Amope Pedi Perfect Electric Callus Remover Foot File w/ Diamond Crystals, Pedicure Tool for Feet, Removes Hard & Dead Skin, Feet Scrubber & Buffer, Splashproof, w/ Extra Coarse…

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  • The Amopé Pedi Perfect Electronic Foot File gently & effectively buffs away your thick, hard skin to reveal touchably soft, smooth feet in minutes.
  • Includes Extra Coarse roller head with diamond crystals to effortlessly & effectively remove very hard skin. Roller head spins 360 degrees for quick results.
  • Splashproof design, however intended to be used in dry settings. For use on wet or dry skin.
  • Integrated safety stop to stop you from applying too much pressure. Dual speed system to choose the best speed setting according to your exfoliation needs.
  • Battery operated electric foot file with 4 AA batteries included
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2.36 x 6.46 x 7.95 inches, 11.36 ounces

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4 A batteries required. (included)





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8 reviews for Amope Pedi Perfect Electric Callus Remover Foot File w/ Diamond Crystals, Pedicure Tool for Feet, Removes Hard & Dead Skin, Feet Scrubber & Buffer, Splashproof, w/ Extra Coarse…

  1. Dominique MARTEL

    cet appareil est super, il fait les pieds doux mais surtout, depuis le temps que je l’ai, il fonctionne encore, il est économe au niveau piles

  2. BAC

    Does the job efficiently.

  3. Juan José cuervo


  4. sarah b

    This foot file is exactly as described – comes with batteries, put them in, turn it on, gently file away all the dead skin on your feet, have nice feet again! It works SO well! It is a whole different world of effectiveness compared to using a manual file on your feet.

    I go barefoot/wear sandals a bunch in the summer and every year I develop serious calluses on my heels. I used to halfheartedly manually file them or hope the occasional pedicure would help, but the manual effort to results ration just isn’t that great. After a single 30 minute session of using this tool the calluses were 90% gone. I have been doing maintenance sessions about every 2 weeks to work on the tougher areas where the calluses like to come back, and my feet are softer and smoother than I can recall.

    Using it was totally comfortable, obviously don’t apply it to a spot where you don’t have calluses or dead skin to remove, but it feels like something between a foot massage and a slight tickle. I actually wish I had gotten the heavy duty / extra grit file roller because it probably would speed things up, but given that the file roller is replaceable I’ll just buy that one when the time comes.

    This tool seriously changed my feet, I thought it might be too good to be true after such lackluster results from manually filing. But because it can file so much faster, it’s so much more effective. It’s like a tiny gentle Dremel for your feet. I’m seriously considering buying more as gifts for the other ladies in my family.

  5. Alex E.

    So, I am skeptical of new products that claim magical results for little or no money, but as someone who enjoys being barefoot as much as possible, I am also keenly aware that my tootsies end up looking and feeling as though they were on the losing end of a fight with a croncrete chipper, and thus, I ahve to put in some time and effort to make sure I don’t look like I’m stuffing two bags of sanding paper into my shoes every day.
    I have used other foot smoothing products; baby feet comes to mind – that product also works great, but it is time consuming and takes a week and a half to start working. (Who has time for that? I’m trying not to lacerate my bed mate this evening, next week is too little, too late!)

    I bought this with minimal expectations, hoping to be pleasantly surprised. Package arrived today. I pulled it out of the clamshell packaging (that’s the only downside to this item – the packaging is a beast to get in to – why does anyone still use Ft Knox level clamshell packaging, anyway? Why must it be packed in such a way that it requires the upper body strength of a Grizzly bear just to open a plastic wrapper? IT’s a foot smoother, not the treasure of the sierra madre…)
    I digress; once I got the darned thing open, it basically comes ready to use, just remove the battery case cover at the bottom of the unit to create contact so the batteries can power it, and away you go.
    Best analogy I can offer is what I said in the Headline; it’s like a pumice stone on steriods.
    I have really sensitive skin, so I braced, concerned I might press too hard & shear off a toe…nothign to be worried about. I put a fair amount of pressure on the calloused areas of my soles & heels & it didn’t bother me at all.
    It powered through some pretty gnarly callouses that I didn’t even realize were as bad as they were.

    The only gross aspect of it is the thin, fine veneer of dead skin you’re going to create in the one foot (ha) vacinity you’re sitting in as you use this. Try not to think about the fact that you’re being covered in a layer of your own skin dust, but otherwise, you’re buffed, smooth, & calluses begone.
    Use it dry, DO NOT USE IT WET. It’s not waterproof & it won’t work as well, not to mention you could hurt yourself.
    I did both soles, dry, in about 2 minutes & the difference is remarkable.
    I’m sold.
    The batteries it comes with are cheapy, no name, and I suspect I’ll buzz through them in another use or two; no biggie. It takes 4AA batteries, easy enough to replace & I’ll wait to see how it does with somethign that has more power like energizer or Duracell before I decide if it’s a battery eater or not.
    Good product, decently made for the price, easy to use, works right oout of the box & delivers on what it promises.
    What more could you ask for? (Except, maybe clamshell packaging that doesn’t give me a stroke while I try to open it…)

  6. catherine

    I read a lot of reviews before purchasing this, and I was concerned about the number of complaints that the unit stopped working when pressing against a callous. After using it, I found that the only reason it would stop spinning was because I pressed too hard. Pressing harder against the callous isn’t going to get rid of it faster. A callous is multiple layers of dead skin: it’s going to take work and a little patience to get rid of it. Before my first use, I had thick callouses on my heels and on the sides of my big toes. This unit worked wonderfully to remove them. I spent about 15 minutes on each foot: considering this was my first use, that’s not too bad. It’s important to clean the roller after using it- otherwise, it is not as effective. The removed “flakey skin powder” builds up and sticks to the roller, which is like coarse sandpaper. You’ll notice the difference in how it works when it’s clean versus when its not. Major difference.

    When you open the package, just peel apart the plastic from the top and sides, it unsnaps pretty easily. Be sure to remove the clear plastic cap that goes over the roller head. It’s easy to overlook and accidentally throw away. Take care not to tear the cardboard insert – that’s your instruction manual. You may need a magnifying glass to read it though, the font is probably about a size 2 – no kidding! Read it though, or at least skim through it. Cleaning instructions are simple- the unit is NOT WATERPROOF. Remove the roller by pressing on the blue button with the arrow, pull the roller out and rinse it under warm running water. Dry with a cloth towel before replacing re-using it. Simply wipe the rest of the unit with a damp cloth.

    One thing to be aware of is the fine dust created when using this tool. I sat outside on my deck to do it, and I recommend using it outdoors if it’s possible, otherwise, you wind up with a coating of powdery white dust / dead skin flakes all over the place.

    The handle is comfortable and easy to grip. My hands are on the smaller side, and I found it quite comfortable to work with. The rolling head spins pretty fast, and it’s a very course surface, making it highly effective when used properly. As long as you make contact with the callus, it’s working to remove it. Pressing harder against it does nothing to increase the effectiveness, in fact it slows down the roller and, as mentioned before, will cause it to stop spinning altogether. When using, it’s best not to keep the roller on one spot for more than a few seconds: keep moving it around so you don’t wind up burning (heat from friction) and damaging the soft skin under the calluses. You may not feel it burning while it’s happening, but it will feel sore later on. Rub your feet with some good quality foot lotion afterwards. You’re going to love your feet!

  7. María Teresa Jiménez Hernández

    Excelente producto.
    Si me gustó, ya lo he utilizado varias veces y sirve muy bien.

  8. Jan

    Thanks to that device, I’m keeping my feet smooth with little effort – it works out the hardened skill pretty well. The box was opened when it arrived and was – I believe not perfectly hygienic, and I applied for refund – but after cleaning, the product works well without any complaints.

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