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Top offers on connected ceiling fan

I recently installed some connected ceiling fan in my home and let me tell you, they have made a significant difference. These fans are not only energy-efficient, but they are also incredibly convenient to control. With just a few taps on my smartphone or voice commands through Alexa or Google Assistant, I can easily adjust their speed, turn them on or off, and even change their rotation direction. Some models also come with additional features like built-in LED lights that can be dimmed or changed to different colours. But the best part is that I can schedule the fans to turn on or off at specific times or set them to adjust automatically based on the temperature or humidity levels in my home. Here are a few options on Amazon for you to consider.

Best Amazon deals on connected ceiling fan

Crompton Silent Pro Blossom

connected ceiling fan

connected ceiling fan The Crompton Silent Pro Blossom is a compact and stylish fan that features the company’s 2X Silent IoT-enabled 5-Star BLDC technology. This fan can be controlled through voice assistants such as Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, or through the mobile app, which also allows you to set timers. The fan comes with built-in breeze and sleep modes, along with personalization options and mood lights. It has a sweep size of 1200mm and air delivery of 220 cubic mm. Additionally, the fan has a 12W LED light at the center of its bottom. You can currently purchase this fan on Amazon for Rs 11,890, a discount from its original price of Rs 16,999.

Luminous Signature Audie

connected ceiling fan If you’re in the market for an affordable fan, consider the Luminous Signature Audie. This fan features a 1200mm blade length, a fan speed of 380 RPM, and an air delivery of 230 cubic mm. Its high-speed motor rotates rapidly and provides efficient heat dissipation. You can conveniently control the fan’s speed, modes, and functions using Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Additionally, you can use the included remote control or voice assistants to set timers. Currently, the Luminous Signature Audie fan is available on Amazon for Rs 3,299, a discount from its original price of Rs 5,299.

 Atomberg Studio Smart+

connected ceiling fan Atomberg is a well-reputed brand that offers smart fans. Their Studio Smart+ model is one of the most affordable options they have. This fan is equipped with an energy-efficient BLDC motor that can deliver air up to 224 cubic meters per minute, with a rotation speed of 360 RPM. The Studio Smart+ is an IoT-enabled fan, which means you can control it using your voice assistant, such as Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. Additionally, it comes with a remote controller that you can use to operate it. You can connect the fan to your device either via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Presently, the Atomberg Studio Smart+ is available at a discount price of Rs 5,799, reduced from its original price of Rs 8,490.

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