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  • Apple iPhone 11 64GB This phone is unlocked and compatible with any carrier of choice on GSM and CDMA networks (e.g. AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, US Cellular, Cricket, Metro, Tracfone, Mint Mobile, etc.).
  • Tested for battery health and guaranteed to have a minimum battery capacity of 80%.
  • Successfully passed a full diagnostic test which ensures like-new functionality and removal of any prior-user personal information.
  • The device does not come with headphones or a SIM card. It does include a generic (Mfi-certified) charger and charging cable.
  • Inspected and guaranteed to have minimal cosmetic damage, which is not noticeable when the device is held at arm’s length.
  • The iPhone 11 features a 6.1-inch LCD display that Apple calls a “Liquid Retina HD Display.” It features a 1792 x 828 resolution at 326ppi, a 1400:1 contrast ratio, 625 nits max brightness, True Tone support for adjusting the white balance to the ambient lighting, and wide color support for true-to-life colors. The iPhone 11 is available in six different colors: White, Black, Yellow, (PRODUCT)RED, Purple, and Green.

Product Dimensions

7 x 5 x 4 inches

Item Weight

12.7 ounces

Item model number



1 Lithium Ion batteries required.



Wireless communication technologies


Connectivity technologies

Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB, NFC

Special Features


Other display features


Device interface - primary


Other camera features


Form Factor




Included Components

Adapter, USB Cable


Apple Computer

Date First Available

October 28, 2019

13 reviews for Best Apple iPhone 11 64GB, Black – Unlocked (Renewed)

  1. Michelle Berg

    Disappointed that Charge block and cord are the cheapest crap I’ve ever seen, expected to receive apple block and cord. Made me seriously suspect the phone was a fake. Initial set up kept freezing on region selection. Had to hard reset and restore operating system. Will have to wait and see how phone performs over time. Was able to verify serial number so at least I know the phone is legit apple. Update, phone works fine so it’s all good

  2. Alfredo Chitay

    When I bought the phone it seemed fine. But some of the color was scratched off near the charger port and around the lenses . I brushed it off because it wasn’t bad and I had a case to cover it. But the battery is where the problem is.When I ordered the phone it said in the description that the battery capacity would be at least 80% at the minimum and I bought the phone in excellent condition. But after being on the phone for 3 hours it was already at 45% (Dark mode, Low power mode, low brightness) when I went to check the battery capacity it was at 79%. I know it’s only a 1% difference but cmon. The battery life seriously is below average. Otherwise everything else is fine.
    Update: I talked to a customer service representative and she was very nice and helpful and helped me with the problem. Appreciate it.

  3. Amazon Customer

    If you’re purchasing this from outside the U.S, the “final price” at purchase isn’t the final price because the taxes and shipping fee hasn’t been applied yet (it will do so once shipped, and then you’ll see the charges in your bank account). This is not the company’s fault, and it is something Amazon should make clear to their customers. At first I was upset at the seller due to my misunderstanding, but after communicating with them, they did their best to make sure I wasn’t dissatisfied with the transaction. Before leaving a negative review, message the seller and I’m sure they’ll try to help you out, especially if you’re unsure about some of the details in their advertisement.

    The seller delivers on promise on what the phone comes with (although a nitpick, the battery was not near 80 percent). The screen has a noticeable scratch, which was to be expected. The delivery was quick and came next day. Mine came with freebies such as a screen protector and phone case. This product is worth the money, in my opinion.

  4. CStanley44

    I bought this iPhone 11 to replace my son’s SE. I usually buy refurbished for my kids because, well, they’re kids. They can buy new if they want when they grow up and get jobs. Anyway, we had no problem setting up the phone except for the cellular service. The box came with a tool for a SIM card which I thought must be standard but thought the old SE phone didn’t have a SIM. I was wrong. We took it to the Verizon store and the customer rep took less than a minute to change the SIM card to the new phone and we were all set. All data transferred seamlessly. So far, a great experience and everyone is happy.

  5. Lani

    Was very surprised what good condition this phone was in, i was a little nervous after reading other reviews but thus far have 0 complaints the battery life was 97% and i didnt see a single scratch or dent on the phone. Was expecting atleast a few scratches with it being refurbished which I didnt care about at all but the fact that there was nothing even seen was 10/10
    For the price and being a iphone 11 would seriously recommend this

  6. Monkey’s Mommy

    I got this for my son to replace a previous refurb iPhone that died within a year. We had a couple of issues from the start with that one. After reading the reviews on this one, I took a chance…I can’t tell you how glad that I am for taking that chance. He’s had it for just about 2 months and it works perfectly. I think the battery life was like 98% when we got it. I found a light scratch on the back, which is covered by the case, so it didn’t matter. That is ALL that I could find wrong! I couldn’t believe that it looked brand new when I opened it and setup was easy and smooth. Really, take a chance on this one! Oh, I also emailed to ask a question and they got right back to me. It’s the real deal!

  7. Kevin C.

    Hola! Para los que estan pensando en comprar este producto, lo recomiendo bastante, la pantalla frontal y el vidrio de atrás intactos, viene con un vidrio protector cual también evita que se vean los defectos que pueda traer pero igual es algo que le tienes que poner que evitar que se rompa con las caídas, la batería me vino con 100% de capacidad y el FaceID funciona sin problemas, cuáles eran mis mayores preocupaciones, de la estética yo le doy 9.5/10, tiene tres pequeños rayones como de caída en la parte de abajo, para mi no son problema y no se notan mucho sobre todo por que es negro, igual la funda que le compre los cubren, estoy muy contenta con el producto, relación calidad precio bastante buena, te ahorras bastante a comparación del precio en tienda o a meses
    Viene en un empaque/caja pequeño protegido de bolsas de aire que amortiguan, para mi debió estar más protegido porque las paqueterías suelen aventar los paquetes, pero llego bien

  8. Oscar

    Al comprar un reacondicionado esperaba aunque fuera una mínima marca de uso y ahora que recojo el teléfono me llevé una sorpresa: está NUEVO. No tiene una sola marca de uso, literal nada. La batería viene al 100% de la salud. La herramienta U3 le da un score de 100 ya que no tiene NI UNA SOLA PIEZA CAMBIADA. De hecho, indica que sólo se ha cargado en 9 ocasiones (de las cuales 2 son mías). El vendedor fue BuySPRY, por lo que busqué, es una empresa que se dedica a los renewed, recomendaría que hicieran la compra con el mismo.
    El cargador, tal como lo indica la publicación, no es el original pero sí está certificado.
    Feliz porque me ahorré $4,500 y al final terminé recibiendo un teléfono nuevo sólo que con otra caja.

  9. Salve

    What I didn’t like:
    1. How the bottom speakers were fully covered in dust. (NOTE: I forgot to take a photo since I immediately used an old toothbrush to clean it. Luckily, took a video. So here’s a screenshot.)
    2. The 82% battery life while others got 90+%.
    3. How the phone was packed in a flimsy plastic and only had 1 layer of bubble wrap.

    What I liked:
    1. How fully functional the phone was.
    2. The fast face recognition.
    3. It came with a pre-installed tempered glass.

    Despite the awful packaging and the bottom speakers literally being filled with dust, at the end of the day, the phone performs well.

  10. Sherri Lynn

    Physically nice looking phone. However; battery was marked as 86% health on pkg but was actually 84% which is a bit less than I was hoping for. The BIGGEST issue is some sort of “white out” thing that randomly happens between screens. Several times while texting and adding a photo, the screen will white out causing me to have to reboot. Not sure if it’s software or hardware issue as I’ve never experienced such with prior iPhones. A little pricey but that was my choice.

  11. LobitoMX

    Estoy muy decepcionado con esta compra ya que el teléfono está muy maltratado y con unos rayones bastante visibles y sucio también. Para la calidad el precio es elevado, el modelo también es el que se vende en USA por lo que no es compatible con algunas compañías en Mexico. Ya lo regrese. Espero mi reembolso pronto.

  12. Amazon Customer

    Even though the 1st phone that was sent had an battery issue, which prevented me from setting up the phone, the seller was awesome with a quick response and solution. The seller overnight another one and tested it before sending it out. That one works perfectly. This was a Christmas present for my daughter and with just a few days before Christmas everything worked out, she absolutely loves this phone. Thank you to the seller for being a part of that joy brought to my daughter for Christmas.

  13. Joan

    Al principio tenía muchas dudas sobre comprar este teléfono o no. Vi algunas críticas malas hacia éste y me ponían en duda. Sin embargo, lo compre y al siguiente día ya me lo habían entregado. Entre lo primero que quise ver fue la batería ya que muchos mencionaban que venía de 80 a 90 de capacidad y el teléfono que me llegó la trae del 100%.
    En cuanto a la estética le doy un 8/10, ya que tiene algunos detalles en la parte superior e inferior pero nada que me moleste (al menos a mí) y en la parte de atrás se ven apenas unos rayones, nada de qué preocuparse.
    Quedo satisfecho con la compra. Lo estaré probando por varios meses y si detectó algo raro lo publicaré.
    Pd. El face ID jala bien, la cámara igual y en las pocas horas que llevo de uso no se me ha trabado.

    Actualización: llevo dos semanas de uso y el teléfono se ha comportado a la perfección. La batería me dura un día y medio con uso moderado (sólo uso redes sociales y de vez en cuando veo algún video). También en cuanto a la carga creo que está bien. Lo pongo a cargar cuando está entre 15% y 20% y normalmente se carga en hora y media.
    Seguiré reportando camaradas!

    De momento recomiendo ampliamente a este vendendor ya que igual compré un iPhone X y tampoco ha tenido fallas e incluso llegó con estética de 10 y batería al 100%

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