[4 Pack] iVoler Tempered Glass Screen Protector Designed for Nintendo Switch OLED Model 2021 with [Alignment Frame]Transparent HD Clear[Updated…

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  • [UPDATED VERSION]iVoler specifically designed Compatible With Nintendo Switch OLED Model 2021 (7inch).Not for the Switch 6.2” and Switch New Model HAC-001(-01).Not for any other models.
  • Ultra-clear High Definition with 99.9% transparency to allow an optimal, natural viewing experience
  • Ultra thin-0.3mm thickness is reliable and resilient, and promises full compatibility with touchscreen sensitivity
  • Highly durable, and scratch resistant – 9H Tempered glass screen protector will fit your switch oled model perfectly. Precise laser cutting size provides maximum protection for the entire touchscreen surface of your switch oled 2021 model , scratch-resistant and blowout-resistant. 
  • Includes: 4x Tempered GLASS Screen Protector,1x Easy Install Frame,Dry&Wet Wipes,Squeeze Card,Easy Installation Use Guide.
Product Dimensions

6.69 x 6.69 x 0.5 inches

Item Weight

0.634 ounces

Item model number


Date First Available

July 24, 2021



13 reviews for [4 Pack] iVoler Tempered Glass Screen Protector Designed for Nintendo Switch OLED Model 2021 with [Alignment Frame]Transparent HD Clear[Updated…

  1. Derren Bennett

    Very good value, easy to install screen protector. This is made very easy by the inclusion of the plastic guide.

    Visibility is perfect, very clear and no touch responsiveness issues.

    One issue I do have is that all of the screen protectors in the pack that I received had quite a lot of dirt on them, fortunately this was not on the screen side but on the outside which I was able to wipe off but this is the sort of thing that should be picked up on in quality control before the product is shipped.

  2. scott dellar

    Easy to install and looks great, I highly recommend this over others out there which all seem to be far too small (I’ve bought 3 different ones).

    Another hack that will help protect your Switch OLED from the dock scratching the console, buy some stick on felt and measure 1cm by 5.5cm long for the front side and 1cm by 6.5cm for the back. Stick the strips on the rails inside and the Switch will sit snuggly inside the dock without wobbling or scratching! There’s a guide video on YouTube if you like to see it.

  3. Lastboyscoutuk

    I paid for this product myself.

    Having picked up the OLED Switch, the first thing I wanted to do was to protect that lovely screen.

    This set comes with the guide frame, 4 x glass screen protectors, 4 x sticker sets, 4 x cleaning wipes and a small card to help push out any air bubbles.

    I was pleased to find the wet wipe was really wet, I often come across these and they’re barely damp. You need to give the screen a really good clean, not just a quick wipe over, even if the like mine. Spend a good minute going up/down, left/right and circular motions. Then dry it with the other cloth. These cloths are not that big and you do need to avoid touching the screen with your fingers, otherwise you’ll need to start again.

    Having done the cleaning part. Bend the small end of the dust sticker upwards and then use this to remove any specs of dust on the screen. A tiny speck will show up like a 5mm circle under your screen protector. Put the dust removal sticker back on the paper it came on.

    Pop the guide frame on. When your ready to put the protector on, give the screen one final go with that dust remover sticker. Now, this set does come with guide stickers, which aren’t really needed, since you have the frame. While holding the edges, peel off the backing, and then align the screen protector with one side of the frame and carefully lower it down, using the frame to guide you. Don’t rush it, as it is still possible to misalign it.

    You’ll then see what looks like liquid run between the Switch screen and screen protector. This should fully covered the screen. It you have any bubbles, use the thick card to push then out to the edge (you cash do this even after you remove the guide frame). Whilst holding the screen protector in place with your fingers, gently remove the frame.

    If everything is ok, you can use the wet wipe to give the screen protector a clean and then dry it. Personally, I like to leave mine to cure

    Mine went on perfectly first time, but then I am quite experienced at doing these, with or without a guide frame. There’s no reason why yours shouldn’t also. You have some spares should it go wrong.

    Once on, it’s hard to tell the screen protector is there. It crystal clear and doesn’t have any detrimental affect on the sensitivity.

    It’s important to remember that the screen protector is there to prevent scratches and such like to the screen. It’s not there to provide drop or impact protection, although it will by the nature of it provide a little.

    If you’re down to the last screen protector set, just a word of caution. The wet wipes can dry out over time, even when sealed. You might want a standby option should that be the case. You can get screen cleaning sprays, that works for TVs, monitors, phone, laptop, etc. One of those could be fine.

    A personal tip: I like to have my device sitting on a clean microfibre cloth when doing it and I do the application in a “as dust free” environment as I can.

    For £9.99, I personally think these are excellent value for money.

    I hope you found this review & photos interesting, informative, and useful. Thanks for reading.

  4. Kenneth West

    Pack of 3 easy install comes with eveything you need what more could i say great BUY!
    Over and week now still like
    New but says it prevents finger prints on glass but well i still have finger prints and have to wipe them off but for the money this is great!

  5. GreyWolf

    WOW!!! That is all I can say. Anyone on the fence with this one should give it a go. We purchased a Pokemon OLED and I bought this screen protector. I just installed it like the video said. There is a simple video on YouTube to show you how to install it. I didn’t notice the running the finger on the edge, once I did that the magic began. Took the guide off and it finished installing. Only had a minor spot to buff out. Better than any screen protector I have ever had and installed. This is the go to for screen protector’s. The guide makes it the simplest and easiest to install. All should come with this guide. Do not hesitate to buy.

  6. Kai Kaede

    I received the product I ordered exactly as described, which was the iVoler Tempered Glass Screen Protector (4 Pack). Everything included in this product came in its original box, original packaging and was very tidy and neatly packaged.

    The installation process was beyond simplified, and I was more than impressed with the quality of what I received in this product.

    With the included “tools”, you won’t have any difficult properly installing the screen protector, nor will you deal with any dust, dirt, smudges or even bubbles between the screen and the protector during the very brief “installation process”.

    After extensive time testing the product for quality assurance, there appear to be no issues (at least at this given time). The shipping was well timed, as the product came within the week that the estimated shipping projected that it would, so overall I have no complaints and I would HIGHLY recommend this seller!

    Thank-you very, VERY much!

    – Kai

  7. Mr DVD

    It is very easy to attach this screen protector. Until now I have never attached one correctly without some bubbles or trouble. However this was so simple. I did watch a Youtube video to make sure I knew what I was doing. No trouble. I have been using My Oled Switch and it goes right to the ends of the screen. However there is a tiny gap in the corner edges literally 1mm, However this is not a deal breaker. I recommend it; simple because it is easy to attach using the plastic square guide and it is a perfect clear screen. Oh the plastic screen did appear to have scratches at first but a few wipes and they disappeared, Oh also when I did attach the screen protector a few bubbles appeared But they there very easily removed.
    I read some reviews saying the screen was not the right size. To answer that = Yes it covers the screen (except the 1mm at the corner edges).

  8. Desiree D.

    1. Definitely worth it vs. trying to center a bendy guard and getting prints and dust from constant reapplication/struggle.

    2. The yellow frame is super convenient due to eliminating the centering stress and air bubbles.

    3. The storage case with extra products is reassuring and convenient to have.

    4. EASY steps and application, you can watch guide videos from other customers to help too (other than from iVoler).

    5. Edge to edge coverage but still case friendly.

    1. Screen protector sheets themselves come pretty unclean. I would recommend using the wet and dry wipes on those too, aside from your console, to make sure you’re covering all bases before peeling back the sticky side and committing to the application.

    2. Also glad these are a multi pack because, unfortunately, the one I used seemed clear enough (after performing the cleaning I mentioned) but as soon as everything was set and done I noticed minor hairline scratches on the top left corner by the “-” button. (It became visible after application and looking down the screen against a light. Stuff like that bothers me but it didn’t really affect game displays).

    Overall: 8/10 Would Rec!

  9. Shinobi Ryder

    I saw the reviews and some YouTubers too.. I was hyped and ordered it straight away.

    I set up the steam bath method, used my film lights. Even in a clinical setup, both wipes kept leaving residue, so I switched to some other Orzly wipes I had from before. However, when I installed the screen, there were marks.. This happened twice before I gave up. I also have to report that the screen protectors were stuck together with the sticker tabs, which was annoying. This whole ordeal has been stressful.

    Luckily I had a spare Orzly screen protector lying around from my cousin’s Switch and to my shock, even though it’s harder to install, it just feels more quality and the luminosity is superior in the light. I’m a graphic designer and video editor/colour grader, so I really look into detail.

    I’m never leaving Orzly again, because it’s a brand that I have trusted for years. I was hoping this one would be better and the frame enticed me, but I was unfortunately left severely disappointed.

    I’m not sure about the Spigen one, I have that on my iPhone 13 and it’s pure quality, I’m guessing it’s the same for Switch, but I haven’t tried it.

    The problem with the ivoler brand is that they use cheap quality components for everything. Even the dust remover sticker left residue on my brand new Switch.

    With a fresh brand new Switch, the last thing you want is to go through this diabolical mess. What a nightmare. I know most people won’t use strong lights or care about perfection, but I do.

  10. Peter Davis

    The plastic yellow guide template that this comes with this is a thing of genius and needs to become standard for all screen protectors. This was the easiest screen protector installation I’ve ever done on any device. It went on perfectly with no air bubbles or dust the first time.

  11. Danny

    I was pleasantly surprised with this screen protector. Usually I have trouble installing them and end up with a bunch of air bubbles on the screen. But this kit provides you everything you need to make sure that doesn’t happen.
    The cleaning cloth and wipes ensure that there is no dust or fingerprints.
    The clip-on guide makes sure that you apply the protector perfectly straight.
    And the air bubbles are really easy to push out with the little plastic card provided. I’m not sure if it’s the material but I had a lot less air bubbles with this screen protector than others and I was able to completely push them out.
    Overall, would defineatley recommend! I’m confident it will keep my new Switch safe!

  12. FilmComposer

    I installed so many screen protectors for customers a decade ago working in Apple stores, I became kind of a snoot about the quality of them. They’ve changed a lot. I bought this for my kid’s Switch with low hopes it would be useful. The kit contains a lining up frame, and all the cleaning stuff to properly clean the screen first (seriously, the trick to dust free installation is to be SO particular about the dust – clean it, wipe it, spray it with air, wipe it, use the sticky tape for the finish, and don’t breath anywhere near the device – then install it!). Worked great first time and seems solid.

  13. Rob A.

    The kit comes with all you need to install the screen protector onto the OLED Switch.

    My first attempt was a failure as the drying cloth leaves dust behind and you have to be very thorough with removing the leftover dust, else the screen will never full adhere. Using a flashlight or a cell phone’s torch can help immensely with spotting dust that cannot be easily seen.

    There is, from what I can guess, about 1mm difference between the size of the glass and the actual plastic display of the OLED Switch. The corners are shaped to fit just right, but the whole protector is just a bit too small (see photo for example). I do not know if this is a manufacturing flaw, improper design of the plastic installation frame, or from human error, but if the screen protector could have been just a bit larger, it would fit exactly to the T.

    Enough about the cons… This screen protector feels like it is made of quality. The glass is flexible enough to not feel brittle and it sticks to the OLED Switch very cleanly, with no signs of it obstructing any pixels within the display. Touch input feels just as fluid as without a protector and the material makes drag touch feel great.

    I recommend this screen protector to those that want to have a safer experience in using the OLED Switch without worry of potential scratches.

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