Camiysn Typewriter Style Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, Black Retro Punk Gaming Keyboard with RGB Backlit, 104 Keys Blue Switch Wired Cute Keyboard,…

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  • 【 Does The Mechanical Keyboard with Clicky Clack ? 】 – Yes, this gaming keyboard use the blue switch which offer medium resistance, audible click sound and tactile feedback
  • 【 How to Control The Light ? 】 – This black mechanical gaming keyboard offer multiple rgb light modes. Press Fn + Ins to choose light mode, Press Fn + ↑ / ↓ to bright / dim the light, Press Fn + ← / → to change speed
  • 【 What System Does It Match ? 】 – The plug of our retro gaming keyboard is USB port, which make it as easy as plug and play. This wired mechanical keyboard adapt to Win 2000/ 7/ 8/ 10/ XP, Vista, Linux, Mac, etc
  • 【 Durable & Special 】 – These keycaps adopt two-color injection molding process, which is durable. And the unique round keycaps make this keyboard so different to traditional keyboard
  • 【 Both For Office & Gaming 】 – With 26 anti-ghosting keys and adjustable rear feet, this cute keyboard has good performance both in office and gaming
Product Dimensions

17.09 x 4.93 x 1.34 inches

Item Weight

2.9 pounds



Country of Origin


Date First Available

August 25, 2021

19 reviews for Camiysn Typewriter Style Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, Black Retro Punk Gaming Keyboard with RGB Backlit, 104 Keys Blue Switch Wired Cute Keyboard,…

  1. Ms. Tracy E. Roketta

    I love this keyboard, honestly I do. But the backspace key keeps sticking and I don’t have any idea how to fix it. This issue can very quickly wipe out an entire sentence in seconds. If anyone has an idea as to how to fix this, I’d happily listen.

  2. Kiah cloud

    I got this as a present for my sibling to play games on. It is a very good, sturdy keyboard. Very cute. It has good clock sounds. Only problem was it was uncomfortable to type on for other things besides games because the keys had no details on them. And the light seemed not as bright, and the keyboard is a little small. Overall worth it.

  3. christopher cameron

    i love this keyboard i got the black multi color board and i love it. I use it to game and I play mostly at night so i need to be able to read the keys in the dark. I’ve bought quite a few backlit keyboards and even with some of the more expensive ones there are more often than not dark spots on the board this one is lit behind every key very easy to read and type the keys are comfortable and work great very responsive it is a heavy board and has a long thick braded style plug wire its not just a light flimsy board all in all I love the feel the look and the price did not brake the bank its not the cheapest but i have bought several of those and i’m telling you for $35 you’ll save money when you find with the cheaper boards you get what you pay for

  4. Violet

    fabulous keyboard. works great, colors are beautiful and the sound of the clickity clack is so soothing.

  5. Kelli A. Buccelli

    Received today and have been using for work, for about an hour. I am in Generation X and wanted to try one of these throw-back, retro keyboards. I type fast and love the smooth clicking and sound. I recommend!

  6. Greentre

    I thought it was possible to select individual colors but unfortunately you cannot. That being said, otherwise its a great keyboard. It does click loudly and lights up brightly (can be dimmed down too) so it fits my desires as I am rather heavy handed when it comes to typing and I like hearing when I hit a key. I also do a lot of work late and I don’t like leaving the bright lights on in the office, this keyboard works great as I can see what keys I want (I’m not a touch typer either). It does have some pretty cool visual effects so it would probably be popular with the younger kids. I don’t regret my purchase, would buy again if I could select the color.

  7. Amazon Customer

    I am totally in love with this keyboard, I use it at work and now I am going to purchase another one for home. I love the retro keys, they are just like an old typewriter that your grandma had but cooler. I love the mechanical sound it makes so much that I don’t wear my airpods at work anymore because I enjoy the sound so much. I actually enjoy coming to work!

  8. Steven

    I bought this keyboard to replace my membrane keyboard from the 90s and it is very good for the price. It feels nice to type on, key caps are easy to remove for cleaning and the top plate isn’t recessed like on older ones where an entire cat can build up under the keys over years of use which also makes it easier to clean with compressed air.

    The price does however start to show with the keys having rough edges, especially the space bar but I was able to flip the outer metallic ring around to make the nicer side show since the key caps are made up of 2 or 3 pieces but I can’t tell if there’s a third piece or just plain plastic underneath.

    The legends on the keys are stencilled on resulting in some of the characters missing piece(s) like the # symbol that doesn’t look like what it’s suppose to be. The right super key being replaced with fn prevents you from using hotkeys that are specific to that one key, it would have been nice if they added a hot key to make it function as the right super key which should have been done using FN + super which disables the left one instead.

    One thing I am glad of is not having media keys, programs have those built into them and not putting them on the keyboard in place of function keys is a nice touch but the functions are still there using the FN key but not printed on the keyboard so they should be written down somewhere else in case you lose the manual.

    The action of the switches is very lite and the tactile bump feels great, my last membrane keyboard had a lite action as well but this one takes very little force and will require some getting use to. Once you get use to typing lighter, it is more ergonomic and easy on the hands while being especially good for kids who are just learning how to type. It has a decent amount of weight and rubber feet even on both sets of the adjustable feet so the keyboard doesn’t slide away but it doesn’t have the best grip on my wooden desk but good enough to keep it in place unlike my old one that easily moves.

    This is a great keyboard for anyone looking for something decent at an affordable price, especially for those who are getting into mechanical keyboards for the first time. I do wish the video in the listing showed the keyboard in action however rather than b roll footage with music. Someone who uploaded a video that shows what it sounds like did help me understand roughly how it would feel and it feels better than I could imagine at this price point.

    Just don’t expect too much out of the un lubricated switches and stabilisers, it won’t look like anything special to a keyboard enthusiast with a lot of experience but more than good enough for the average person.

    Something I would like to see more of in the mechanical keyboard scene would be more plane ones without lights and an FN key replacing another key. They all seem to be designed around gaming and media with it being hard to find just a regular plane keyboard that has mechanical switches, especially at a cheap price even though lights, style and extra functions cost more to add.

  9. Leah

    I really love this keyboard, but the only thing is if you’re using it in an office like place. It sounds like a typewriter. Everyone knew when I was typing. I had to change out for how loud it was. but for gaming or for anything like that it’s perfect like I use it at home for gaming and my son likes like loud keyboards too perfect but if you’re trying to be quiet or you’re in a call center everyone will know. Yep that’s it’s her typing 🤣🤣🤣 I had to actually use my laptop before I exchanged it but yeah, it was not for some place quiet very loud keyboard. Lol

  10. Brandy A.

    I’ve only had it about 5 hours, but so far, I LOVE IT! The satisfying clicky clack of the keys is such a fun sound. It seems to be well built and has some weight to it. The USB cord is braided so it should withstand some moving around. Mine is sitting on a keyboard tray attached to a docking station so that will not be an issue for me, but it is nice that the braided cord is also pink to match.

    It has a bunch of keyboard lighting options, however I’m happy with just a static back light, rather than the dancing options. It’s aesthetically pleasing to look at with the beautiful sliver and pink keys. At this point I’m super satisfied.

  11. Amamazone

    Très beau clavier, très bonne idée le look “machine à écrire” avec les touches rondes… mais très décevant car le mécanisme interne n’est vraiment pas, dans mon cas, à la hauteur. Testé sur un Mac Book et un PC, des touches se comportaient de façon erratique et notamment la touche Shift qui fonctionnait une fois sur 2… même en appuyant fort ! Donc adieu les capitales, les points… et adieu ce clavier qui a été retourné quelques jours après sa réception !

  12. Nick Younghusband

    i really like the design of the keyboard, i originally got it because of this. I had a regular keyboard with circular keys but was accidentally pressing buttons while gaming which was a bummer. the mechanical keys make that a thing of the past.
    i then noticed how many different light functions there are! it’s such a great feature, if you use “FN+HOME” or “FN+PGDN or PGUP” it has a lot of different programmed lights.
    when i originally got the keyboard it would not connect to my computer. i tried updating my computer, drivers, removing and redownloading drivers, using different ports but couldn’t figure it out after a day or two. i contacted customer support through the company and they very quickly sent me a new replacement. very friendly and would defiantly recommend this product and company.

  13. Taila

    I honestly didn’t think it was that bad. The only issue I had was that with the rounded keys, it makes the surface area smaller and my abnormally large finger kept hitting multiple buttons. I gave it to a friend to use who is more average and he loves it and does not have any issues with it.
    One thing I did not like about it though is that although it was colorful. Each row of keys has a set LED color and cannot be switched or rotated to charge. So no matter what effects you choose, each row of keys stayed the set color.

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