Xbox One X 1TB Console – NBA 2K20 Bundle [DISCONTINUED]

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  • The previous generation bundle includes: 1TB Xbox One X console, Xbox wireless controller, fullgame download of NBA 2K20, a month Xbox live gold subscription, and a month Xbox game pass trial. Rating: E.
  • If purchased through Xbox All Access: Enjoy low monthly payments for 24 months, no upfront cost, access to over 100 high-quality games and online multiplayer. Plus console upgrade option
  • Redefine what’s possible in sports gaming with unparalleled player control and customization experience bestinclass graphics and gameplay across several groundbreaking game modes
  • Join the openworld neighborhood and shoot hoops with the best ballers from around the world create what’s next in basketball culture in the series where gamers and ballers come together
  • Enjoy instant access to over 100 highquality games out of the box with the included onemonth trial of Xbox game pass
  • Watch 4K Bluray movies; Stream 4K video on Netflix, Amazon, and YouTube, among others; and listen to music with spotify
Product Dimensions

18.5 x 7 x 12 inches

Item Weight

8.5 pounds

Item model number



2 AA batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

July 18, 2019



13 reviews for Xbox One X 1TB Console – NBA 2K20 Bundle [DISCONTINUED]

  1. Al

    I bought this console when quarantine started to get back into video games. The console runs excellent and the picture quality is high. I use it more for watching shows than I do gaming but I am definitely happy with my purchase. Thanks.

  2. Alex

    Unfortunate for the reviews who’s apparently getting open box/used xboxs and missing items. I got mine from Better Deals and More. The box itself was a little torn up but sure thing there was a brand new xbox one x, brand new controller and all the codes advertised on the box. Downloaded games for about 10 hrs and played some for a couple hrs. Works perfect!! Still can’t believe what a good deal i got.

  3. Luc Peloquin


  4. JollyRancher690

    The Xbox works just like it’s supposed to.

  5. Jane B.

    While this is normally an excellent gaming console, this one isn’t for the USA. When we tried to play a DVD in this console, we had the message that it is due to region. We have never had this problem before. Guess we won’t buy third party again for something this expensive.

  6. Jessica Newton

    The box was damaged, could tell it had been open before but it is bran new everything was wraped up perfectly, the xbox & controller are both working good, had to upgrade to the xbox x since my other console messed up.

  7. Rosa Celia Aguilar Ramirez


  8. Some Dude

    Xbox didn’t work, was Christmas gift!!

  9. Twenty something Vancouverite

    Have always had good experiences buying open box from Warehouse Deals, but on this purchase there were missing items advertised on the product listing (NBA game was not included) and controller had sticky residue and would not turn on. Luckily Amazon is great with customer service and gave me a return label no problem but just be mindful.

  10. Jeff L

    Fast service! Product was brand new. Although, the box showed that the consul and control or white it came black. It actually worked out better black is a better color. Other than that no problems with the seller. If I had to purchase another one from the same company I would not hesitate.

  11. Cassie McDonnough

    I’ve always been a PlayStation fan, but the Xbox X may have just converted me! I love the picture quality for 4K gaming and how quick streaming is! The NBA game was an extra bonus as well. If you haven’t tried out the new system, go demo at your local Walmart/Target/Best Buy and thank me later!

  12. Joseph Harris

    The Xbox One X is my 3rd Xbox system, having owned the 360, Xbox One and now the X. I’ve enjoyed them all – and the X is by far, the most polished in terms of user experience and user interface. The X truly lives up to the hype of being incredibly fast and delivering superior visuals – as well as audio (Dolby Atmos!) – compared to any other console in existence.

    1) Product design:
    The Xbox One X’s design is noteworthy for it’s small footprint, quiet operation and effective cooling. I have mine in an open-faced cabinet (an old dresser converted to an entertainment center) and it stays just warm to the touch under heavy load. I love how the power transformer is built into the box, requiring just a regular power cord to be used; I hated those bulky bricks that always seemed to take up too much space behind the cabinet, or on the floor. The aesthetics of the Xbox One X would be best described as ‘modern minimalism’. It’s not beautiful, nor is it ugly. It’s just simple and non-offensive – which is ok in my book. Many other reviewers have commented on the weight of this thing. It IS solid and it’s heft conveys an impression of quality; according to the specs the One X is about 1.4lbs heavier than the One.

    2) Visuals/Audio:
    The upgrade to 4K/HDR gaming was more noticeable than I expected it to be. In HDR mode, the image (on my Samsung UHD TV) is super-bright and free of color banding (thanks to 10 or 12 bit color rendering options). Framerates are much more consistent and fluid. Aliasing just seems non-existent now. For those interested, the One X has native 4K games and games that are “checkerboard rendered” to 4K – the latter of which is what the PS4 Pro was crucified for doing. Visually, native 4K and checkerboard 4K may be hard to distinguish, depending on the game.

    Audio also gets a nice improvement as well with the addition of Dolby ATMOS. My Samsung HW-K850 supports it – but getting the Xbox One X to allow me to select Atmos output was a royal pain in the a$$. To get Atmos to work, you’re first prompted to download the (kinda) free Dolby Access app (I say ‘kinda’ free, because there is an ‘Atmos for headphones’ option that will cost you $15 to enable). The Dolby app then guides you through the necessary settings you must enable on the Xbox – but this is where it went awry in my case. I kept getting an error code when attempting to enable Atmos – and after chatting with Microsoft support, they had no ideas and chalked it up to a bug that would need to be patched. I did stumble across a solution, in which you must also enable a setting in the TV & One Guide section; “Audio” must be set to “surround” (instead of the default “stereo uncompressed” in that menu too – something the Dolby app (and Microsoft support) missed. I also had to shut off every device in my system, unplug the power from everything for an hour, then turn everything back on to finally get Atmos sound to work. I can only guess this had something to do with renewing the HDMI handshakes between all devices. While I’m not removing a star for this, it is something that *should* be easier to make work.

    Another nice feature of the X is the fact it plays UHD Blu-Ray discs. I have not played one yet, but knowing that visually, it should be superior to streaming UHD content (from VUDU, Netflix, Amazon, etc), I know it will be awesome. UHD/HDR streaming IS awesome by the way; the elimination of color banding is perhaps the most welcome benefit, aside from the increase in resolution.

    5) Final thoughts:
    Overall, this console is a true performer. If there are any negatives, it would be with the relatively small standard HDD. At 1TB, one may question why this is a negative; After all, the S comes standard with a 500GB HDD. The issue here, is that for games that take advantage of 4K resolution, typically offer higher-resolution textures to go along with it – which, according to Microsoft, can inflate game size by 33% or more. The extra space quickly becomes consumed and the number of games that can be installed at any one time remains about the same as previous generations – which was always a point of contention with users. Of course, you can buy an external drive to overcome this issue – but that is one more thing to buy. I feel that Microsoft may have missed the mark on this one; Why tout the most powerful console ever, and pair it with a HDD that is honestly too small? It’s like putting crappy tires on a performance vehicle. But, alas, I hesitate to remove a star for this, as I personally don’t play more than a few games at a time – I don’t think it will become much of an issue for me.

  13. Cecil James Pollock

    Came in an open box and without warrenty. Possible return or refurb unit? Either way I am not real happy but keeping it as reurns are a pain and the console itself does look new so am taking my chances….wish me luck!

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