65% Gaming Keyboard, Wired Backlit Mini Keyboard, Ultra-Compact 68 Keys

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Wired Backlit Mini Keyboard, Ultra-Compact 68 Keys Membrane Gaming Wired Keyboard for PC Laptop Mac Gamer

Backlit Mini Keyboard
wired gaming keyboard
wired gaming keyboard
wired gaming keyboard
wired gaming keyboard
  • Backlit Mini Keyboard【65% Compact Design】GEODMAER Wired gaming keyboard compact mini design, save space on the desktop, novel black & silver gray keycap color matching, separate arrow keys, No numpad, both gaming and office, easy to carry size can be easily put into the backpack.
  • 【Wired Connection】Gaming Keybaord connects via a detachable Type-C cable to provide a stable, constant connection and ultra-low input latency, and the keyboard’s 26 keys no-conflict, with FN+Win lockable win keys to prevent accidental touches.
  • 【Strong Working Life】Wired gaming keyboard has more than 10,000,000+ keystrokes lifespan, each key over UV to prevent fading, has 11 media buttons, 65% small size but fully functional, free up desktop space and increase efficiency.
  • 【LED Backlit Keyboard】GEODMAER Wired Gaming Keyboard using the new two-color injection molding key caps, characters transparent luminous, in the dark can also clearly see each key, through the light key can be OF/OFF Backlit, FN + light key can switch backlit mode, always bright / breathing mode, FN + ↑ / ↓ adjust the brightness increase / decrease, FN + ← / → adjust the breathing frequency slow / fast.
  • Backlit Mini Keyboard【Ergonomics & Mechanical Feel Keyboard】The ergonomically designed keycap height maintains the comfort for long time use, protects the wrist, and the mechanical feeling brought by the imitation mechanical technology when using it, an excellent mechanical feeling that can be enjoyed without the high price, and also a quiet membrane gaming keyboard.
  • 【3 Years After-Sales Service】When you buy GEODMAER keyboard you get 3 years of after-sales service. During this period, if you encounter any quality problems, or if you have questions during use, just contact us and your problem will be solved within 24 hours.
Package Dimensions

12.83 x 5.31 x 1.73 inches

Item Weight

1.2 pounds



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Date First Available

January 3, 2024

8 reviews for 65% Gaming Keyboard, Wired Backlit Mini Keyboard, Ultra-Compact 68 Keys

  1. Vernessa

    This keyboard works fine. Despite its size, it’s fairly comfortable to type on. The keys are not anything special they are just average feel when it comes to clickyness. If you really want a compact keyboard this will probably serve you just fine, I prefer a keyboard with a separate numpad, I got this because I thought that the RGB would be cool. The RGB is static, The only changes you can make to it are a breathe mode with adjustable speed and brightness that’s it. No fading effects no colors moving around the space the order the lights are in is the order they will always be. I find that not worth having a small keyboard personally so I gave this to my wife as she has very small hands and this keyboard will probably be perfect for her.

  2. Kathryn Cutshall

    simple keyboard, NOT MECHANICAL, have it as my backup, and for the price its not bad. decently built

  3. Paul R.

    I like this keyboard it’s just that the rgb kinda sucks for using in the dark but if you just need a keyboard I would recommend this another thing I would like to add is the sounds they sound very good and it’s not loud. And with that I would rate this. A 5 star very good keyboard would recommend it

  4. axlec

    I dislike this keyboard very much. I gave it several weeks to attempt to use as an intermediate keyboard between a full size and compact keyboard. I figured the location of the delete button and addition of the arrow keys would prove to be more useful in transition between daily typing and gaming, but I was mistaken. The flaws of this keyboard seem to outweigh any benefits offset by the layout. My first and primary issue is the key feel. Unfortunately, I remove the keycaps to find they are not replaceable; this is a membrane only keyboard so no switches to attempt to replace to hopefully improve the feel. My issue with the feeling is there is a discernable “Squeak” when typing at regular intervals. It’s so apparent that mid-sentence I actually grow more frustrated with it. It took me a couple days before I couldn’t stand it any longer. My second issue with the keyboard is that all the settings revert after you sleep the computer or it powers off the USB port. This is an issue because if you set any custom light patterns (limited) or in my case brightness levels, they keep resetting to full brightness every time you power on or wake computer from sleep. Likewise, the RGB colors cannot be rotated, each band on the keyboard has a pre-defined color only. I also personally don’t care for the limited light patterns, but I would have expected more options (only 3 modes available).
    At this price point, I think there are other similar keyboards that perform much better with more options. Given that I’m using one of those keyboards now to type this I’m much more satisfied with the other available options within this category. I’m writing all this to encourage you to not expect much in the way of options since it’s not clearly stated in the product description.

  5. Vernessa

    My son is happy with the purchase. He wanted a smaller keyboard with a back light, and this is exactly what he was looking for.

  6. Adam

    Nothing particularly special or dispecial about this. It works just fine. And at a great price. Being used for gaming. Keys do not spring back up hard as many gamers like because not mechanical. But for me it worls just fine. No gripes about it.

  7. Josh

    I got this brand again because the wireless one I had gotten stopped working. I tried leaving it plugged in to charge for a couple days still would not turn on. So I wanted to try another because it’s a nice cheap keyboard. I guess I will update if this one does the same. But other then that it is a really nice feeling keyboard and very light weight. The rgb lights are really nice.

  8. Josh

    This keyboard arrived in its own protective box and I received it in excellent condition.

    I’m not a gamer beyond Simon Tatham’s logic puzzles.  I prefer spending my time creating. (I am the coauthor of the mid-70’s UTexas Star Trek, with a printout personally handed to Gene Roddenberry, but I almost never played the game.  Lots of other people did.)  I have been using gaming keyboards as my daily drivers for 25 years, starting with the venerable Deck keyboards with cherry reds.  I like their compactness, typical key travel, sound and more recently, cool lighting.

      This keyboard seems remarkable for its current price.  I’ve been using it for the last 24 hours (including now) for Web surfing and typing up documents.  It’s worked well for those purposes.  Whether a serious gamer would like it is beyond my ability to state.

       This keyboard has worked right out of the box with Raspberry Pi OS, Ubuntu and Win 11.  Plug it in and it goes.

       There’s some key remapping you can do, mostly related to gaming.  The Win key can be turned off. The lighting is fairly basic.  There are fixed color LEDs under the keys that form a rainbow left to right.  You can adjust on/off, brightness and steady vs a variable rate fade in and out.  No color waves or flashes like I’ve got on other gaming keyboards.  I mention all this in case it matters to you.  I just want keys whose markings I can see in the dark.  That works well on this keyboard.

       I have other game keyboards whose key feel I like a little more, but that’s all relative.  I’m finding I can easily use this keyboard on a daily basis and be quite happy with it.

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