Wireless Mouse, 2.4G Wireless Ergonomic Optical Mouse, cimetech Slim Silent Mouse with USB Receiver and 3 Adjustable DPI Cordless Computer Mouse…

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  • Plug and Play: 2.4G wireless mouse only needs to take out the USB receiver and plug it into your device to use, the operation is easy and fast. The computer mouse has 3 adjustable DPI (800/1200/1600), through real-time adjustment of the DPI, accurate and fast tracking, perfect for your work/entertainment needs.
  • Comfortable Ergonomic Design: The size and appearance of the mouse conform to the ergonomic design, and the soft rubber grip fits your right or left hand, which is natural and comfortable.
  • High Durability and Stable Connection: Through 5,000,000 times keystroke test to ensure the super durability of this cordless mouse, 2.4GHz wireless technology can ensure the stability of the mouse connection, and guarantee the distance of up to 50 feet Wireless connection.
  • Silent Clicking and Portable Size: Quiet clicking make you concentrate on your work without worrying about the noise of clicking disturbing family or friends. And the perfect size allows you to take it with you wherever you use the computer at home, at work, or anywhere else.
  • Wide Compatibility and Quality Service: The wireless mouse is compatible with Windows7/8/10/XP, Vista7/8 and Linux, etc., suitable for desktop, laptop, PC, MacBook and other devices. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us for help.
Package Dimensions

4.41 x 2.8 x 1.73 inches

Item Weight

2.89 ounces

Date First Available

June 18, 2020



13 reviews for Wireless Mouse, 2.4G Wireless Ergonomic Optical Mouse, cimetech Slim Silent Mouse with USB Receiver and 3 Adjustable DPI Cordless Computer Mouse…

  1. Jo

    This is the quietest mouse I’ve ever used. You barely hear a thing when you left or right click.

    I sought this one out looking mainly for two features: the forward and back buttons, and something that wasn’t black. This mouse is one I bought specifically for myself to take to work with me and I wanted to be sure it couldn’t be mistaken for a company-owned piece of equipment.

    My company-issued mouse didn’t have forward or back buttons, and as someone who uses Macs at home, I was going NUTS not having those capabilities on my work PC mouse. These work like a charm.

    The mouse has a USB wireless dongle to connect to the computer. When it goes into sleep mode, it can be “woken up” just by clicking the mouse once and it responds pretty quickly. Not sure yet how long the battery life is…I’ve been using it for a month without issue and without turning it off when not in use.

    Absolutely recommend!

  2. Jennevieve

    My son needed a mouse for his new laptop for remote learning and I needed a pocket-size mouse for my laptop since I returned to college myself, so we’ve gotten 2 of these (black one for my son, green one for myself).

    The mouse is the perfect size for him, but it’s a little on the smaller end of me. For my desktop, I use a Logitech G903 and a Razer DeathAdder. I included a photo of this mouse in comparison to the Logitch G903. Although it’s small for me, that doesn’t affect its functionality. For the price, it’s a great little mouse and I’m not too worried about whether it gets broken or not. I feel better using this mouse than traveling with my G903 and risking that one getting broken instead. Since I do a lot of course work on my laptop, the mouse is just a minor tool that is used minimally because it’s easier than the touchpad for scrolling down through ebooks.

    We’ve had no issues with either mouse aside from my son’s needing the battery popped out and back in occasionally if he leaves it sitting on too long. It’s not that the battery has died or anything, for some reason it just needs a “reset” and it’s good to go again.

    So if you’re in the market for a cheap mouse that you’re not worried about it breaking, this is a solid choice.

  3. M

    It’s SO pretty, and I use it for browsing on my laptop. I like that the white part where your thumb rests is plastic and not rubber since it would stain easily if it was rubber. Smooth on my gaming mousepad and the smooth side of my faux leather mouse pad. Not so good on the grainy side of my faux leather mousepad. I wouldn’t expect any more from it at this price. My gaming mouse is much better, but it cost $40 and is very basic, with only left and right click, scroll and DPI buttons. Not even the side buttons for forward/back that this mouse has.

  4. Mark & Molly

    My coworker had this mouse and I was amazed at how quiet it was (I am used to loud clicking). I bought one for the office and one for home and love them!!

  5. Amazon Customer

    I ordered another before this one and sent it back as it made a sound when you clicked it, which I did not like. This one does not click! I also love the color, aqua blue.

  6. Laura

    This is a lightweight, plastic mouse that I bought for my 13 year old son. It’s 2 draws were the color and the low price. It does look like the photo, and the feel is very light and cheap. Where is loses stars is in the fact that it was obviously previously used. The packaging was opened and damaged, and the mouse looked a little worn. I debated on sending it back, but ultimately chose to put a battery in it and see what happened. I gave it to my son, and told him to tell me if if worked. It did, and he liked it, so I decided to keep it since this is a temporary replacement for his real mouse. He had left the dongle of his real mouse in my friend’s laptop, and when that’s reunited with us he’ll go back to the old mouse, and this one will become a replacement. If the mouse had been for me, I would have returned it because of both the condition it came in and the fact that it feels too light.

  7. Jb

    Everything works great!

  8. DL8226

    This mouse doesn’t track well on mouse pad. I have other mice which worked fine on my mouse pad. Only this one doesn’t work. Like others said, it doesn’t track well.

    Also, I found this mouse consumes duracell batteries one per month, which means you need to spend $15-$20/year to use the mouse.

    Do Not BUY!!!

  9. Kindle Customer

    I loved the look of this little mouse — the pink and “rose gold” (really just pink with a sheen) and white were super cute. Unfortunately, the laser jumps all over the place and causes the curser to do the same, making work very difficult. The buttons for the laser speed are also right in the way of my thumb, so I would accidentally click it a lot. Had to give it up within a month of use as it was driving me crazy. Already tossed the packaging, so can’t return it. Too bad. Very slimline and ergonomic, though, and very pretty. Did have an on-off button on the bottom.

  10. Sheena

    I have used this mouse for a little over 2 years now. I have small hands and this is small enough to be very comfortable for me to grip. It clicks quietly and scrolls smoothly. The side buttons are a bit under your thumb, but I was able to adapt to them quickly to avoid the accidental side button clicks and ended up really loving the functionality of it. The battery life is decent and it’s a nice looking piece of hardware. The absolutely frustrating thing about this mouse is that it is not precise. It’s sometimes very hard to get the mouse to pick up corners of excel cells or select rows. When I click into a file name in a folder to rename it, my cursor will be positioned to make an edit, but then all of a sudden the mouse will highlight the entire text on its own, so many times I end up replacing the entire file name instead of editing the text like I wanted to. I use the undo the action a lot. I’m OCD about file name conventions so I do this often and the mouse acts possessed more often than not. It’s to the point where I use my arrow keys more than I use my mouse for precise stuff. Also, like other reviewers mentioned, the mouse will go full on possessed and jump around when I’m not even touching it. Sometimes it will jump around the screen and start selecting or closing windows to the point I literally have to turn the mouse off to make it stop. I notice the weird shakiness happens more frequently when it’s low on battery, but it still happens with a fresh battery. The only reason I stuck with this mouse for so long is because of the aforementioned pros, but now I’m on the hunt for a replacement.

  11. Rell

    Can’t beat the price, and it works great.

  12. Customer

    Sadly …
    The mouse totally failed after only 12 days.
    It began with shaking and juddering of the cursor, making it hard to select.
    Eventually it lagged so badly it was unusable.
    Amazon was great in handling the issue.
    I received a full refund.
    This is a nice little mouse – great for smaller hands.
    The forward/back buttons are set quite far back on this little guy.
    Hopefully its something I’ll get used to.
    I got the green – great colour!

  13. Pastry whipped

    First time I purchased this mouse the cursor would just move on its own. When I got a replacement it worked for almost 2 months and now it stops working after 30 seconds I turn it on. I can’t return it so I ordered a completed different brand. For $10 I’m not mad but just wouldn’t buy it again.

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