unsure about the back speaker placement initially, but when I’m holding it with my hand cupped behind the speaker, it sounds much better than any phone I’ve owned. Conversely, the sound is muffled and flat when its placed flat on its back. So, pros and cons, which are easy to work around. It also has a 3.5mm audio jack. I got to break out my nice wired earbuds again. It also means I can listen to media while sleeping without having to worry about the phone OR bluetooth headphone batteries running out. A niche thing, I know, but I love it.

    As expected of a rugged phone, its big and heavy. It’ll take some getting used to. One thing I don’t like is that the buttons are low profile and easy to press. That combined with the weight of the phone means I’m accidentally pressing buttons just holding it. I’m hopeful its just a matter of me learning how to hold the phone. But the programmable buttons are defaulted to the camera and temperature sensor. And it took 3 very unflattering pictures of me during setup and tried to take my temperature while I was playing a game. I’ve unprogrammed them for now. I haven’t put it’s ruggedness to the test yet. But given the fates of my past phones, its just a matter of time. Hope to update then.

  12. Roger A.

    Looked great never used it

  13. Nicolas

    The media could not be loaded.

     First impression is that this phone is sturdy and appears to be very well built. There is a screen protector already applied but it doesn’t feel like a great one, but at the same time, it is already a good thing that they applied one. It is definitively a heavy phone, but other than when I take another phone to compare, there are no problems. I’ve actually gotten used to it and it just feels like a normal weight to me.

    It is meant to be a “tough” phone, but I have no intentions of testing that other than when an accident happens, but based on the initial impression, it seems it would be able to do all that it is supposed to do.

    First of all, there are a lot of physical buttons. The 2 added buttons are pretty much flush with the body. However, they are textured and that makes it easy to find them. You can program each button to single, double or long push. That means 3 different options each or nothing at all. I find they work well and are very useful.

    The fingerprint unlock is working very well, maybe even too well, if I just want to see the lock screen, I need to press with a different finger or press in a weird manner. The facial recognition is working, but it isn’t amazing… but I am not fully sure because I virtually never used it since the phone is always unlocked with the finger.

    The screen’s color is quite pleasing, the resolution leaves nothing to be desired. Yes, it is just an IPS screen, but it looks good. However, it is a shame the phone is not Widevine L1 certified. That means that FHD Netflix (and the likes) is not going to happen. That isn’t a deciding factor for me, but having the option is something I’d like to have.

    The speaker is loud enough. The sound is pretty well defined, but lacking bass. Something quite interesting about this phone is that the speaker is in the back and it is located to project sound on your hand as you hold and thus it makes the sound richer.

    As for the battery, it is quite big, not huge. I could easily get through the day with it. Sometimes with over 80% left, sometimes with around 60% depending on my usage. I never watched videos on the phone. I played some games, but not non-stop.

    As for the processor and RAM, it handled everything I threw at it with ease. Opening apps or even turning on the phone was very quick. I experienced no downtime or unexpected delays in games. The 256gb of total memory is pretty amazing, no need to pay an extra 150$ for that kind of memory like those fruity ones.

    The camera works surprisingly well for a phone in that price range. The colors and everything looked good. The same applies to the video capabilities. I would never consider a phone to be a replacement for a camera, but it will definitely take the shots you need when you do. There are some options to be creative. I left a few pictures and a video to give a real life idea of what it can do. I didn’t try to stage things to make them look better than they were.

    With all that being said, for the price of this phone, it is a great deal you get. I’d have no problem recommending it.

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