X700 Drone with 720 HD Camera, WiFi FPV Live Video, 6-Axis RC Quadcopter, Altitude Hold & Headless Mode, Optical Flow Positioning, One Key Take Off/Land App Control with…

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  • 【90°Adjustable Lens & Wifi Real-Time Transmission】This mini drone is equipped with dual cameras, 720P HD imaging, and the camera can be selected at 90 degrees, providing a wider and amazing field of vision. Through the APP control and WIFI real-time transmission function, you can watch your pictures on your phone in real time and record your wonderful moments!
  • 【Optical Flow Positioning】Optical flow positioning sensor assists in improving flight performance by continuously monitoring ground movement .helps the drone maintain stability and hover accurately.
  • 【Altitude Hold】 Elevate your flying experience with our RC drone featuring an advanced altitude hold function that ensures stable hovering by automatically controlling the throttle. Say goodbye to the hassle of constantly adjusting the drone’s altitude and enjoy the freedom to capture stunning aerial footage effortlessly.
  • 【Multifunctional Drone】 Our drone not only has the characteristics of 3-speed adjustment mode, headless mode, gesture control, one key take-off/landing, altitude hold, optical flow positioning, 3D flip, points of interest and trajectory flight, but also has the functions of low battery warning and emergency stop, which can help you get started more quickly and safely, and is very friendly to beginners and easy to control,and is very suitable for children and adults.
  • 【Long Battery Life】Our drone is equipped with two 600mAh batteries, which can enjoy a flight time of about 15 minutes. The low battery warning function can also remind you to replenish the battery in time, so don’t worry about running out of battery. We are also equipped with a complete set of propeller protection covers and four blades to protect your drone, which is very suitable for children to fly and play indoors.
  • 【After-Sales Guarantee】We suggest that you fly a drone with a propeller protective cover for the first time in an open indoor place. If there are any problems with the drone/remote control /APP during the flight, please contact the seller immediately. For product problems, we will provide technical support, quality warranty and refund service.


Model Name


Age Range Description




Video Capture Resolution


Connectivity Technology


Skill Level


Item Weight

‎12.7 ounces

Battery Capacity

‎1800 Milliamp Hours

Control Type

‎Remote Control

Media Type


Wireless Communication Technology


Battery Cell Composition


Are Batteries Included


Video Output Resolution

‎1280×720 Pixels

Remote Control Included


Rechargeable Battery Included


Product Dimensions

‎6.5"L x 5.6"W x 4"H




‎1 Product Specific batteries required. (included)

Manufacturer Part Number


10 reviews for X700 Drone with 720 HD Camera, WiFi FPV Live Video, 6-Axis RC Quadcopter, Altitude Hold & Headless Mode, Optical Flow Positioning, One Key Take Off/Land App Control with…

  1. liberetaecus

    The X700 Drone exceeded my expectations in every way. As a beginner, I found its ease of use remarkable, thanks to features like altitude hold, headless mode, and one-key takeoff and landing. The HD camera, coupled with WiFi FPV live video streaming, provided breathtaking perspectives. Its stability, aided by optical flow positioning, ensured smooth flights, even for a novice like me. Plus, the additional safety features, like propeller guards and low battery alerts, were reassuring. Despite its lightweight build, it’s sturdy and durable, surviving multiple drops unscathed. Overall, the X700 is a fantastic choice for beginners and experienced flyers alike, offering fun and professional-grade functionality at an affordable price.

  2. Brent A Robinson

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     The SIMREX X300C Mini Drone is a delightful blend of innovation, user-friendly features, and pure entertainment. As a drone enthusiast, I was pleasantly surprised by the capabilities packed into this compact quadcopter.

    The standout feature of the X300C is its 720P HD FPV camera, providing impressive clarity for both photos and videos. The real-time first-person view adds an immersive dimension to your flying experience, allowing you to capture breathtaking aerial shots effortlessly. Whether you’re a beginner honing your piloting skills or an experienced drone operator, the camera’s performance will surely exceed your expectations.

    The foldable design is a game-changer, making the drone incredibly portable and easy to carry. This feature is particularly beneficial for those always on the go, allowing you to slip the drone into your backpack without any hassle. The durability of the drone is commendable, and the foldable arms add an extra layer of protection during transportation.

    Altitude Hold is a standout feature that ensures a stable flight, enabling even beginners to capture steady images and videos. This, coupled with Headless Mode, simplifies the flying experience, making it accessible to users of all skill levels. The 3D Flip function adds an element of fun, allowing you to impress friends and family with acrobatic stunts in the air.

    One of the most exciting features of the X300C is Gravity Control. With this innovative technology, you can control the drone’s movements by tilting your smartphone – a feature that adds a unique and interactive aspect to the flying experience. It’s intuitive, responsive, and a joy to use.

    The inclusion of two batteries is a thoughtful touch, doubling your flight time and extending the enjoyment of each session. It’s a practical consideration that sets the X300C apart from many other drones in its class.

    Whether you’re a kid eager to explore the world of drones or an adult looking for a compact, feature-rich quadcopter, the SIMREX X300C Mini Drone is a fantastic choice. Its blend of functionality, portability, and user-friendly features make it an excellent gift for anyone interested in the world of aerial exploration. Prepare to be amazed by the capabilities of this little marvel!

  3. Jeff

    This X700 is quite fun to fly. Indoor friendly with good propeller protection. Nice and easy one button take off, landing, and the quick point in a direction and button pushes for a quick flip. Fun and easy. Camera makes for some fun flying to other rooms or areas out of sight. Be ideal to be able to adjust the camera angle remotely but cant have everything and keep price down. So at least being able to shuffle the camera angle by hand is ok.

    Its small and super light so outside in any strong breeze can cause some challenge. I find the auto hovering challenging to tweek and dial in. Feel it drifts a bit much but thats also because indoors a lot of air is being blown from it. Outdoors it feels a bit better but add any breeze and its just too light weight and drifts easily.

    I really like there are 2 batteries included.

    I didnt have any problems with the app and connection to the X700 and my android phone (LG)

    Really a fun drone that is indoor friendly and outdoor no wind doable. A great beginner drone to learn with camera and extra battery definitely makes this a good choice for a good price.

    The lights on the remote are a bit much BUT my kids both loved it. So theres that….and both (11 and 14) were able to fly it around and enjoyed flying it. Especially the button flips.

    Last thing, I just love the packaging of TOZO products. Boxes are well packed and protected parts. Makes for great first impression as you open the items and parts.

  4. Laura Zorzon

    No esta nada mal. Las baterias duran bien, para este tipo de drones. Muy estable (con vientecillo no, pero logico por su poco peso) maniobrable y un joven rapidamente se hace con el control. La camara, para lo que es no esta mal (me ha ssorprendio que en las grabaciones apenas hace parones como ocurre con otras).
    No esta nada mal

  5. KenG

    My son and grandson both have drones so I wanted to get in on the fun. I decided to try something easy to get used to it without spending a fortune.

    The SIMREX X300C Mini Drone is a compact marvel! Its easy controls make it perfect for beginners, and the stability during flight ensures a smooth experience. The camera quality exceeded my expectations for its size, capturing great aerial shots. Battery life is decent for its size, providing ample time for enjoyable flights. Overall, a fantastic entry-level drone that combines affordability with impressive features.

  6. SY Jung

    This SIMREX X700 is my first drone and it is very nice for beginners like me. The control and handling of this drone was quite easy with some features such as altitude hold, headless mode, and one-key takeoff and landing. The flying noise was not loud. Flying time of each battery was decent, about 7-8 mins. Also the app works nicely. The pairing to my phone was very straightforward and it was fun to watch video streaming. The X700 is very small and light, so it is very portable. Only problem with this lightweight was that it was a little difficult to fly in strong wind conditions. Overall it is a very affordable and small drone which is fun to fly. Highly recommend it.

  7. SY Jung

    I bought this as a Christmas gift for my 7-year-old son. One thing I like about it is its well-built and user-friendly design, which is perfect for kids.

    The only drawback is that it has a flight time of approximately 15 to 20 minutes, but that’s actually alright for kids so they don’t get too obsessed with it.

  8. Bob


  9. Coralie

    Piccolo ma con grandi prestazioni. Tiene poco la carica le batteria ma è dotato di 2 pile

  10. Shuja Abbas

    This is my second drone. I gave my first drone away to my daughter and her boyfriend since they had so much fun playing with it.

    I got the first drone with a definite purpose in mind: to be able to inspect things at a height that I would not like to climb a ladder to see. This was still in mind when getting this second drone, however, the fun and challenge factor was also there now. Both drones were very small, fitting in the palm of my large hands. However, this drone was not foldable, so not as neat but potentially sturdier. The controls also looked like something from a games console, in shape and with joysticks, but were very similar in principle to the first drone, so learning was much quicker. Again, I started by watching a Youtube video on how to fly this drone, whilst ensuring the battery was fully charged. The controls set needed 3 AA batteries.

    Then I was up and running almost straight away and got the hang of flying it indoors very quickly. The interesting feature on this drone is that the front camera can be rotated from facing straight forward to vertically down, or of course anywhere in between, which creates some interesting photographic and video options. I found that flying the drone outside during the winter months quite tricky. Firstly, it needs to be dry, because the drone is not waterproof and secondly, it needs to be still, because the drone can be swept along or buffeted with the lightest of breezes. I took it outside on a relatively still day, but once I took it above roof height the fight to control it became too much and it got swept out over the adjacent field. The breeze was too strong to fly against. So, I landed it and retrieved it. Flying it inside though, was very easy and I easily got it to do tricks like the 3D roll, which looks very cool.

    In summary, it is easy to set up and learn to fly. Great fun and I am looking forward to some still dry days in the summer to take it outside.

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