Waterproof Action Camera 4K,CAMWORLD 20MP Ultra HD Video with Front & Touch Rear Screens,131ft Underwater Camera with EIS, WIFI,Sports,170° Wide…

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  • 【4K 30FPS Action Camera with 20MP Photo】This small action video camera can shoots take hyper-quality MP4 video with up to 4K resolution and capture crisp and pro-quality JPG photos with 20MP clarity. It can be recording your adventure or wonders in life without missing any details.
  • 【Action Camera with Dual Screen】This small vlogging action camera with innovate dual screens design. The 0.96”vice screen can showing the camera status (mode/battery level/lasting time) when recording. The 2-inch IPS rear touch screen makes it easy to use than ever, and the vivid color display can satisfy your shooting needs.
  • 【Action Cam with EIS Stabilization 】This 4k underwater cameras for snorkeling is built-in advanced gyroscope for anti-shaking and image stabilization. it can provide gimbal-like stabilization and greatly boost the stability and fluency of your recording.Ideal for shooting outdoor activities. 170° wide angle lens enables you to capture wide angle view than other action cameras.
  • 【Water Camera for Snorkeling with WIFI】Just download App(DV King 4K) on your phone or tablet, share your moment in real time. 2.4G wireless wrist remote control makes it easy to record when skiing, cycling, swimming, drafting, etc. Multiple functions such as burst photo/ time lapse/loop recording/sound record to meet your shooting needs.
  • 【131FT Waterproof Video Camera 】 Put this native 4K action camera into the waterproof case and securely fasten it, you can dive below 40 meters. Whether biking, driving,swimming,surfing or skydiving, the rugged underwater camera is perfect for capturing your adventure pursuits. This 4k sports camera also comes with 2 batteries, remote control wristband and professional accessories kit.
  • Form factor: Ultra Compact
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8 reviews for Waterproof Action Camera 4K,CAMWORLD 20MP Ultra HD Video with Front & Touch Rear Screens,131ft Underwater Camera with EIS, WIFI,Sports,170° Wide…

  1. G T.

    Good action camera for the price. I like that it comes with several accessories. I wish the instruction manual was more detailed. I had to watch YouTube videos to set up the camera and accessories.

  2. Jan Batallan

    I purchased this camera to use while fishing on my kayak to record any catches. The audio with the waterproof case is not the best, so I swapped the back to the included one with cutouts. The battery life also left a lot to be desired, it ran for about 45 minutes. I ended up drilling the side of the case where the charging port is by, and this way I have the camera running off a portable battery and it will be recording for basically as long as I have memory available. While this means it’s no longer waterproof, it better serves the purpose which I wanted it for, and is fairly splash proof. The image quality is pretty good and I like the option of being able to change resolution and frames per second so you can get a little bit more footage on your SD card. Connecting to the app on my phone was fairly easy and straightforward. It is intuitive and lets me start recordings and see if the camera is angled properly, since it’s not placed within reach on my kayak. If your goal is to have a usable camera within a tighter budget, this is a great alternative to a GoPro.

  3. Amazon Customer

    Pretty good camera for the money. Easy to set up and use. Battery does die pretty fast.
    Images have to be done in low resolution and like almost slow motion to get a good video. Overall it’s ok.

  4. Ben

    I found this product really easy to use: just make the adjustment in the setting menu (easy to follow) point and turn on. To record my grandson soccer games, I mount it on a tripod and then view it on the computer. For the price, it’s winner! No need for me to look further.

  5. sarahl

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     I couldn’t believe the quality this camera had considering the price (when you compare it to GoPro). We took it on our trip to Australia for snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef. It was super easy to figure out. Only complaints are there are SO many attachments and straps but the instructions don’t do a great job of explaining how to use them. I tried to rig a wrist strap and it worked but I was very worried I might lose the camera in the water. I was able to upload the photos/videos to my iPhone via the wi-fi setting which was awesome. It does take a little troubleshooting (and searching on YouTube!) to figure it out but once you get the hang of it it’s fairly simple. It does take awhile for the upload to complete so you need to make sure you you’ve charged the battery (which you can easily do by plugging the camera in with the cord it comes with! No need to buy a battery charger.) Another thing you can’t do while in the water is switch back and forth between video and photo modes. So before you get in the water you have to decide which you want. We tried both and I preferred video. The photos were a bit blurry or hard to make out with the low visibility we had that day. But the videos really captured things better.

  6. The House

    This is cheap enough you can use it and not mind losing it. 4K, with such a small processor, is shaky and jerky. The image stabilization is not that great. You need to keep it on much lower resolution like 1080 to see things clearly with any movement. Not as nice as Diji Osmo.

  7. Lovely

    I like the look of the camera and it is pretty easy to use. It also comes with some good accessories and 2 batteries which is nice. My issue with the camera is that the picture and video quality is very bad no matter which setting you use and also I have no audio on mine even though it says it is on. I don’t know how other people in the reviews got the quality pictures and videos that they got because mine were not even close to that quality. Maybe mine was just defective all around.

  8. AnonymousOne

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     I have used a number of action cameras, but this one has something the others did not have.

    What makes this Campark V40-A2 action camera special is the amazing video quality! I have been looking for high quality video in an affordable action camera, and I finally found a camera that provides that quality.

    Something I noticed when I first picked up this camera was how much more it weighs compared to other action cameras I have used. The camera itself is waterproof down to 33 feet without the waterproof case. With the case, it will go down even further. For my use, this means I could use the camera in the rain and not have any issues with water getting into the camera.

    Like all action cameras that I have used, the best video quality is shot at the highest resolution the camera has available. If you want video at a lower resolution, use a video editor to reduce the resolution and file size. If you set the camera to shoot at a lower resolution, the video quality will be much lower than the method I described, for the same resolution.

    The camera comes with two batteries and charger, although I prefer to charge the battery in the camera via the micro USB port. The same USB port allows the use of an external mic and a way to transfer videos and photos to a PC for processing. WiFi is included that works with iOS or Android.

    The rechargeable remote control can start and stop a video recording and take photos. Very handy. Another surprise was a silicone lens cap. Never seen a lens cap for an action camera before.

    The EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization) works very well. However, you can not have EIS active at the same time as Distortion Calibration.

    I will be using this camera to make how-to videos, so the additional front color screen will be very useful as the camera will be mounted on a wall facing downwards toward me, and I would not be able to see the main, rear screen.

    This is the action camera I have been trying to find for years!

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