Ambison Matte Glass Screen Protector Designed for Steam Deck 7inch, [2 Pack] Premium Anti Glare Glass/Full Coverage/Fingerprint Free/9H…

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  • Compatibility: Matte glass screen protectr is specifically designed for Steam Deck (7 inch) 2021/2022 Release, 64 GB eMMC/256 GB /512 GB.
  • Anti Glare: Steam Deck premium matte anti-glare etched glass screen protector, with matte on surface, anti glare function to suppress light reflection, gaming in strong sunlight, outdoors or in light, is not dazzling, bring you a better game experience. Surface oleophobic coating to reduce fingerprints.
  • Full Coverage Screen Protector: The matte glass screen protector completely covers the entire screen, 1:1 customized, preventing the screen from being exposed and scratched, improved 99.99% for screen protection. Surface hardness 9H, effectively protecting your steam deck console against daily scratch and collision.
  • High Sensitivity: The steam deck glass screen protector is only 0.3mm Ultra-Thin to ensure full compatibility with touchscreen sensitivity and highly responsive of steam deck, truly enhancing gaming experience.
  • Easy Installation: Steam deck matte glass screen protector is easy to install, the smooth matte screen protector adhered seamlessly to the screen, removing dust and aligning it properly before actual installation, no worrying about bubbles.
Product Dimensions

8 x 5 x 0.5 inches

Item Weight

5 ounces

Special Features

Smooth as Silk, Full Coverage, Anti-Glare Screen Protector, Ultra Sensitive, Bubble Free, Etched Glass, Scratch Resistant

Other display features



Steam Deck



Date First Available

May 9, 2022

9 reviews for Ambison Matte Glass Screen Protector Designed for Steam Deck 7inch, [2 Pack] Premium Anti Glare Glass/Full Coverage/Fingerprint Free/9H…

  1. Haric

    Works great! Anti glare and easy to install. Touchscreen works! Everything lines up perfect!

  2. Alberto Oloño

    Si son fáciles de instalar y de buena calidad, pero desafortunadamente afectan mucho en el touch, mas ala usar el teclado, las devolví y recibí mi reembolso son problema.

  3. Art C.

    I saw several other reviewers mention the detrimental effect this and other anti-glare screen protectors had on their Steam Deck’s image quality. Specifically that it was less sharp and slightly less bright. These are both true, and they will be true for any matte screen protector, because they’re true for every matte screen out there.

    People seem to underestimate how much a matte coating affects image quality, from colors to sharpness. The fact that matte coatings scatter light to reduce glare also means they scatter light output by the display. Does this screen’s matte appearance affect it more than a traditional monitor’s? Maybe. A traditional monitor’s screen is typically plastic, though, so maybe that’s a result of etching vs. coating.

    Fact remains, this screen fits well, it didn’t affect my touch screen functionality as much as I was expecting, and the matte surface does a lot to reduce glare. It also forced me to turn up the brightness slightly, but that’s par for the course.

  4. Gabriel V.

    This is almost a perfect fit. It is a matte finish for those who have the 512gb variant of the Steam Deck. Touch screen isn’t the most accurate but works never really had issues with it as I don’t use the touch display as much. It has less screen sensitivity but still works requires little more pressure.

  5. BlackWinds

    I’m using this on the 512GB Steam Deck with an etched screen that this product technically isn’t rated for.

    Installation wise, it was fairly simple, but was a pain to get under it and pull back up if you flubbed it up the first time. There’s nothing in the box to help you set it (or remove it), you just have to have a steady hand. Once you do get under it though, it was easy to remove and put back into place with no residue or damage to the screen or protector.

    While the touchscreen on the steam deck isn’t all the great to begin with, I didn’t notice any reduction in sensitivity while playing. Probably the best feature of this protector is it’s anti-fingerprint and oil resistant. My hands get real sweaty and oily while playing and I constantly had fingerprints and smears all over my steam deck. Those are no more with this screen protector which is fantastic.

    The antiglare is about as good if not minimally better than the etched screen. The only issue is, being a matte protector on top of an already etched screen, you get an expected but nonetheless noticeable fuzziness/muddiness/reduction in sharpness (whatever you want to call it). If I were to give an example it’s like going from 800p (steam deck resolution) to 640p. Not enough so that it looks “bad” or you can’t read text and what-naught; it is still a decent playable experience. However, it is enough that the screen doesn’t look HD anymore.

    Some people, this may be a turnoff and you may want to look elsewhere (not that any other matte screen would likely do any better); but if you use your Steam Deck primarily as an emulation machine like I do where base resolution is lower anyway, this probably won’t affect you much. So while the reduction in sharpness isn’t a deal breaker for me, it does make me want to compare and contrast other screen protectors, even non-matte ones, to see if the antiglare is worth keeping over the sharpness reduction.

    Overall the product did what it was designed to do, and I can’t fault it over something it wasn’t rated for.

  6. Aaron Philip

    Looks good but makes the visuals look dull.

  7. Taylor w.

    I love this product mostly because for the cheaper price compared to other brands in the matte category. You get two screen protector screens, which I definitely needed by I messed up on first install kinda bad. That’s one of the biggest downfall for the product, seller could have included a cutout of the screen to easy install on steam deck. Which would of lead to less problem with installs. I haven’t had any problem with touch sensitivity of the touchscreen in week of using it. It does wash out some of the screen colors, but blocks out certain light glares that used to make playing my games on steam deck kinda hard to play in certain situations. If you decide to buy device make sure device is spotless, and take your time installing screen.

  8. YALE70

    I installed this out of the box on a brand new 64 GB Steam Deck, wanting the benefits of anti-glare and less visible smudging, but not wanting to pay the substantial price increase for a 512 GB model. This does the job really well. It goes on easy, looks really clean, and doesn’t seem to interfere with the touchscreen much (if at all). Not much of a visible reduction in display sharpness either. I only fired my Deck up for the first time after I installed this and was still impressed with the image quality. I’d say go for it. Price is good, and you get a second one just in case you need it.

  9. Chimken

    This screen protector does exactly what I wanted it to do, it drastically reduced the glare and the reflections on my 64GB steamdeck. While I am very happy with it some people may be disappointed when the install it to see that the already low resolution of the SteamDeck becomes even harder to see especially when trying to read small text in some games or software. With that being said I am still very happy with my purchase and would highly recommend this screen protector to any one that is looking to reduce the glare and reflection on the screen at a small cost to the screen resolution.

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