90 Degree USB C Adapter (2 Pack), AuviPal USB C Male to USB C Female Right Angle Connector for Steam Deck, Switch, MacBook Pro/Air, Tablet, Phone…

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  • ✅ AuviPal 90 degree USB C adapter allows the cable to have a suitable extension direction, which can prevent your device from damaging due to the cable’s strain on USB C port, In order to extend the lifespan of your device.
  • ✅ Compatible with the latest USB4 standard and backward compatibility, Support up to 40Gbps data transfer, 100W (20V/5A) power delivery and 8K@60Hz video pass through, this adapter will replace your USB C port completely without any sacrifice.
  • ✅ Premium aluminium alloy shell for durable service, easy to carry or store due to the ultra compact design, the male USB C and female USB C connector Passes 10,000+ push and pull tests.
  • ✅ Compatible with Steam Deck, Nintendo Switch, Oculus Quest, VR, Macbook Pro/Air, iPad, Game Consoles, PC, Laptop, Tablet, Mobile Phone and More USB Type C devices.
  • ✅ Plug and play, no driver or software required, Simply plug it in, then it is ready to go.
Product Dimensions

0.75 x 0.5 x 0.32 inches

Item Weight

2.39 ounces

Date First Available

August 7, 2022



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13 reviews for 90 Degree USB C Adapter (2 Pack), AuviPal USB C Male to USB C Female Right Angle Connector for Steam Deck, Switch, MacBook Pro/Air, Tablet, Phone…

  1. Avatar of JerrJenn


    The media could not be loaded.

     These are good for
    – moving cords around corners, or
    – approaching from a tight angle, or in my case,
    – making my lavalier mic connector connect to my phone while CASE is still on…

    Since the lavalier plug isn’t sufficiently deep to get in there, I let the adapter take that turn, and THEN plug in the mic receiver… works much better.

  2. Avatar of Deeve


    This adapter looks well make and solid. I have a DJI Avata that has a very difficult to reach USB C port in the prop guards. I 90 degree adapter like this would have made connections much easier to accomplish. Unfortunately, because if the size of the housing it did not fit in deep enough to make a good connection.

  3. Avatar of Chan S

    Chan S

    Full charging and usb c passthrough for multi monitor support. Not much to say other than it works as advertised.

    I’m using a semi hard shell on the Steam Deck and it fits perfectly fine. No more weird power cable sticking up 5″ inches.

  4. Avatar of Martin Wise

    Martin Wise

    Used in my car for 12v socket to iPhone wireless charger – this stopped me having to have the charger cable having to be vertical and intrusive

  5. Avatar of C. Ellis

    C. Ellis

    Just what I needed to divert power lead downwards away from adjacent screen.

  6. Avatar of Colin


    I purchased these to redirect the charging cable on my steam deck to a safer position.
    Im an avid steam deck user but hate the position of the charging cable at the top of the unit.
    In fear of damaging the port I purchased these adaptors and can now charge the steam deck worry free.

  7. Avatar of David Graham

    David Graham

    I am using this adapter for my Steam Deck, it helps while holding the deck as it is plugged in charging and not flexing the cable or placing strain on the port. Came as a pack of 2 so have a spare or could come in handy for something else.

  8. Avatar of J.D.


    The picture show how I use theses two as one with the Steam Deck, no issues so far loving this setup.

  9. Avatar of Dorsetdumpling


    My car has two USB C ports under a sliding cover. If a cable is plugged in, you can’t close the cover, however with one of these fitted, I can plug in and close the cover – nice and tidy!

    They seem well made, look good, and I can’t complain at the price.

  10. Avatar of Craig L. Soeder

    Craig L. Soeder

    Got this adapter solely for my steam deck. Item doesn’t feel cheap, fit is very secure on the charger and into the steam deck. Ideally the set up would be different then the pictures, but wanted to show the deck was charging and cord was being detected. Would recommend!

  11. Avatar of Michael Vardig

    Michael Vardig


    I searched for hours for a right-angle USB-C cable or adapter which was compact. I had given up and purchased custom cables from elsewhere, which were more compact than most but still not what I wanted.

    I wanted a cable or adapter that would sit flush (or very nearly flush) with the device after being plugged in, but everything I found would stick out by about 13mm. Not only was this not ideal aesthetically, it also made it so that any pull along the cable would have even MORE leverage on the device’s connector, putting more strain on it.

    Then I finally found this product. As of writing this review, I haven’t found any others that sit flush like this. I needed it for my USB-C microphone and it worked perfectly. The microphone doesn’t have the strictest bandwidth requirements, so before writing this review I also tested it with my Elgato Facecam HD webcam (which is very finicky with poor quality cables), and it worked too.

  12. Avatar of icamarena991


    works great! does video and charging just fine

  13. Avatar of Longliner


    Got these for my steam deck. The problem is every time I plug or unplug the cord and get a small shock. Not sure why.

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